The Gift of Legends **Circuit Challenge**

In this challenge, we would like to see you make a Gift for a Legendary Creature or Planeswalker that was crafted by another Cardsmith!

The rules are simple.
1. New Gift Cards only. Nothing before 12/1/20
2. Please post the Legendary Creature or Planeswalker with your entry.
3. Up to FOUR entries per Cardsmith.
4. Cards can be made elsewhere, but they MUST have a counterpart and link here on MTGCardsmith. 
5. Challenge ends 12/17/20

First Place will earn 1 Circuit Point
Second Place will earn 3/4 Circuit Point
Third Place will earn 1/2 Circuit Point
Honorable Mentions will earn 1/4 Circuit Point


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    *deleted due to misunderstandng the rules*
  • @ThePhantomJoker I suspect that you've got the rules ever so slightly confused, as I believe the intent is for people to create cards for legendary creatures and planeswalkers forged by other Cardsmiths (rather than for real cards). Also, agreed. It really is a nice contest idea.
  • @MemoryHead Ooooooh, I misread the first sentence, I see it now. @Corwinnn Should I delete this entry and try again?
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    Entry one

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  • Based on @ArinSka's Symud, Astute Tactician:
    While not the most synergistic, I feel the flavorful correlation makes this a great gift to Symud!
  • I came up with a card for Irihihi's Promadia, Ember of Winter.
    She now has a wolf!

    It took me a little while to actually find the correct set, and had to look up what brumal means, but even if I don't win (which I probably won't), I enjoyed making this card.
  • Rendriel is made by @Temurzoa!

    Nuka Fable Symphonist Rendriel Teller of Tales

    Nuka is a red panda who was found all alone in a forest clearing by an old lady when Nuka was a baby. The lady took the red panda to an animal orphanage and named it Nuka. Many years after that, the animal orphanage was visited by Rendriel, a wandering bard that left an unforgettable impression on Nuka. After the performances and when Rendriel was about to leave for another land, the old lady gifted Nuka to Reindrel, since the red panda begged to go with the legendary bard. Reindrel accepted to take care of Nuka and taught the red panda to compose and play music that recounted many different tales for many years, before sending Nuka to a bard school.

    Years later, Nuka has become a renowned symphonist whose works have been played by many orchestras around the world. The red panda performs in the capitals of countless kingdoms every year, but it also returns back to the forest to meet its friends and the old lady during holidays, and plays them a tale or two with the help of singing birds.

  • @ThePhantomJoker - Yes please. 
    @MemoryHead - I can't take credit for the challenge, it was gifted to me by a super awesome guy!
  • @SpellPiper2213 Ooh! Nice! I was planning on doing something for Akuma.
  • @shadow123 you can most definitely guess my plans
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    The resistance is ready to mobilize under the cover of darkness and deception for their Lady Jumei!

    This card was designed for Jumei, the Cloaked Dissent by @RohanDragoon.
  • I gift my Katars to @sorinjace and Sam... I'm a sucker for equipment commanders.
  • @OneBigBlueSky
    I'm absolutely in love with it!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for making a card to go along with Jumei! You absolutely nailed her character done with it and I love it so much! Cheers!
  • @RohanDragoon thank you so much!!!

    Her character and abilities were both super interesting to me so I did my best to do her justice!
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  • I just realized I put the colons there; force of habit.  Please forgive me.
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    Here is my humble offering gift to Henari, False Creator by @DomriKade !

    Edit: While I was scrolling through legendaries, Henari stuck out to me as an amazing card and I was immediately inspired! Henari also allows you to copy this False Creation on etb and if you have anthem effects, your false creation can be used as sacrifice fodder for Henari's ability.

    I hope you enjoy this!
  • This is a card depicting the Saga of Fumeiyona Akuma (Akuma, Solemn Champion) by @Usaername

    Parts the saga is inspired by (all written by @Usaername ). I had to cut off a little bit due to the character limit.

    Part I -

    “Dishonorable, driven by rage”

    “Looks like you’ve learned your place, trash”

    The captain scowled up at her.

    “You fight with no honor, you-”

    Akuma pressed her boot further into his back.

    “Insult me again and I will kill you.”

    The captain smirked.

    “You wouldn’t, you cowardly swamp-”

    A light grating sound, then all was quiet as the captain’s head slowly rolled away.

    "I gave you a choice: Respect me or die. You made your answer clear."

