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  • @AboveAndAbout Thank you! My intent was to attach all equipment (including opponents’ equipment) to her. I’ll fix the minor wording error too. 

    Again, thanks for the awesome feedback!
  •  @shadow123 ; I redid the card and added to it.  Also it looks way creepier now.
  • well, seems like I somehow broke everyone here, lol
  • @TheGamingBolasChannel ;
    That does indeed look like something that harvest the lives of planes walkers. Relatively strong, probably capping (just based on planeswalkers) at ~4-6 +1/+1c  counters unless someone plays a superfriends deck.  

    Urif Leader of the WildsZandath The Protector
  • Wait, mine was the last one. That card is just the updated version of the card that they posted here.
  • @AboveAndAbout
    My bad, new to the forums. 
    I like Kithkin Seeker, white will always want more ways to effectively ramp. Personally I'd increase the cost by one generic mana to make it on curve with other ramp spells like cultivate. While the opponents would be gaining 3 life each I don't consider that much of "fair trade off" for getting a land into play for 2 white. Potential alternative to life if you want to keep it at 2 white mana have opponents search for 1 land and put it into hand.
    The second ability is interesting in case you need an emergency flier for a block or some attack trigger. I'd say it could also have it be for just one white mana but 2 is fine. 
  • @jrthompson7899 Urif is a bit all over the place. I would suggest getting rid of the ability to keep the copies, and getting rid of the X, replacing it with 4. Also getting rid of the red mana, replacing it with green. Red has basically nothing to do with this card, and the X just complicates things and is unnecessary. +1/+1 counters also have nothing to do with the card, and keeping copies is a little bit powerful, considering you can just make more later. Other than that, it's an okay card! Zandath the Protecter is already okay, but I would suggest making the X ability tap Zandath. Next up:
  • @fire12 Tavern Bard is a pretty good card, I can't see anything that could be fixed with it, so I'll just favorite it, :)

    Here's one:
    Clix Strixhaven Familiar
  • @Obidiah
    How big is Clix that he's a flightless bird?  (j/k, I'm just assuming you left Flying off on accident!)

    Here's mine.  I'm making a "bad santa" WUR deck commander deck (think Zedruu; many of the cards will give away permanents).  The idea is that I'm giving this enchantment AWAY after I get the tokens for the ETB ability.  This is supposed to be like the "Jinxed" artifacts, etc. for the "bad santa" strategy, except in this case, I'm giving away the ENCHANTMENT and keeping the illusions.  If the illusions die, the opponent I gave the Enchantment to takes 2 damage during their upkeep. 

  • @TerryTags Phantomancy is a really nice card for themes like Zedruu or role reversal. It also works well in sacrifice decks.. I'd enjoy this card in my Alela commander deck. 

    I like this idea! I've been on cardsmith for a few months now but am just now starting to interact with other members. I'd really like to hear some of your thoughts on this jeskai commander that I made in February.

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    the last ability might be a bit too powerful, but other than that, I like the card. it's pretty good.

    Recurring Apocalypse
  • Hmm...This is an interesting design.

    First, I'll go over some formatting. I believe that Storm and Epic should be on two different lines.

    This is very confusing. Epic's only been printed on five cards, so there's not much to go on. I'd say this is rather underpowered, and would get stuck in my hand most of the time. I could see this as a great sideboard card though, especially against a Elf, Angel, etc. tribal deck. I don't really see the connection between the storm and epic. When you cast it, storm triggers, copying it, but you don't cast the copies, so only the original spell's epic would trigger, causing it to exile. I don't see myself casting this every turn though, since there are better board wipes that still allow me to cast spells, like Damnation, or Wrath of God.

    Here would be my suggestions:
    1. Raise the mana cost, since epic cards should have a minimum of maybe 7-8, so you aren't stuck casting nothing for the rest of the game.
    2. Make some correlation between Storm and Epic. Maybe this cares about how many times you copied it? Or any other possibility that makes some sort of connection between the two.
    3. Since it is epic, it shouldn't use an ability that should really only be used every few turns, rather than every turn.
    4. This is going to be very rarely in a main deck, unless you know the person you're playing with is going to use tribal.

    My cards:
    Paladin of the RestlessFrozen Tithe

  • thank you for the feedback @AboveAndAbout
    on the confusing design, I was required to make a card with storm and epic in @forfun's challenge set contest
    honestly, I'm not really satisfied with the card either. probably gonna try to make a better one for the challenge.
  • @AboveAndAbout Frozen Tithe is a pretty good card! If you post the link, I will give it a favorite. Paladin of the restless... hmmm... I'm not sure how to feel about this card. It's an okay common, but the design isn't that original. Next up:
  • @fire12
    I LOVE FARMLAND! That's SUCH a unique design space.  Very clever and flavorful! Favorited :smile:

    Any thoughts on this little guy?  Mox Ninjitsu on a mana dork? 

  • @TerryTags, nice card! Very, very creative and looks fun to use. It could be too strong in lots of decks, however.

    Definitely deserves a favorite!

    My card:

    Seek the Truth
  • Thoughts on some of the cards posted on this page:

    Phantomancy: Seems too powerful at common; consider that in Pauper, most non-Tron decks will have problems trying to kill the 2/2's for 2, and even then most of the removal still puts tron at a tempo disadvantage. The primary synergy that makes it too powerful though is with Kor Skyfisher, a pauper staple that can turn the card into four 2/2's and a 2/3 for 6 mana. I even find it a tad bit concerning in Legacy, the rate for a card that can be pitched to Force of Will or Negation is just so good. The cost of taking damage for an effect is also very un-blue in modern magic.

