Colorshift Challenge



  • I did Blue, Black, Blue and Red.

    Selvala Heart of the WavesSelvala Heart of CrueltySelvala Heart of War
  • I would like to play please.
  • Thank you Abaa! I was glad when I got Selvala, an old favourite of mine to play in EDH. Colour-shifting was great fun!

    Any improvements/revisions for the cards? I made them similair enough to the original card XD
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    Card had no mana cost, fixed in new post.  Happy to find the dang edit button on these!
  • ...mana cost?
  • Also, could you explain Invulnerable? Do you mean indestructible?
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  • AboveAndAbout   Bosh Stainless and Eternal - Corrected.

    While in development, I toyed several versions, including
    ones using "Invulnerable" as either Indestructible + Hexproof
    or no -1/-1 counters.

    Decided the first too overpowered and the second one rare enough just
    spelling it out was better.   In this case, I wanted him to be powerless if
    protecting himself while fighting New Phyrexians with Infect.  Which is
    why he had to wait so long for them to to die off.

    Thank you.  Sorry about that.   I hate it when my mind races ahead of my
    editing fingers or something drops off through several iterations of change.
  • Just so you know, I'm working on my concept for the white elf. Should come out in about half an hout.
  • The final, white entry!
    Selvala Heart of Catastrophe
  • This is now closed for judging! Expect the results soon...
  • Ok! Thanks to all the participants in this challenge! The time has finally come to release the results!

    In fifth place:

    Bosk, Ancient Awakener by mmm3creator!

    To start, there are some wording issues on this card, and the start of each sentence should be capitalized. However, I think you did really great work with actually colorshifting it, and it introduces very cool design space!

    (By the way, I think it's Bosh, not Bosk.)

    Next up, in fourth place:

    Krark the Hooded by WarriorCatinaHat!

    There should be a comma between Krark and the on the title. I think that dealing more combat damage is a bit risky for black. I think losing life is a much better place for it to be. It's not exactly red in the color pie, but it's flavorful and the colorshifting was done well.

    In third place:

    Rankle, Master of Thanks by Suicidal_Deity!

    Wow, this is a really strong design! The only thing is that it kind of bugs me that the Faeries are white, since their primary colors are Blue/Black, but I see that Rankle is a Faerie himself anyways.

    In second place:

    Esior, Wardweald Familiar by JackDraco!

    I was a bit worried that when I gave you this one the commander bit might be confusing, but I think you did really well. The design you chose was awesome, and I love how you accounted for planeswalker commanders too!

    And finally, in the very top place...

    Anafenza, Reborn in Darkness by ArchieTaylor!

    Honestly, this is one of the best cards I've seen. The only thing I could think of is that the death trigger makes the ability a little less powerful than the etb trigger, but still a very nice card!

    Thanks again to all the participants! Winners, please PM me or post here about the cards you would like favorited!
  • *quietly revels in darkness*

    In all seriousness, nice job to @mmm3creator, @WarriorCatInAhat, @Suicidal_Deity, @JackDraco and @ArchieTaylor.
  • Congrats to all who won.
  • Great job everyone! I'll fave some!
  • "Bosk" is a deliberate change for Bosk, Ancient Awakener.   It seemed everyone was sticking to the same name.  Which in alternate presents would not always happen..  It's a bit like that Kytheon/Gideon thing.   I'll get around to fixing the sentences.  Thanks to everyone who showed of their creativity!

  • honestly I think my card was pretty garbage
    anyway, thank you very much for hosting the contest @AboveAndAbout ! it was a very unique idea and I liked it. congrats to the other winners.
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    please favorite Grokma, All-Consuming
    thank you
  • Thanks, @AboveAndAbout! Please favorite the four Esior variants from this challenge.  :)
  • No favourites for me, thank you.

    Thanks for the fun challenge. I enjoyed this one.
  • Thanks! For my favourites just choose whatever you think deserves it.
  • Ok, just finished the Luck mechanic post for St Patrick's Day contest.

    (I do not no why it insists on shouting that)
    @AboveAndAbout please give them a look over and favorite your actual favorite from among them.  I kept them pretty basic and in-theme just to show the concept.
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