Horrors of Halloween Contest **Circuit Challenge**\\Spooktoberfest!//

The Horrors of Halloween Contest is a fun-filled challenge for Halloween how ever it may be this year. Entries consist of Halloween-themed cards like Reapers, Skeletons, Zombies, etc.. The more unique your cards are, the better! I will also be posting some of my own entries that will not be part of the contest for fun. There are no old entries allowed, but unlimited new entries.

All entries will be judged on this criteria:
1. Design and Functionality
Cards that are unique and have a very good design will do the best.
2. Mechanics
A large part of this contest is finding or making Halloween themed mechanics that fit into the cards well. Unique and good mechanics usually lead to a good overall design.
3. Balance
Balanced cards that are not too overpowered or underpowered for their rarity make a good general design.
4. Flavor
Art, theme, and flavor text will be the main things that link cards to Halloween. If it does not seem like it fits in with Halloween, then it will not be an effective entry.

Circuit Points will be awarded as follows:
1st Place - 1 CP and 5 Favorites
2nd Place - 3/4 CP and 4 Favorites
3rd Place - 1/2 CP and 3 Favorites
Honorable Mentions - 1/4 CP and 1 Favorite
All participants will get an Earnable Avatar!

Submissions close on October 30th


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