The Fortify Challenge

Greetings Cardsmiths! This challenge is based on one of those odd Future Sight cards that WotC hasn't followed up on.

This challenge is to make either a Fortification card or a card that interacts with them/the Fortify ability. Here's an example I made a while back.

Rules are simple:

1 - Cards must be from this year (2021)

2 - Up to 3 entries per person.

3 - Cards must either be an Artifact - Fortification and/or be a card that interacts/supports Fortifications or the Fortify ability.

4 - Contest closes for judgement February 1st.

Additionally please try to provide the artist either on the card or along with your submission. It helps everyone!


1st Place gets 5 favorites of their choice and a follow (if I'm not already following you).

2nd Place gets 4 favorites of their choice.

3rd Place gets 3 favorites of their choice.

Honorable mentions will get 1 favorite of their choice.

Additionally depending on the turnout I may see about making post on the Hall of Fame.

Good luck and good smithing!


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    Ok, I had a good idea, and life was good... then I spent like an hour looking for artwork. Seriously, this was posted at 6:19, its currently 7:19. I eventually settled on some MTG card artwork though. Yeah though, entry one.Burn the Wall
  • A corn maze is a bit of a stretch for what a fortification is, but I think the flavor here works really well.
  • @feralitator that's genius! and it's given me an idea.

    But for now, entry number one:
    Heavenstone Ley-Gate
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    My first entry!!!
    Refraction Barrier

  • @AboveAndAbout I’m pretty sure you can’t counter something if it activates as a sorcery. Sorceries can only be played when theres nothing on the stack.
  • Loving the cards so far!
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  • Going to just bump this again since it's been a while.
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    Here's an entry! (You can click on it to go to the card page).

    Sky Door

    Fortifications are super difficult to design because there aren't that many reasons to move them around unlike Equipments. Here, the idea is that you want to re-fortify to an untapped land from time to time in order to benefit from the effect multiple times in the same turn.
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    A reference to Bounty of the Luxa, a card that I've always rather liked for its flavor and play patterns. I tried to avoid the "fortify one land and then it stays there forever" problem by rewarding the player with card draw for keeping it moving. I also opted for a simplified reminder text on fortify.

  • Thanks for the submission! 2 days left to enter!
  • Here's a second entry from me: (As usual, click on it to access the card page.)

  • Last entry

  • Last day for submissions! It's been wonderful seeing what y'all come up with.
  • Closed for judgement, will try to have the results by end of day!
  • Wow, this was tough to judge! Some really excellent designs were submitted for this, and it was really exciting to see what you all came up with. Due to the number of entries, I have favorited every card that was entered into the challenge. But without further ado, on to the rankings.

    First up we have our honorable mentions:

    @jpastor's Abrogate Benefits is a superb common white prison card, and could have placed if there wasn't such tight competition. You get a favorite on a card of your choice!

    @Jadefire both your entries were good, but I found them to be somewhat undercosted for their power, with Lotus Moat's landfall trigger potentially creating a large amount of mana practically for free. With Walking Transport, the fortify and crew abilities both felt slightly undercosted for the cost and ability of the card. What I personally would suggest is making it a green card, maybe 2G? It would make the stats more reasonable, and the tap ability is very much in green's color pie. Other than that I'm unsure how a crewing a vehicle would work while it was attached to something, but that's more a background thought. You get a favorite of your choice!

    @Yonkers11 Burn the Wall is a very solid card, the biggest thing holding it back for me is the second part of it where it destroys a creature doesn't feel super red to me. I would have preferred it to deal damage instead. Also while I can't fault you for using existing Magic art, it does hold it back from standing out a little more. You get 1 favorite of your choosing!

    On to the winners, we're going to have a couple of ties because I simply couldn't find a way for 2nd and 3rd place's considerations to get an edge.

    For 3rd place we have:
    @TenebrisNemo with Mana Aqueduct and @MemoryHead with Luxa Floodpools. You each get 3 favorites of your choice!
    In 2nd place!
    @ningyounk with Sky Door and @feralitator with Corn Maze
    I could easily see both of these being real cards, with great flavor and balance! You each get 4 favorites of your choice!

    And in 1st place...
    @Usaername with Haunting Dissuasion! Congratulations, a very well balanced card, and a nice use of the mechanics. You get 5 favorites of your choice, and since I'm already following you, if you would like me to look at anything specific and give feedback or an extra favorite let me know.

    Thank you to everyone who participated, it was awesome to see your designs. If I didn't highlight one of your cards it isn't because I didn't like them or didn't they were good or had potential, just that I had to rank things best and figure out what did better than others. Winners, you can post the cards you'd like favorited here or message me them directly!
  • good job everyone! As for card favorites, im just gonna keep stacking favorites on my most favorited card: Myr Junkyard
  • Thanks @Red_Tower for hosting this competition and for your thoughts on my submissions, I agree with your assessments.  It's good to see someone else with an appreciation for the obscure mechanics in Future Sight.

    I'm not a fan of the likes-as-currency system since I think it cheapens what likes should stand for so I'll simply invite you to have a look through my cards (  If you actually like any of them, feel free to show it, if not, it's cool.
  • Thanks for the contest! @Red_Tower You can just pick which ones to favorite for me.
  • This was a super fun contest @Red_Tower! you can favorite whatever of mine you like, as long as you think it deserves it
  • Congrats to other winners! Thanks for hosting, @Red_Tower! Pick any three cards of mine which you'd like to favorite.
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    Thanks for hosting! =) For the likes, you can favourite any card of mine you like, but I know from hosting contests it can be annoying to have to look for cards to favourite by yourself so if you prefer you can favourite those cards if you want! 

  • Right. Sorry for being a little late saying this, but thanks for hosting the contest @Red_Tower! I'll take my favorites on whatever you think looks deserving of them from my collection.
  • @jpastor if you have a card you'd like me to favorite, you can post it here real quick or message it to me directly, otherwise @Corwinnn you're free to close this thread.
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