Custom-Start: An experimental challenge



  • @ningyounk I realized I made a mistake on my entry. I'll remake it in the morning tomorrow.
  • This sounds cool! I would definitely be interested in joining this!
  • I have finally either completed or relinquished the obligations that I have, so may I claim six of your freshest, crispest packs, please?  : )

    (I'm in)
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    Perfect, it fits the bill, congrats! =D


    Ohooh x) You're in for a treat, I'm curious to see how this one will go:


    Good fortune is a randomness pack, there are many ways to do random things in MTG, I'll accept basically anything as long as there is an element of unknown in there ^^ As for the flavour pack, this is a theme that is on the short-list for a while but has never been done yet:


    Admittedly, this is one of the best colour combinations to do random things, I hope you do great! =D



    Haha, you picked a savvy combination ^^


    When I say it must hurt, I mean that it must affect them in a negative way, for instance giving a creature -1/-1, tapping a permanent, making a player skip a turn, all of this is fair game ^^ And to go with this design pack, one of the best-suited Flavor packs, in my opinion:


    Innistrad! Watch out, it's only in Jund colours though, no white or Blue allowed. Good luck with your challenge! ^^



    Here is a set of packs just for you, please choose one design pack and one flavor pack:





    Next on the list, these ones are for you, please chose a design and a flavor pack:


  • HeroKP

    Those ones are for you, please chose one design pack and one flavor pack:




    Oh god, I didn't even plan that many combination of packs in advance, I had to re-do a round of randomiser x) 

    The next person who wishes to enter can claim one design pack and one flavor pack from these six:


  • @ningyounk I have to pick between Esper and Sultai? NOOOOOOOOOO
  • Well, I guess I will have to pick Midnight Strokes for the design, and #04 for the flavor, since that will probably make for a more interesting combo
  • @HeroKP

    Haha, sorry the randomiser didn't give you a lot of options colour-wise x) Going for the Mythic pack hey? Fair warning, this requires a bit more work than lower rarity ones: 


    This is a double-faced design pack! And as you correctly identified, the flavor pack #4 is...


    This is going to be especially interesting because you are required to design a double-faced werewolf but it has to be the kind of werewolf you would find on the Esper shard and you can't use either red or green so you're gonna need to dip into other colours ^^ Good luck with this one, it's definitely quite challenging!


    For the next person who wishes to enter, there are still packs for the taking in my comment right above.
  • O_O

    This will be fun
  • Hell yeah Kaldheim stuff!
  • I'd like to enter
    Just going to leave this here because otherwise the cards will come out like frigging Goliath.
  • @LordTachanka123

    Perfect, all restrictions have been met, good work! =D



    You can claim the packs from a couple posts above if you wish, nobody have taken them yet: Prepare for Battle / Mastermind / Pot of Greed with 19 / 12 / 34 ^^
  • Phew...
    Awesome challenge btw!
  • Mastermind 34 plz!
  • @East2West

    Mastermind 34 incoming!


    This is a control pack, try to respect the spirit of a control deck when designing the card, but otherwise it's a pretty soft general restriction ^^ As for the flavor pack, this one is going to be a little harder than average:


    Dreams and nightmares, but no White or Black allowed! This should be quite a unique combination ^^ Good luck to you!


    The next perso who wishes to enter can choose a design pack and a flavor pack from those 6:



  • Mono red control!!
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    @ningyounk  I'll choose Raining Riches and Pack #27
  • @ningyounk I guess I’ll try.
  • Can I please join??
  • @KorandAngels ningyouhk gave you a set of 6 packs in one of the posts. You just need to choose 1 design pack and 1 flavour pack from them. #readingthepostexplainsthepost
  • @ningyounk Are we allowed to do more than one set of packs?
  • (Was that a tolarian community college reference?)
  • I choose Cogs and Gears, and Flavour Pack 7.
  • It sure was! 
  • My list contains a pack called 07.
  • Oh...
    I though your packs had 8,9, and 27. My bad!
  • Alright, crack open Territorial Ground and Mythic #36 for me please!
  • @IzItTru

    Here you go, Raining Riches 27:



    The pack go together well enough, you're lucky! I hope you do great! =D


    Cogs and Gears 07 coming up:



    That is definitely going to be a spicy one XD An artifact-matters pack... without blue or red! You're going to have to think about what kind of artifact would make sense for the Abzan clan of Tarkir, good luck!



    Next in another pretty spicy combination: Territorial Grounds 36!



    This is a land-matters pack, combined with a Ravnica pack but watch out, all colours are not just allowed, they are MANDATORY. Don't worry though, I look at the colour identity of the cards, not their actual colour, so lands will be considered the colour of the mana they can produce as long as the mana symbol appear in the rules text.



    These six packs are for you, what design pack and flavor pack would you like to try? 



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