    Akuma ran, then. She escaped the pursuing samurai and hid behind a tree, where she fell to her knees. They were right, she thought. I’m no samurai, just a murderer. They were right all along. Maybe I am just swamp trash. I have no allies now. Not the Kami, not the samurai. Dammit, she thought. Who are you Akuma?! Are you just going to give up? That’s not how you survive! She grabbed her sword, determined to right her wrong. She would prove herself worthy of the title of samurai. She stood up, and walked directly into a kami. It’s magic pierced her chest, and she felt a coldness spreading throughout her. She screamed. She had to keep her promise. She had to restore her honor. She had to…

    Part II-

    “It's all gone now, isn't it. We can't fix the past.”

    Akuma and Nilani found each other at their training grounds. They hadn't planned it beforehand, but something had drawn them both there. Feelings of apprehension? loneliness? fear?

    A light rain was falling, pattering on the leaves and collecting in droplets on blades of grass in the clearing. The two girls leaned against a tree, quietly listening to the comforting sounds of the rain. Akuma had always liked the rain. she bit her lip and sat up. Nilani looked over.

    "Are you alright?" She asked. Akuma let out the breath she had been holding.

    "I'm scared, Nilani. Really scared." Nilani sat up and slid a little closer.

    "What are you scared about?" she asked. Akuma drew her knees up to her chest.

    "Moktaractus. Septhis. The abyss. The end of the world? not to mention the political turmoil. I'm worried that if one thing goes wrong, it's all going to come crashing down. The tournament. Us too." Akuma paused for a moment, her breathing becoming fast and ragged. 

    "We're on the brink of something catastrophic, and there's not only one way it happens! People will die. Lots of people." Tears welled up in Akuma's eyes. "I don't want to die! I don't... I may masquerade as a brave warrior, but inside? I'm just a coward. And there's no honor in being a coward..." Akuma trailed off as tears streamed freely down her face.

    "Help me" she sobbed. Nilani pulled Akuma closer to her and hugged her tightly. They sat there in silence for several minutes before Nilani spoke.

    "I'm scared too. This is a lot bigger than anything I've ever been involved in. This is bigger than all of us. Bigger than the tournament. Bigger than Kiserova. I'm afraid of dying too. We are only human, after all. Cowardice isn't to be afraid of death, Akuma! It's to deny your fear altogether. I won't tell you not to be afraid. But know that even If we do die, I'll die happy. We got to meet eachother, right?" Nilani slowly trailed off.

    The two friends sat silently in their embrace, comforted by the presence of the other, listening to the rain. The tournament, the city, the world, even, was sure to change.

    But for the time being,

    There was peace.

    Part III-

    “Honor, at any cost.”

    Akuma woke sometime later in a bed that was not hers.

    "Ah, you're awake"

    Akuma pushed herself into the corner, where she grabbed Zyletka from among her belongings. She drew the sword and brandished it at the man.

    "What did you do to me!?"

    The man put up his hands.

    "Your hand was broken beyond repair, not to mention shredded beyond recognizability. By the time you were found, it had gotten infected, and the infection had travelled considerably up your arm. Additionally, you suffered from a punctured lung, which may have lasting consequences like a shortness of breath, so make sure to lay off any hard activity. Thirdly, you took several nasty blows to the head. You have a serious concussion, which may cause shaking or twitching in your right arm and leg for the rest of your life. Lastly, several of the nerves in your hand were damaged, which may cause shaking or loss of feeling in your hand."

    Akuma's eyes widened in horror. Her grip tightened on Zyletka, and her breathing grew rapid as tears brimmed at her eyes.

    "I know it sounds like a lot, but please, try to slow your breathing and remain calm, it-"

    He was cut off as, in a fit of rage, Akuma grabbed him by the collar and used Zyletka to slit his throat. He collapsed, blood spraying from his neck and covering Akuma's gown.

    Akuma ran, blinded by tears and panic

    Is this the end, then?

    Out the door to her room and down a long hallway

    Ironic, Isn't it. I'm back at the very beginning.

    A turn, then down another hallway

    Dishonorable, driven by rage.

    Up a flight of stairs

    Completely alone.

    Through a door and across an attic

    No hope for a future.

    Out the window and out onto the roof

    I'll do what I should have done the first time.

    Akuma climbed to the top of the roof and laid down, Zylekta clenched still in her hand. The stars were beautiful, a splash of light across a darkened sky. They reminded her of home.

    How fitting. One last look at the stars.

    Akuma held Zyletka up to her neck.

    The finality of the moment comforted Akuma. She thought about everything that had happened since the start of the tournament. Nilani. Elos. Graagdord. Pan. Jelene. The Abyss. Pain, suffering, heroics. Friendship?

