Harken's Mercenary/Cardsmith Contracts



  • image image image image Set: ​https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/mmm3creator2/sets/59128 Ahzmandia's Outer Zone has 4 Ordinal Shores, each with it's own group of mercenaries. I wanted to show you a legend form each. This took a little longer than I thought because two cards I started making for the Northeast wound up being in the company but not mercenaries. I'm taking the Ape contract.
  • "Awesome cards, @mmm3creator! I would say that Myra and Glitter are my favorites of the four, If you wouldn't mind I'd like to create a card each for Myra and Glitter if that's alright with you." - Harken Krieg
  • It's fine.  Go ahead.
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    Contract 2: Create a common legendary creature.

  • "An awesome common legendary creature, Recruit @Jadefire! I was beginning to read and was like, 'all beasts, dogs, and wolves get +1/+2, that's pretty overpowered,' but than I noticed the last ability and its perfect for the card! Nice creation!" - Harken Krieg
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    This card made itself in my head the moment I saw the art today. It happens it would meet the original Contract 2: Create a common card that you can have any number of them in your deck. So if anyone is interested in that sort of car. It is made to Combo with Tormod's Crypt and Tormod, the Desecrator. image
  • "Really good card, @mmm3creator! I think it works really well with those cards, I'd like to see this one become real in later sets theming around graveyards and Tormod if they ever do it." - Harken Krieg
  • "Okay this is my last time commenting on cards, (I feel as if I'm just going to repeat myself now with the same praises.)"

    "Recruit @pstmdrn, good card with a hat in its art! I really like its first ability to untap a permanent, and this could be pretty good in a legendary creatures deck!" - Harken Krieg
  • Contract 1: Create an uncommon card that you can have any number of them in your starting deck.
    Contract 3: Create a card using the Wall creature type.


  • "New Contracts:"

    Contract 1: Create a legendary creature for the Shaman Tribe

    Contract 2: Create a legendary creature for the Druid Tribe

    Contract 3: Create a legendary creature for the Scout Tribe

    Contract 4: Create a legendary creature for the Archer Tribe

    Contract 5: Create a legendary creature for the Mercenary Tribe

    Contract 6: Create a legendary creature for the Shark Tribe

    Contract 7: Create a legendary creature for the Squirrel Tribe

    "Sorry for being late, have fun!" - Harken Krieg
  • @Corwinnn, Could you close this contest. I think it's probably done. Thanks!
  • aww
    well it was a cool idea while it lasted
  • I did enjoy creating this, but seeing that not many people are doing it, I'll probably wait until I've got a better idea on how to implement it.
  • I really enjoyed the commentary, but to lighten the load, perhaps you also help judge when you play?
  • I'll probably try that next time I make this contest. (Which will probably be sooner rather than later.)

    If you have any more suggestions on how to make this better, feel free to PM me or comment on this discussion.
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