Designer's Gauntlet [Week 2] - It's the Cycle of Life



  • I can't beleive I got 7th. Thanks!
  • @KorandAngels AND you’re in the top 8! Nice job.
  • Wow, I didn't think I'd do this poorly. I was really confident this time. Last time I didn't think I did very well.

    Well, guess I better step up my game.
  • Holy cow! I thought last round might've been a fluke; surely I couldn't have done that good? Apparently not a fluke... I'm so happy right now!
  • Congrats to @winners!
  • @Phelgming
    i would guess that the main reason was your choice of mechanic. The “only creature” mechanic just doesn’t play well in limited, particularly at common. For example, if you play the common on turn 2, you are incentivized to not play out other creatures which is almost always incorrect. 

    Your uncommon is a good Mel design but again doesn’t play well as it incentivized you to sac all your creatures but then is vulnerable to removal.  

    Your rare does have a way to protect itself but the sacrifice clause is not worth the loss of card advantage and it will usually be correct to play this out on an empty board so it isn’t exposed to instant speed removal, putting some tension between the two elements of the design.

    this is just my two cents, but the TLDR is that you chose a vertical cycle mechanic that just doesn’t play well and has so many restrictions that making a functional design is difficult.
  • Congrats to everyone! Look forward to the next one!
  • Congrats to everyone! Look forward to the next one!
  • Congratulations to all contestants! :smiley:

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