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Every once in a while a fun new challenge comes along. I'm not sure this is it, but we're gonna roll with it!

Here's the Challenge. Below you'll find a link to the first of The Corwinnn Files. It's a playlist with 10 songs in it.

Your challenge is to select a song from the 10 songs in the playlist, and make a card that YOU think represents that song. You can use any artwork that you think fits your card. You do not have to name the card the name of the song from the playlist, you can name it anything you feel suits the song, the card and/or the connection you feel they have to each other.

When you post your card, be sure to include a link and let me know what song from the playlist it represents, unless you feel confident it's obvious.

Limit 10 entries. One entry per song. 
MTGCardsmith cards are required, but you can submit from other sources as long as the image links to the MTGCS version.
Un-cards are acceptable as long as they fit the song.
New cards only!
Songs from the playlist only!

End Date: 5/26/21

First place gets 3 favorites, a Personalized Custom Card and a Mystery Prize!
Second place gets 2 favorites and a Personalized Custom Card!
Third Place gets 1 Favorite and a Personalized Custom Card!
Honorable mentions get 1 Favorite each!

The link: 

Anvil of Crom - 1 Entry
Shame on the Night - 1 Entry
A Brighter Day - 0 Entries
Cobrastyle - 0 Entries
Wormhole Wizards - 0 Entries
Looking Down The Cross - 2 Entry
Casting A Spell - 0 Entries
The Phoenix - 1 Entry
High Speed Weekend Survivor - 1 Entry
Izgrejala - 1 Entry


    Based on Dio's song: Shame on the Night
  • Nice cards!
  • Just heard that the link is confusing. There are 10 songs in a playlist. In the upper right corner of the link it says 1/10 if you click that it will give you a pop out list. I can also list them individually if that helps (after work tonight)
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     The whole soundtrack of the first Conan movie is an amazing piece of contemporary "classical" composition, as the books are an intellectual treasure. I've been concepting Hyboran age type set, one on a plane far in prehistory - Ahrimenika.

     One thing holding it back ahs been the need to develop good mechanics. Contemplating the Wheel of Pain and the Riddle of Steel, I realized Level UP is a perfect mechanic to represent self-improvement in a way that that is not the frankly common adding +1/+1 counters.

     The artwork is in fact, titled "Crom's Anvil", and shows the mountain from which he rules. In addition to being a physical paradise, is is an enchantment of divine stature.

    When people die, Crom may judge them unworthy, if they do, the survivors learn from the lessons of those who dies as fools. I think it gives a Howardian feel that the fittest do not merely survive, they overcome and grow to be better.

    Note- I had to remake the card and tweaked the wording a little to make it more clear. The link to it should work now - 5-27-2021
  • @mmm3creator - I couldn't find the card to give it a favorite
  • I know, my account is still down so I can't save new cards :(  Hopefully the trick of "gifting" myself membership will clear by this evening.  Then I can re-create it
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  • @TheDukeOfPork - Possibly the rules were unclear, I've fixed them. The challenge is to pick one of the ten songs in the playlist. It's like the Art challenge, but with music

    @mmm3creator - Gotcha!
  • @TheDukeOfPork - No worries! This is the first one of these and it's good to get all the glitches out of the way for the next one!
  • Today is the last day for entries!
  • I’ll try to enter today. I’ve been busy visiting family out of town.
  • No worries @Arceus8523 I'll leave it open until Midnight here in California.
  • Nice entries everyone! We are closed for contest entries, feel free to post for fun at this point! Or make your way over to The Corwinnn Files 2!
  • These cards were fun to judge because they all make more sense when you listen to the songs while looking at the cards.

    Honorable Mention - @KorandAngels and @Zaheer_The_Grim
    I really like these cards. With Void Flower I wasn't a fan of the loss of 5 life without a better upside. On Dreamwalker, I felt like the flavor text was where you could have tied everything together and it didn't pull me in as much as I wanted it to. 
    **Please link the card you want favorited.

    Third Place - @mmm3creator - Anvil of Crom
    I am a huge Conan fan, and I love the idea of what you're doing with the Leveling Up concept! Thank you for sharing that with everyone!
    **Please link the card you want favorited and leave a brief description of the card you'd like me to make for you.

    Second Place - @pstmdrn - Shining Star
    Great use of Cumulative Upkeep. I love this card, but I also played a Stasis deck. I can see myself building a fun and exciting deck around this.
    **Please link the 2 cards you want favorited and leave a brief description of the card you'd like me to make for you.

    First Place - @Arceus8523 - Hypop, Soundwave Surfer
    This has a great feel for the song and the abilities match up quite well. I think this is a really good design and a great last minute entry!
    **Please link the 3 cards you want favorited and leave a brief description of the card you'd like me to make for you. I will DM you for your Mystery Prize!
  • @Corwinnn Thanks so much! This was really fun. I'll post the cards asap.

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