COLONISERS: Season 7!!! (Colonisers of Nemain)



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    Federation Errants

    The knights looked back as they crossed the ford. Behind them were Federation lands; everything they knew as safe. Before them lay a vast, uncharted world.

    One of the knights took a long breath. "Do you think we'll be safe out here?"

    "We're knights of the Federation," the other said. "We'll be safe."

    "Even with everything out there?"

    The other knight sighed. "Yes. The other factions are as new to this world as we are. We have to take advantage of that and claim what we can for the Federation."

    @HeroKP I'd like to send an envoy to both the Zarildi Dominion and the New Dromoka.
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    Teferi arrived on Nemian.
    He watched as the Dromoka Embassy appeared behind him. It was not the entire army, they would send more later. But it was a considerable amount, a strong legion of Warriors and a handful of scalelords. The most authoritive of the dragons walked forward to speak to him.
    "We should prepare the area for the next group." Said the dragon. Her name was Arata
    Teferi nodded. He looked around the area they had landed on more thoroughly. It was indeed desert, as he intended. The sun was red, illuminating the sands with an evil light. Far to the west, the desert seemed to calm a little, growing scarce, sharp grass and a few razorlike shrubs. The same happened to the east. To the north and south, the sand continued, although the occasional spiked bush dotted the orange sand.
    "Yes. on this world, we will need to prepare as much as we can." He said.
    After the fortification was finished a few days later, Teferi called another meeting with Arata.
    "Do we know about any other civilisations on this plane?"
    "From what our foragers and scouts have uncovered, there is some kind of native civilisation on this world. There are also a few other colonisers nearby. The ones we know about are a collection of humanoids to the west made not of flesh and hide, but of some type of steel, and a strange group who seem to have similarities in culture to both us and the Ojutai."
    "Do we know any more?"
    "From some Scalelords we know of a society of evil woodland spirits, and a group of reptilian men. There are others, but they would have to contact us for us to find out any information."
    "Thank you."
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    Time passed. Teferi might have unconciously accelerated it, because to him it seemed to take very little time for many more camps to spring up over the barren desert. The original one had developed some real stone buildings with the architecture the Dromoka use traditionally. Several trees had been planted too, surrounding and within most camps. It was then that an embassy arived.
    "Sir Teferi, a group has arrived from some Qatha Federation. They seek alliance". A young warrior delivered this message to Teferi, who was in his office.
    "What are they like?" Asked Teferi curiously.
    "Some of them wear robes similar to the Ojutai, but they seem more agreeable. They are, after all, offering alliance."
    "Where are they?" said Teferi.
    "Currently waiting for you by the second well."
    "Thank you."
    Teferi left the stone building his office and quarters were within, and walked towards the delegation.
    "who are you?" He asked the embassy leader.
    "We are a delegation from the Qatha Federation. We offer an alliance between our civilisations."
    "What are your terms?" Teferi asked shrewdly.
    "We share recourses if necessary, and live at peace. I have the full terms here." He handed Teferi a small scroll.
    "Thank you." Teferi looked through the scroll, seeing that the agreement was indeed simply a peace treaty. "We will accept your offer for the time being."
  • "Foremost!"

    Sarai looked up from the rough map of Nemain she was looking at. A knight was approaching her, carrying a scroll.

    "Yes?" Sarai asked, straightening.

    The messenger handed her the scroll. "The peace delegation sent to the New Dromoka has just returned. They have accepted our offer of peace, although it was implied to be temporary."

    Sarai sighed and smiled. "Temporary peace is better than none at all. Could you tell Tenar?"

    The knight bowed and left Sarai, who looked back at the map.

    Temporary peace, eh? We'll have to make the most of that. She pulled out a slip of paper, wrote 'Truce - for now?' on it, and stuck it to the map on the Dromoka territory. I'll have to talk with Tenar and the strategists about this.
  • Tonme was looking at the horizon. Northern expansion was the goal but he couldn't help but enjoy the southern sea before him.

    "Sir, the preparations are complete." The voice of a senior fathomnaut came from behind him.

    Without turning to look at the shaman he replied, "Then have them begin finding the center of this land. We will begin there."
    Into the Frontier

    The Talniri Clan is beginning the trek into the interior of the island. The forces involved will be fairly large groups with smaller scouts ahead. They aren't quiet as they move either.
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    "Sir, we have spotted another invading party. They seem to worship the sea."
    "Good. We shall offer peace to them. Send Linasha."

    Linasha is a diplomat of the Greater Way. After forging multiple strong alliances on Tsayami, she now comes with the Warlord to add diplomacy to his army.