    It's all gone now, isn't it. We can't fix the past. There's no possible future. Nothing.

    Akuma sliced her jugular open.

    Honor, at any cost.

    As Akuma's life quickly drained away, she thought about her home. Oh how she longed to see it one more time.

    Maybe... I'll get to see it again...

    Just before Fumeiyona Akuma closed her eyes for the last time, she thought about Nilani.

    Maybe... she'll remember me...

    Fumeiyona Akuma died under the stars, pale skin glowing faintly under the moonlight, silver hair cascading around her shoulders, one hand holding Zyletka, and a small smile on her face.

  • Second entry, using @MattTheEsper card Kazzus, Rogue Grafter:
    Disciple of KazzusKazzus Rogue Grafter

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    Made to go with @shadow123's TOC entrant and winner, Nilani! I don't have as many fancy links as Shadow and no story bits, but you should definitely check him and TOC out. Also major thanks to Shadow for helping me figure out how to link cards!
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    A song for @MonkeyPirate2002 's Niran:

    Note: The card draw on this is paired with downside (like losing the game haha). The song type is a mechanic I made and this card is meant to depict Niran's story (and her tragic end) through a song like how many songs communicate a message with just its music. This card also kills you faster than Demonic Pact, but has more upside.

    Here's the story segment using Niran that I wrote (with permission from her creator):

    The sound of metal chains scraping against each other resonated throughout the dark room. There was no light except for the faintly glowing liquid coating the jagged ground.

    Oh, how I wish I could see it again

    A young girl laid on the wet ground. She was weak. All the color was drained out of her face and skin was cracked. There was a deep wound on her chest that had never healed from a fight she lost years ago.

    Why is it always me?

    The girl tried to cry, but no tears would fell. She was too weak to cry.

    Will I ever earn peace like before?

    The girl coughed. She tried to raise her hand again, but the iron chains were too heavy. Too powerful. Even for her.

    She tried to call for help, but no sound came out.


    The girl surveyed her surroundings. There was a pile of splintered wood a small distance away. Beside it laid snapped strings. Even amongst all the pieces, the girl could make out a small design. A familiar one. What was it that she was forgetting?

    Oh, how I wish I could feel it again

    The girl felt an unnatural strength course through her veins. She willed herself onto her knees, and then onto her feet. She clutched her chest as she staggered over to the pile of wood. The heavy chains scraped noisily against the ground behind her, resisting her efforts to move, but it didn’t matter. Suddenly, the girl stopped. She pulled on her chains, but they wouldn’t move. She was so close to the mysterious wood. She pulled with all her strength, but it wasn't enough. The chains were stronger. She sank down to her knees again.

    Oh, how I wish I could hear it again

    Memories flashed in the girl’s mind for the first time in years: A silver dagger. A golden knight. A dragon. A war. Music. Memories. Fate. Bliss. A new strength came upon the girl. Those memories gave her more strength. The girl crawled over to the pile. Wincing in pain with every movement. Finally, she was there. The girl looked back to where she had come from. It was not far, but it was progress. For the first time in years, the girl could see the high ceiling of the room. It looked like waves in a small pond. She would never know. Then, she collapsed.
    Hours later, the girl awoke. Now there was a comforting purple aura radiating around the mysterious materials.

    The girl reached out her hand to touch it, curious. A purple light extended from her own hand as she touched the splinters. It swirled around the ruin, slowly rearranging it into a shape that the girl seemed to recognize. In the girl’s other hand, another familiar shape appeared. A long stick of wood formed forcing itself uncomfortably in between her fingers, with long hairs connecting the two ends. She could see it now- a violin.

    The wood fragments were held together with a faint light. The girl lifted the violin to her shoulder. A feeling of the past she had so dearly missed comforted her in the moment. Then, the bow connected with the string creating a faint noise that the girl knew all too well. She drew her hand back and forth invoking a melody that she never remembered she made. Her fingers glided smoothly across the fingerboard to produce notes that reminded her of the past. A sad tune. But still, it was comforting to say the least. As the girl, ignoring her chains, continued to play furiously, memories of events and people flowed into her head.
    My home...Cirrina…
    Efilia? Graagdord and Gorchi!
    Akuma and Aeryn…
    Nilani... Bernadette…my best friend...myself...N-niran
    The abyss...

