Stitia - Chapter Two: Eternal Night (Now Closed For New Characters Except to Returning Players)



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    Cthylla thinks for a second before saying, "Thank you for the offer. I'll happily take it over sleeping on the streets."
  • Vin knew that he had to answer carefully. Refusing this offer must be highly unusual, and he had to make sure he didn't say anything that may hint at the real reason he wasn't joining. 
    Finally, he said, "My decision stands. I've been on my own for a long time, and I've survived until now. I've also never really liked being tied to one place for too long. I enjoy traveling the world, seeking new experiences. The stability offered by this job would be nice, but I've been around, and I know how to get by on my own. Plus, I'm not exactly the most experienced or skilled at going out and killing monsters." Vin stood up, and began to make his way to the door. "As for where, specifically, I'm going next, I'm not exactly certain. I suppose I'll decide on the way there. Thank you for your hospitality, and good luck with the werebeasts."
  • Bringing back the elder dragons with an upkeep cost... absolutely no review has been done on this. I just want to friggen ANNIHILATE this guy.
  • Aeeus will spend the time being doing his normal activities for the time, but leaving extra time to go to the siege early.
  • OKAY! I can finally get to this. Sorry about the delay.
  • @KorandAngels Your haste in the matter is appreciated. After the dinner is finished, you’ll be teleported directly back to your base, and within the day your allies for the mission arrive. Some of them are slaves, others gruff workers of Timothy’s that are not infected with lycanthropy. All of them have significant experience in combat, but are only equipped with the minimum. They also have explosives hidden on their person, disguised as packs of hardtack, with each of them having charging mechanisms on a mechanical timer. The timers are five minute ones, giving ample time for an escape, but speaking of escapes, you’ll have to plan that out. As for joining The New Order, they’re so desperate for new members that they’re literally begging people on the street to join, some being pulled in against their will; unless you act super suspicious, you won’t be questioned.

    You have a few options for when to set off the charges and the subsequent escape. Choose one of them.

    ~ Option One: Departure

    This option provides the best method of escape with the lowest fatality rate, but will be the least effective at slowing down the New Order and has the highest chance of you getting caught. It would be as simple as planting the bomb, sneaking off the ships, and finding your way back to safe harbors.
    • Preparation Ease: * * * * *
    • Operation Ease: * * * *
    • Effectiveness: * *
    • Lethality: *
    • Chance of Avoiding Detection: *
    • Escape Method: * * * * *
    • Chance of Survival (Assumes Worst Case Scenario): * *
    ~ Option Two: Southern Woewedt

    Near the end of day one, the ship will be just south of Woewedt, where you can stage your plan under the cover of night. You will have to organize an escape there, and rely on the assistance of the more wary members of the Rootforged Conclave in your escape. Also, those that survive the explosion will have an easier time escaping.
    • Preparation Ease: * *
    • Operation Ease: * * *
    • Effectiveness: * * *
    • Lethality: * * *
    • Chance of Avoiding Detection: * * *
    • Escape Method: * * *
    • Chance of Survival:: * * *
    ~ Option Three: North Changing Arcanum

    Around the middle of day two, the ship will be passing by the Changing Arcanum. Seeing as it’s supposedly uninhabited, you could easily hunt down anyone that gets out alive, and there won’t be any witnesses. However, escaping will be most difficult with this option, especially if the rumors end up being false…
    • Preparation Ease: * *
    • Operation Ease: *
    • Effectiveness: * * * *
    • Lethality: * * * *
    • Chance of Avoiding Detection: * * * * *
    • Escape Method: *
    • Chance of Survival:: * * *

    ~ Option Four: At the Shore

    The last option is to intercept the ships about a mile from the Everpack FOB. Sure, the forces will still arrive, but you can be certain that you’re in safe hands and they’re not… if you can avoid suspicion for that long. You’ll also have to coordinate with the Everpack, if they’re willing to accept the risks.
    • Preparation Ease: *
    • Operation Ease: * *
    • Effectiveness: * * *
    • Lethality: * * * * *
    • Chance of Avoiding Detection: * *
    • Escape Method: * * *
    • Chance of Survival:: * * * *
  • I choose, Option 1.
  • @IzItTru As you activate the lantern, it hums and shakes. You feel yourself turn ethereal once again, and you drift onwards back to Stitia…

    @FourEyesIsAFish You’re offered to stay in a small room towards the back, and there appears to be a fresh bed here. It’s rather comfortable, and you can lock the door from inside. Clarise wishes you a good night and begins to close the door-

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, a young man @IzItTru appears in the room, accompanied by the spirit of an older gentleman. Both seem confused, and Clarise jumps back.