    To @LordTachanka123's Koreli Mystics, we offer an exploration alliance, and one that may grow to be stronger in the future.
  • Looking back, this might be slightly underpowered. I will change it later.
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    Harbinger - "Go forth, take the land, take the people, take it all. Let them know of me and my intent. Organic life is nothing but a genetic mutation, an accident. Their lives are measured in years and decades. They wither and die. We are eternal, the pinnacle of evolution and existence. Before us, they are nothing. Their extinction is inevitable. We are the end of everything."

    The Xedd care not for the land, the air, nor the sea, They care what The Harbinger demands of them. Even at the expense of themselves.

  • @Spookoops You forgot the Excatavor's power and toughness. Because of Modular, I assume it's a 0/0?
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    -Chief! Chief! There are some funny-looking creatures waiting for you in the hall of Eternity!- Steward shouted.
    - Do they look strong or frightening?- Kamagiwik responded
    - No they look rather strange and unusual.
    -What do they want?
    The Federation’s envoys enter the throne room.
    - We want friendship.- The delegate answered.
    - You will get it. Now, go to your lord and say that he has ten thousand friends more. But in case of betrayal, the revenge will be fearsome and disastrous for you.
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    My entry:
    Lightfoot Hunter
    Sanikok Unseen Surveiler

    Kamagiwik sighs. It has been three months since he sent an army to explore the forest. None have returned. There was only one decision.

    -Call for Sanikok! I need him and his men. Quick! 

    -I'm here, chief! Why did you call for me and my men? We have a lot of bugs to eat!

    -Three armies left for the woods! THREE ARMIES! None have returned. It's already two months since I last heard of them. Only you and your skinks can find them. If you do, I'll cover you and your men in bugs, gold and rich clothes!

    -It would be hard to find them, if the trace is so cold, but I'll try. I think there are some other countries involved.

    -And, yes! Try to explore as many things you can: flora, fauna (including intelligent races)

    Sanikok and skinks exited the hall. Kamagiwik could see them leaving Tehanota. He remembered Gazauhar and his soldiers leaving through the same gates. 

    A week passed, then Sanikok returned and said:

    - We've gathered great knowledges and found Gazauhar and his men. They got caught by patrols of other countries: The Woods of Wendigo, The Koreli Mystics, and Talniri Clan. They are all good men, elementals, and... creatures. They are all worthy of an alliance or at least trade. Also we have found a man and its dinosaur. They are ready to be our diplomats. What do we do?

    - Excellent! Excellent! Perfect! We should send that man and dinosaur to all these lands with an alliance offer! You and your man will be covered with honour, bugs, gold and rich clothes as I promised! Everything is even better than I thought!

    The man and his dinosaur:
    Gatlah Zarildi Diplomat
    Zanger Ferocious Steed
    @Nomp @LordTachanka123 @RegalGorgon13 Do you accept the alliance?

  • @TimurGlint Yes, I do
    Lore and cards coming soon

  • My entry:
    Walker Spirit of Nemain
    Walkers Gaze

    - Sir! Sir! I saw something in the woods! - Knight of the circle shouted

    -What was this?- Gajavi murmured - I have research to do!

    - It was something walking! Two eyes are as big as plates! Spines are as sharp and long as my lance! It was HUGE! It was going to Kabibon's camp!

    - Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?! we must go! Now!

    That creature actually already was in front of Kabibon. The creature bowed to Kabibon and hissed:

    - What to do, my Lord? You are the only worthy of my service! You are the nearest soul to me! I am Walker, the avatar of Nemain. Once I've served another creature like you, Kabibon.

    - Another creature like me? Another wendigo? Who? 

    - The one you call The Lost One and The Lost Сampaign.

    -Can you lead our explorers to the place you saw them last time?

    -Yes. Follow me

    Kabibon sends a search party, an expedition
    Explore the Abyss

    And there they've found this:
    The Core of Nemain

    -Here -Walker said

    There were ruins and pieces that showed that this land was lived by wendigo before.

    - Here we are, in this sacred place, the Ancestral Land, the first city of wendigo on Nemain. We must rebuild it.

    location of the city:

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    Lost Wood Spirit

    We offer The Talniri Clans an alliance against The Filigree Industry, who have blasphemed and destroyed many forest elementals burned their trees.
    What can be more affront to nature than Industry and Philantropy?
    What do you say, @Nomp ?

    Watomi Lost Kareli

    Watomi has told the wendigo the Koreli are good people.
    Forest can't live without water, and the sea can't live without plants. Wendigo and Koreli need each other. Only that way they can be saved from Industry's fires. If you decline the alliance offer, the sea will be drained and the forest will be burned. Chose wisely, @LordTachanka123

  • A lone figure climbs up a rocky outcropping, her every movement is calculated and assured reaching from rock to opening making sure she doesn't fall from the cliffside. Eventually she makes it to the top and she sits down. Below her the bustling fortification filled with her fellow nomads is going on with it's daily life. Soldiers patrol the walls, hunters prepare their shops with meat, and scouts ready for their next expedition. She pulls an old book with a worn leather cover from her side and begins to write in it.