    Farmland: WotC has made it clear that all lands designed in the modern design space should tap for mana upfront or search for a land. Aside from that, it's an underpowered Cryptolith Rite 

    Jade Myr: Let me paint the play pattern for this card: your opponent plays a 1-drop. Turn 2, they play a card like Reckless Fireweaver that pings each opponent when it enters. They attack with the 1-drop, the 1-drop probably has some kind of evasion or something. Your opponent then Ninjutsu's in Jade Myr. Your opponent then Ninjutsu's Jade Myr by bouncing Jade Myr. Your opponent then Ninjutsu's Jade Myr by bouncing Jade Myr. They repeat this infinitely. You are dead turn 2, on a 3-mana combo that could be preformed in Pioneer if Jade Myr was legal there. The card in general also feels strange, in the way that there shouldn't be a 0-mana self-bounce effect in the game because it's bad for the color pie. 
  • But you have to return the card before putting Jade Myr on the battlefield.
  • @Potato13 ;Ninjutsu cards don't self-bounce, regardless of activation cost as far as I know. I am not a judge.

    My understanding is that the activation cost of Ninjutsu is the returning of an unblocked attacking creature to hand, and then you replace it with the ninja card you are activating.  At that point in the combat phase, attackers and blockers have already been declared, so you can't infinitely add new attackers after the blockers have been declared. Also, if any card with Ninjutsu is on the battlefield tapped and attacking, it can't also simultaneously be in your hand for its own Ninjutsu cost to be activated.  It's a replacement effect.  
  • Thoughts on Seek the Truth- Having it affect 3 different creatures is quite large. For instance, let's say your x is equal to 3, That would mean that a lot of your creatures (even the 1/1's) would become lethal. And maybe that's what you were trying to do, then, good on ya!! I don't even know why I'm judging someone else's card so harshly when I made this monstrosity beneath this comment, but, hey, what can you do? 

    So, I had a weird idea. What if I made more Pirates? Hopefully make them playable? Highly unlikely. But, at least, were hoping to make them even just slightly better. This was my first attempt, and I don't think It would see much play, but, also not sure. 
    Kefla Pirate Princess
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    I like Kefla, Pirate Princess on a conceptual plane and think the card could work in a pirate heavy deck. However it seems a little on the weak side as its is now. Perhaps changing the second option to something along the lines of: -1 or -2 loyalty counters: Create two 2/2 black pirate creature tokens, one with menace and one with deathtouch would work better? Also from a balancing perspective it probably should enter with 4 loyalty counters since the mana value of the card is 4. How about changing the first ability to something which empowers all pirates in the deck instead of gaining temporary mana? Perhaps: +1 or +2 loyalty counters to give all pirates +2/+1 and menace util end of turn? Just some ideas, I am in no way an expert so this is just my own thoughts. I hope it helps somewhat at least.

    Here is my own first custom made card: A black and green planeswalker: I got a little feedback from this community already and have tweaked the card text a little. This is the result:

    The idea behind it is creating a Witherbloom College inspired planeswalker from the new Strixhaven set, which synergises well with life gain and life loss. Hope you guys and gals like it! All good feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! ;)
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    Nice work here! This would definitely see play, although I feel the emblem is pretty ridiculous in terms of power level, considering it only takes two turns to get to the ultimate (this is absolutely broken with the new Vorinclex or Doubling Season). My suggestion would be to just put one +1/+1 counter on all your creatures, or to put all of those counters on just one target creature. Otherwise, on turn 7, you'll have four 1/1 Pests become 5/5s with lifelink from just this one card; and that's not including any other combos you may have going on.

    Here's two planeswalkers I made on mtg design, I know I'm only supposed to do one but I wanted to pair these two because they're my only planeswalkers. I used custom set symbols found on the discussion here on the forums!

  • Just a note @CS101, but that first card might be a little on the border in terms of art.
  • Just about to say the same thing.
  • If you're referring to what she's wearing, I put them in a spoiler for that very reason. I figured something would be said about it but I don't think it's an issue. I can see how it is suggestive but nothing inappropriate is exposed and honestly I'm a huge fan of the art, I feel it represents the character I envisioned pretty near perfectly.
  • @TerryTags , I should have made it clear that they are two separate Jade Myrs.
  • @CS101 - While the art is a little revealing, it's not out of line.
  • Whatever the mod says.....
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    Hey there! Im back with some more new cards I made for myself and my brother. Please give feedback as usual! Any thoughts are much appreciated!! :)


    Ohh! I almost forgot! About the planeswalker Kozlova Davinne, I think the +1 loyalty ability is way to strong, not only do you get to draw a card but the opponent has to discard one? The life gain and lose is only icing on the cake. I would change it to be about either card draw or opponent discard, not both in one cheap ability, especialy not with a four mana cost planeswalker. The -2 ability is also to strong for its current cost, use existing planeswalkers as guidlines: Destroying a creature is usualy a -3 loyalty ability, at least in all cards I remember from the top of my head. The last ability is not broken but would need some more requiments as well as an increased cost in loyalty counters for it to be balanced. Otherwise I like the card and would like to see how it turns out after some more feedback from the community and some more tweaks.

    Don't misunderstand my feedback, Im only trying to help you balance the card so that it seem more legit in an actual game of MtG and I do like the concept and ideas behind it. I just think it needs a little more work is all.
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