Update old Legendary Creatures into becoming balanced with the new Legendary Creatures



  • @Obidiah
    I know you mentioned that you will not be judging this contest, and we're supposed to be voting for our favorites, which is fine, but have you created a poll for that (through surveymonkey or some other free polling website, etc)?  Or did you have another expectation for the contestants to provide our votes?  I know this is your first contest, but even if you're not judging, help us out by providing a little more structure, okay? :smile:  It's all good, I'm not saying this to be harsh or mean or rude.  
  • @TerryTags, I'm not really good at doing that kind of thing, (Probably should've just made this a custom card discussion, ah well, live and learn.) If you are someone else wants to make a poll that'd be nice.

    The most structure I can give is that each cardsmith that made a card is allowed to vote on their favorite card other than their own. The top three cards with the most will be first, second, and third accordingly. (Unfortunatly there are no prizes, other than the fact of winning, since I don't having anything to offer.)
  • Could I jude? (Aside from my own cards)
  • Sure, @TheDukeOfPork, if everyone else is fine with that.
  • Yup, that's fine with me.
  • @TheDukeOfPork are you still judging this challenge? I saw you just started a new one.
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    I made this one of Adun Oakenshield: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/adun-oakenshield-7


  • Sorry, everyone! I had less time on my hands than I thought! 
  • I managed to open up a time slot! 

    I need 20-30 mins.
  • Here are the results!

    3rd place!
    @SpellPiper2213 with Livonya!

    Out of all the designs posted here, this is the most shocking, for reasons both good and bad. (Mainly good) This seems a tad overpowered, as artifact/enchantment removal plus first strike would, at least for me, suit 5 CMC more. The flavour is amazing. (Both artwork and flavour text) You remade this very well.

    2nd place!
    @Corwinnn with Lucrezia

    The shaping of this is breathtaking. The flavour, the concept, the incredible job you did with redesigning the original model. The only thing that seperates this from 1st place is the second ability. It's cool and neat, but I would suggest making it {x}{b} instead of plain {x}. One, it fits with the 'symmetry' of the card, plus it would seem more balanced to me.

    1st place!

    @SpellPiper2213 with Tuknir!

    Tuknir Aether Wanderer
    Four words - In, Cre, Di, Ble. Perfecrly balanced. Very cool feature of 'patterns' shown in many real prints. I would create a card of this perfection in 2035. Nice work!

    And that's it.

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    Nice work everyone! Thanks to @TheDukeOfPork for judging this super fun challenge!

    I totally agree with your input! I'll most likely edit it to reflect that.
  • Congrats to all the winners! 
  • Thanks @TheDukeOfPork for judging this on Obadiah's behalf.  And, congrats to all contestants! :smile:

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    Just going to say, @SpellPiper2213's Tuknir, was also my number one favorite.

    Thank you all for making some amazing cards, I hope you all had a ton of fun!

    I'm going to thank you as well, @TheDukeOfPork, I'm very thankful that you could judge this contest!
  • Thanks @EveryoneWhoResponded

    I love judging contests! Thanks for your patience! :) :) :) :)
  • @Corwinnn, could you close this contest, please?
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