    - Our arrival on Nemain was met with great hope, perhaps this would finally be the plane we could call home. As we explored this world we found it to be filled with dangerous horrors and shades. While this might deter the weak-spirited our people are not so easily scared and we pressed on with expansion.

    The savants located other nations across the sea, filled with strange people and customs. Maybe soon we will get a chance to meet them however for now we are staying at a distance continuing to explore and colonize the island we arrived on.

    Our scouts are utilizing the mounts and beasts we collected from the many worlds we have travelled to make this exploration easier. -

    As she wrote that she heard someone call out, looking back at the city a group of scouts was loading supplies onto a manner of beasts from horses to irregularly sized lizards. They mounted up and rode of into the unexplored territory leaving a cloud of dust in their wake. With that she stood up and made her back down to the city.

    (this is my entry)
  • @HeroKP

    To any observer, it was a normal day on Nemain, if not a bit sunny. The sky clear, then, suddenly, a crack in space and time, filled with gleaming white wings and gold and red armor. Thousands of pristine angels flew out into the day, bringing with them light and fire. One angel stands out above the rest, wearing a small circlet on her head, and the only one of them with streaks of red and gold in her wings.

    "Vaxara. Send out two legions to scout and define our territory here. Artra, go with your group and find a source for food and other things. Renha, open a portal on the ground so the disciples can get through. I will lead the construction of a citadel. Ready?"

    "Yes," came the gathered response. The gathered angels flew away, amidst a flurry of commands, and the angels broke off into multiple groups, flying in all different directions.

    A few days later:

    "Jene!" came an excited voice. 

    "Hm?" Jene said, looking up from her war map. An angel strode into the room, the leader of the dovecallers, a girl named Savara. She held up two letters, slightly pecked from the birds sitting on her shoulders.

    "The responses came from the Children and the Industry!" Savara held out the papers to Jene, who looked them over.

    "So we leave the Children alone and they leave us alone, while the Industry would like our alliance?" Jene looked up from the papers.

    "Yeah, basically."

    "Send an envoy led by Renha to the Industry, and send a bird to New Dromoka. With them, we will control the skies of Nemain." Savara whispered to one of the birds as Jene handed a letter to Savara. The bird flapped off, with the letter clutched in its beak.

  • Can I just congratulate all of you guys? We haven't seen that level of intricate roleplay from that early on since Edgerim!

    The only hope is that it will last...
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    @HeroKP Only a matter of time before the Great Countercard War II breaks out...

    (also I updated my entry to make it not useless)
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  • Someone say countercard war?  I'm in Esper; I have been summoned!

  • And ye; tryina think of good strat for card.  Will submit soon.
  • In the literal sense, the very existence of Dromoka prevents that from happening.
    "Spells can't be countered"
  • I can't tell if I'm being threatened or helped, but I'm really trying to get (irl)technology to cooperate with me. 
  • The Second Great Countercard War sounds like it would be fun. A headache, but fun.
  • For those who missed it, the Original Great Countercard War started when @Axnoodle 's dragons sent a spy to @HergusBergus 's Flesh-ridden Scourge. The Scourge attempted a few stratergies to get rid of the spy, which only partially worked. The concept generically escelated outward and into other factions, and it all ended up with the Scourge winning.
    Edgerim was great.
  • @RegalGorgon13
    The scout entered into the expedition tent. "Sir, we have made contact with something."

    The captain looked annoyed, "What is it? Be more specific. What is this something?"

    With a long pause the scout attempted to explain, "They call themselves Wendigo. They come from the woods. They have taken up residence in an old city. Mostly ruins. They offer alliance against are neighbor the Filigree."

    The captain waved the scout out of the tent. It was time to send an ambassador.
    Frontier Ambassador

    The Talniri Clan began setting up camp outside the old ruins. They dotted all along the interior side of the lake it lay next to.
  • @KorandAngels there are plenty of other ways to "counter" spells.
    • Ruining targets
    • Exiling spells from the stack
    • Returning a copy to it's owners hand
    And many other varied and sundried ways.  Please do not attempt to test the prowess of the Schwarmi Node, or indeed any esper faction, at countering spells, as you will end up harming yourself.
  • There is also another line of text. "Players can't cast spells during your turn".
  • Doesn't that include the controller?
  • Yeah... I don't think that matters Korand.  We're not "taking turns".  This is a wargame.  And that'll also lead to unfun games with little to no good interaction.  Yes it dies to removal... but that's not a justification.
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