2021 Mechanics

Hello, everybody. For this, I want you to create your own mechanics. When your done with it, post its name, a description of it and 2 cards you made around that mechanic. These are the rules:

(1-The mechanic must be made by you at that moment. (so you can't use an ability you made up yesterday, or the day before that, et cetera)

(2-Max 4 entries

(3-Be creative. Make it a simple one that could be printed on all rarities. 


  • I am inclined to question rule 3. While being creative alright, the whole point of keywording a mechanic is that it's supposed to be able to fit on cards of all rarity, with the shell of the card providing the complexity or esoteric nature.

    What would make for a greater challenge would be to create a simple mechanic that is original that could reasonably be printed at any rarity.
  • Ok...Fine...

  • Don't take it too harshly, I'm just trying to tell you what I wish people would've told me early on when I tried making mechanics.
  • @Corwinnn Please delete this thread.
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