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  • @TheDukeOfPork Allrighty then! @Corwinnn You'll be my next target if I ever get a fatal challange again, don't worry
  • ok so i have another question. whats a prize?
  • A prize is just a little bonus you have a chance at getting. Some you have to activate personally, others activate immediately.
  • whats it do?
  • So, your prize means I will favorite each red card you made to complete your last pack.
  • @Titanium000 - The prizes vary, sometimes you get to pick cards you made that will get favorites on them, sometimes you get to design a challenge for this contest and sometimes you get something else... so it's hard to be specific until you get a prize.
  • @Corwinnn @Titanium000 However the "design a challenge" I had to remove, cause I couldn't remember to leave a space for it. Also, so they wouldn't be waiting for the prize to be fulfilled.
  • ok i see so the red prize thing i got in my latest draft pacck means youll favorite my red cards from my previuos one?
  • Correct. I would post all the prizes you can get, but I want some to be a surprise. But you can take a look through the discussion to see the prizes that have been discovered.
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    @ThePhantomJoker and @TheDukeOfPork shall compete in this challenge. The winner will receive 5 points on the Leaderboard.
    Challenge - Rare
    • Create a legendary creature that can create copies of itself.
  • ok i see so my thing meant pure red cards not hybrid cards with red i see i see also wheres the leaderboard at i cant find it
  • No, if the card has red in it, it'll get a favorite. The link to leaderboard can be found in the opening introduction to Legends Rising. https://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/5757/legends-rising/p1
  • alright thx
  • im starting to gety the hand of this. this is pretty cool and a neat set up wow
  • wait so how do cards make it on the list again
  • Thanks, I'm glad you like it. You can also find a link to Legends Rising The List on Page 9. which me and @Corwinnn are currently working on.
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    Cards submitted to complete a Draft Pack and/or a God Pack go to The List.
  • ok and one more thing and ill leave you alone for now but on my draft pack does the prior to core set 2015 mean if they reprint a card with an ability before it will it count against it?
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    Yeah, so, abilities printed after Core Set 2015 (example: Trample, haste, vigilance, ect.) you can have in the card, but you must have an ability solely printed prior to Core Set 2015 (Shadow, ect.). If it's was printed for Standard after Core Set 2015, you can't use it.
  • ok thanks
  • Well, if it was printed for Standard after Core Set 2015, you CAN use it, but need at least one that wasn't.
  • Ok here my batch kinda fast ik but here they are.



    Grism is an ancient being and he has witness his race being stepped on, eaten, slaughtered. (He even counts the non moving fungus.) well he has had enough he went to his king and asked to make an army to claim this land from the humans the king agreed and and put the most honorable fungus kinght in charge. Grism is happy now that they got the rebellion moving along and he was tasked with finding a new use for dead plants and he thinks he found a way to give them new life.


    Zeki is a sad zombie he died and was reanimated at a young age so he never experienced life he's been searching for a perfect body since to relive his life but hasn't found one...yet and he even found a way on how to take control of it but so far every body is decomposed, small, weak, or just plain ugly. so he takes part their bodies and makes new ones.


    Fulz is a myth kinda some say they see it but is actually lava burst others who have don't like to mention it, but i found one person who has agreed to talk about it i have a meeting with them soon they will tell me its location and everything else about it then i can have a proper page about it.

    Plane: Yolindug
    Location: Unknown
    Origin: Unkown
    Intent: Unknown
    Dairy Entry of Hermik: Pg. 4


    Not much is known about Tomuskar but what is known was it had a very different plan did those of the other eldrazi. it just liked to destroy land eat it in fact.

    this one was also fun but my favortie one of this one is imma say Grism because i just like fungus cards anyway i would like a new draft pack plz

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    @Titanium000 Your Legends Draft Pack.
    Prize - You may have a challenge in this pack become a Nomad Challenge. (The chosen challenge can be completed with any other legendary card type.)
    Challenge - Uncommon
    • Create a legendary creature that has an enter the battlefield effect.
    • Create a legendary creature with mana value 0.
    • Create a legendary creature with power and toughness 1/9.

    Challenge - Rare
    • Create a legendary creature all about instants and sorceries your opponents cast.

    Challenge - Mythic
    • Create a legendary creature with mana value greater than the number of letters in it's name and less than the number of it's abilities.
  • wait so this prize thing i got for example on my uncommon challenge it i can make an mabna value 0 card and instant for exmaple? or am i reading it wrong and if im right how would it work with the 1/9 creature card thing?
  • Yes, you can choose to make a legendary instant to complete the challenge you choose to become a Nomad Challenge, however you can't choose the third uncommon challenge, since it's a creature specific challenge.
    (Something you can take into note:) Since these Challenge Prizes say may, you don't have to do so. In which case the prize (like a spell or ability with no target) will fizzle out.
    Challenge Prizes are prizes that effect a chosen challenge. 
  • ok thx sry for asking i was just confused on how it worked
  • No your fine.
  • wait this probably a stupid question but with my mthic challenge would a comma count as the letter or no even tho it isnt a letter but would it count ?
  • The comma would not count as a letter, nor would numbers, symbols, or spaces.
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