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    Hopefully I will see some of you over in Season 7, coming up soon.

    (Already out, actually)
  • @HeroKP Thank you very much for holding this! It was a lot of fun!

    Now, obviously, every story must have its end...
  • Midnight's goal was never to dominate Skyfaoll, but to integrate into the masses and live on forever through physical manifestations of the others subconscious. With that I think it was a success on my part.

    @Tommia congrats on the win... @HeroKP thanks for the great adventure, once again.
  • @spookoops @Tommia

    Thank you to all! I am really happy the experience was pleasant.
  • @Corwinnn

    A season new, the thread is young
    The odds are there to beat
    They win a while and then it's done
    Their little winning streak
    Elimination brings them to face
    Invincible defeat
    I humbly ask to close this thread
    A dozen cardsmiths deep

  • My goodness you guys are good at poetry 
  • ~ A Bittersweet Resolution


    The night had been long and restless for the Grandmaster. How could he sleep? His people had committed an egregious sin in the eyes of his gods. But alas, the enemy had been routed. The Armies of Midnight were defeated, and Falun was forced to surrender and relinquish their territory to The Witnesses. And Sprot and Kort were practically racing to deliver the news...

    "Dammit... This had better had been worth it. If they tell me we've lost..." He pulls a blade from his pocket. "If they tell me we've lost... nngh..." This is the first time he's ever felt so emotional. Normally he's at peace, but so much has transpired over the course of his stay in Skyfaol, and ever since his revival, he's been losing his cool. "Please tell me we won... we had to sell our souls for this, at least tell me it was worth it!"
    The Last Genzian turns, and into the room comes his star mages, Krag and Yokuta, entering the room. It's Krag that spoke, and both approach the throne and kneel.
    "Krag... Yokuta... if this isn't good news I don't want to hear it."
    "Very well..." Krag droops. The status report... to say the least, he wasn't going to like that. A quarter of their forces lost to enemy action, another quarter either deserted... or worse. While the Armies of Midnight didn't win, the emotional toll of attacking them without provocation, combined with their manipulation, meant that most of the forces that attacked them lost on a more personal battlefield. "We'll leave you in peace then, Grandmaster."

    The two make their leave glumly. The mountain keep had been tense since The Grandmaster's return. Clashing ideals, an emotional U-Turn on Spire's plan... it hadn't escalated to infighting, but there's times where it got close. The grandmaster huffs, then sits upon his throne once more, paw shaking as he attempts to drink his cup of chamomile tea.

    "For crying out loud... that was the casualty report most likely... what am I doing here? I'm just letting these people die, and pushing it aside. I'm sitting around while they give their lives. I'm partially the reason things got this bad... that crystal... I should had seen it then, when I felt compelled to grab it. I'm... getting selfish. I need to help them..."

    The Genzian wasn't dressed to go out, but went out anyways. He ran, lept, and bounded across the land, and darted towards where the Armies of Midnight had been, running across the water in grand haste. He had never run so fast in his life; what must have been dozens of miles were traversed in less than an hour, his speed exceeding that of the very drakes that led the Witnesses's frontline charge. However, his sprint is somewhat interrupted when he sees it in the distance... a spire of mana erupting from the territory, an aurora being formed in the air... and The Forefather approaching. Did... did they do it?! Did they... win?! He diverts course for Falun... he can't get his hopes up just yet.

    The run across the water to Falun is quite a chore, but it's managed. When he gets close, he sees it again, an aurora in the sky. He slows his running, until eventually, he's standing on the water, awestruck. He pinched himself until his claws dug into his arm and drew blood.

    "Is... is this a dream?"
    "No, but you should never leave without a guard, especially with what happened last time."

    He turns, and sees Delthune descending, her blade covered in blood. An angel, clothes and wings stained, but without a shadow of guilt.

    "I saw you running, so I flew as fast as I could to catch up to you."
    "So we did it? We won?"
    "See for yourself."
    "So you're saying..."
    "Go. I'm needed for healing duty."
    "Very well... I'll see you at Spike Valley."