    Then, the most powerful memory pierced her mind. Her last moments. She screamed as the pain of her memories clawed at her newfound sanity. But she didn’t stop playing.
    Still holding her hand over her chest, she defied the pain. She rose up and walked towards the light. The small girl looked at her with her hand embraced. At one moment it looked as if the girl's face was visible in the silver light, but if so it was gone as soon as it had appeared. The water felt heavy as she moved through it but she did not stop.

    She made it to the light where she stopped to look at the girl. Did her face really appear or was it just an illusion? She bent her knee and reached down into the black water. Her hand found a hard object, grabbed it, and returned above the surface. Her chest healed almost instantly with the light cast over her. The silver light came from a dagger made completely of silver, a living silver. The dagger was warm and it was burning bright without anyone channeling its flame. Her hands holding the blade, healed and the ashen skin turned back to normal.

    With the silver dagger in her hand, she moved forward. Nilani and Niran stopped within an arm's distance. Their eyes met and without uttering a single word, they said goodbye. She forced the dagger into her chest so the blade reached her heart. The very air began to move and waves of water from the black sun swept past beneath them. The ashen skin around the blade was cracking open with a white glow as her eyes turned dark. Then the blade shattered into dust that then turned to flowers that slowly descended towards the water surface. Her legs turned weak as she drew her last breath. With a splash she fell into the water. The waves grew larger as the monster came closer but the flowers in the water did not go away. Then as the last flower landed on the surface, like glass, the ground beneath her body shattered. Her body fell into the nothingness followed by the flowers.

    She thought about Nilani. Instinctively she moved her hand to her chest where the dagger had pierced her chest.

    The girl shuddered. “Niran. I’m Niran.”

    All of a sudden, Niran remembered everything. How she killed Graagdord. How she silenced Irene. How she hurt Akuma and Aeryn. How she ran from her home. How she tried so hard not to do any of this. How she was victimized by those who refused to see her for herself. Niran could imagine Nilani’s comforting smile after she killed Irene, like she understood. Niran could imagine Nilani’s traitorous eyes as she held that wretched silver dagger. Niran could see Bernadette’s “betrayal” and watched again as she dueled Nilani, losing her violin to her horrible invocation. The pain of these revelations overwhelmed the girl.

    No one understood me. Not even her. Not even the abyss.

    The violin shattered in Niran’s weak hands as the bow dissolved into mist in front of her eyes. Niran could see her glowing, cracked skin and the iron chains that bound her hands and legs to the abyss. Niran felt all her strength dissolve away. She fell onto her knees. Then onto her chest. A large shadow of the abyss dragged Niran back to her original spot as her revelations faded quickly away from her mind.

    The girl was a slave once more.
  • Wesself sayses HELLO! to the singular (and mingular) Gaith Fuide, @Faiths_Guide. Firstly, it was most pleasurable scouring spotless your plates and overdue rooms of organic compounds and critters. Secondly, your Special Sauce would be optimally mergified with virgin donkeys, not french fries. Thirdly, while wesself lackses kneecaps to grovel in more-than-symbolic gratitude, perhapses those cranktankerous gob-slugs can give us their legs. Ooooh! Here they come with another hair-brained order and a formal rejection of hospitality! slurp slurp slurp

    At Her Majestys Behest
  • This contest has definitely been an amazing idea!! I don't usually ever max out on entries like this. With my final entry, I don't have a story, but rather a message that I found while looking at one of @Temurzoa 's cards.

    For @Temurzoa 's Suicidal Deity :

    Here is the [extremely important] message I wanted to reiterate:
    "If you or someone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts, understand that you are not alone. Call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It provides free and confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people in suicidal crisis or distress. Alternatively, you can PM me and I will do my best to help. Even if we've never talked to each other before, you matter to me. Take care y'all."

    All of you are amazing! Feel free to reach out to me if there's anything troubling you because I want to make sure that everyone is okay in this amazing community. That's it for my entries for this contest!
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  • @spookoops that is really nice. Thanks! I haven't been on the forums in awhile, I'm going to have to make a card for this contest quickly it seems!
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    I don't know how to make the images sizes smaller if they are too big, I apologize! Hope this is acceptable. I really liked the concept behind @Animist's Wrexly, Tax Evader so I created a mono black pirate that could keep the flow going with the concept and fit right into a deck with Wrexly as the commander (if anyone felt like they would want to try their hand at a pay life deck build) I think it could be fun. Throw Vilis (an actual card case anyone doesn't know) in there too, and it will eventually become a pretty awesome deck. Anyhow hope you guys like it and Animist, and I'd like to get the earned avatar @Corwif it's still available! 
    Here's my gifted card for @Animist

    Here is @Animist's card I created mine for:

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