How very Punny of you (Contest #6)

So, earlier today, I was just browsing cardsmith, and randomly came up with a meme card idea, then made it (This was the card).
Chicken Con Karne
What motivated me to make it? I'm not sure... but I couldn't stop thinking about it because of how Punny it was, then it got me thinking... why not make a contest out of this? So here we are!


Try to make a card, un-set or not, that uses at least one play on words, word altering (like the one above) or pun, through the use of name, art, abilities, flavour text, or a combination of those. (Some ideas might be a chef making scrambled eggs and calling him "The eggsecutioner"  or making a lightbulb character that tells someone they aren't very bright in it's flavour text, use your imagination.)

For whatever you make, try to make the card balanced, and have its abilities and art relate to the play on words/pun somehow.

Don't forget to credit your artist, entries will be disqualified if they don't have them.


1st Place - 3 favourites + Follow
2nd Place - 3 favourites
3rd Place - 2 favourites

Judging will be done the 16th of May, entries will be judged on Punnyness, balance, how well the abilities work with the pun, and how many different ways you can alter the pun for the card. You can submit a maximum of three new entries, old cards will not be accepted.

Hopefully this contest turns out better compared to my last one (Shivers at the lack of planning/forethought for the last contest... really didn't think about how difficult sponge art would be to find.) and that you smiths all enjoy the idea and making cards for it. So... let's get smithing! 


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