    He continues his sprint, and sees... the flags. Witness flags on the ships at port. Collateral damage couldn't be avoided, but the city was in great shape as he approached, and saw her... Spire, sitting on the dockside with her mount and drinking a bottle of wine. She sees him, and waves, and once he's close enough, he jumps onto the dock.

    "So... how are things going here?" The grandmaster asks. "Is everyone okay?"
    "That's quite the mouthful for a hello, Grandmaster." Spire replies, chuckling. "Also, why aren't you dressed?"
    "Oh..." He finally realizes his mistake, and grimaces before regaining his composure. He's quite embarrassed. "Seriously... I haven't heard any news except for casualty reports."
    "Well, we have some rebels that are still antsy, but we managed to make Falun surrender. We're in command here now."
    "Yes!" He flops back, and rests. He's never his excited, and this behavior is very unlike him.
    "Want any wine? You seem quite tense."
    "I think I'll need a bottle for myself..."

    Both of them giggle.

    "There's plenty. They're giving it out at the ship there." She points to a merchant ship, filled with crates full of exports, with alcohol being given out by a Witness centurion. The Grandmaster gets up, hops over, grabs a bottle of wine, and comes back over. He uses a claw to uncork it, and drinks up. "Well... aren't you eager?"
    "Very..." He recorks it, and half the liter bottle is already gone.
    "Geeze... never knew you drank."
    "Special occasions only."
    "Well, this is a very special occasion."

    The two idly chat for a while, before the bell rings on the merchant ship. "Alright everyone! Last call!" The centurion on board yells out. "We're leaving in 30 minutes!"

    "Welp. Best get on board," Spire jokes.
    The Last Genzian chuckles. "You know I don't need to, but I think I might actually take the ship home."
    "Oh?" She's curious.
    "I've been up all night, restless. I think I could use a nice, calm sail on the seas to calm my nerves."
    "Just might... maybe on the way home we can spar?"
    "Still rearing to go, hmm?"
    "Always, Grandmaster. Always."
    The Last Genzian smiles on that note, and stands. "Well, we can do that on the walk back. Right now, I just want to rest."

    The two get on board the ship, and head to the resting quarters, but there's not quite enough room for them. It's a bit tight, but there's just enough room for both of them if they share a bed. It's a tight fit, but neither of them are in any shape to object, so they sleep together, both finally getting the rest they deserve...

    The Next Day...

    The Grandmaster wakes up, and his rustling awakens Spire. He gets up, and stretches out, a little sore from last night's dash. Spire rises, and stretches as well. The ship should be close to port, but it's noon already, so it'll be nightfall by time they make it to Spike Valley. The walk is fairly relaxed, everyone sharing their stories and talking about what they'll do next now that the fighting is over. Noon turns to dusk, and dusk turns to night, and the moon is beautiful. A full moon, and now that the horrors were gone and the battles had been won, The Last Genzian was finally able to... enjoy it. He had never actually thought he would see the day where he was finally able to just sit down and just hold a normal conversation... talk without battle or war coming up once. Actually get to develop a meaningful relationship with his soldiers and his students. They laughed, smiled, joked around... and even drank. Such little things, but it felt like they had been missing out on them forever. He knew a lot would have to been done to get everything settled here, and that he would have to repair the damage done not just to civilizations, but to hearts as well, but that's for another time. For now, he just sat with Spire, watching birds fly past the moon. This world was theirs now, and he could finally enjoy every last view it had to offer...

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    Anyways, it was fun playing this, and big shoutout to everyone else. Thing is, I actually didn't think I was going to win!
  • Well done to the top 3 in general!
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    I hurried a little with it, but I think that it has quite died down at this point, so I would like to once more deposit an asking notice for the closing of this thread, if it isn't too much of an inconvenience.

    A season new, the thread is young
    The odds are there to beat
    They win a while and then it's done
    Their little winning streak
    Elimination brings them to face
    Invincible defeat
    I humbly ask to close this thread
    A dozen cardsmiths deep

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