    ~ Character Interaction - Warren and Cthylla

    “Well… this isn’t where we were trying to go,” the spirit announces.
    “Are you allies?” Clarise asks.
    “What’s your cause?”
    “We’re working to stop the Six, the werebeasts, and the other supernatural threats here.”
    “Blood Moon Guard?”
    “Formerly.” Clarise reveals her old insignia.
    “Well, they should be friendly… but we can’t be completely sure.”
    “This does work both ways, old man…”
  • @FourEyesIsAFish "I'm really sorry, I've only teleported once before. My name's Warren what's yours?"
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    @Aggroman15 Pierre is speechless, dumbfounded, but he knows he won’t get anywhere else with you. He ultimately just shakes his head.

    “Hmph. V-very well, Vin… it was… nice meeting you. May your journeys be safe…”

    He’ll shake your hand, and look… right where your bite is. Keep calm… keep calm… aaand he doesn’t seem to notice! You’re escorted out, and you’re off to face the world once more, once again on your own.

    Nothing significant happens for almost an entire week. Your travels end up leading back to Delvad… you have a few options on where you want to end up, choosing from the options below:

    • Elkbridge: This province of islands makes up a majority of Delvadian exports to Ystheria, Etsane, and Nasita. It is also home to the largest non-elf population in Delvad, Aeden Al.
    • Northhaven: This fairly quaint province is composed of two major areas; Daggerton, a village of mages, and the knightly capital of Almscor.
    • Bleaker Woods: This dense, dark woodland contains a stronghold of werebeasts, but it's also home to mischievous hags and no significant settlements.
    • Faeshire: Said to have been blessed by faeries, Faeshire is whimsical and magical, home to the more cheerful of Delvadians and about 40% of Delvad's non-drow elf population.
    • Duskhome:* The capital of Delvad, Duskhome contains a majority of its elf population and is immaculate, home to Delvad's only city, Vefora, and the land of its Hometree, Jethiem.
    • Southhaven: Strangely, this loosely wooded land is home to only one significant settlement, Naturna. Naturna is isolated, and not much is known about it except for the presence of Delvad's largest cathedral to the Six.
    • Mangler Woods: At night, it's hard to tell if that strange limb reaching for you was from a tree or a creature, and whether it was from a living being or not. Home to the largest werewolf population of Stitia's west coast, it is quite dangerous, even when travelling as a group during the day.
    You can give a brief description of where you want to go in the chosen territory, such as "to the finest inn" or "to search for someone able to help" and I'll do what I can. For example, if you want to go to "The safest place in Elkbridge" you would arrive in Aeden Al.
  • @Bowler218 @B21 Despite your impressive physical prowess in werebird form, you know that last time, Ku’cho was likely above your par. You need someone much stronger. But where are you going to get them? However, you do have a thought… you were able to take brief command of that demonic hydra down in the underworld, a powerful being with teeth larger than an average demon. What’s keeping you from reaching higher?

    As you channel your summoning magic, you put everything in… mana isn’t enough. You put your heart and soul into this. Meanwhile, the others work to protect you. You’re too focused to see, hear, smell… or even feel anything. You reach far out. To the heavens? No… that isn’t enough. Even gods have fallen to the forces you’re dealing with here. You need something far greater… something that’s fought similar threats before.

    Your body ignites like a beacon. It feels like every feather on your body is standing as untold raw energy courses through you, the inferno rising into the sky in a pillar of energy. You’ve summoned animals… you’ve summoned demons… but this time, nothing of the sort answers. A deafening metallic roar echoes across the land, and suddenly, the area around you begins to burn with fiery energy… you have a gut feeling you should force Ku’cho off the ship and leave… now.

    You issue your warning to the group and go in for probably the most daring thing you’ve ever done. With Levin’s assistance, you’re going hand in hand, toe to toe, with a powerful demon lord. At minimum, you’re sure you can get him off by getting him to follow. Your strength is remarkable compared to what you thought you were first capable of, your demonic power coursing through you in a test of might. You use your wings to push up and against him, knocking him off balance, and plow him through a wall.

    “Oh… finally giving me a proper fight?!” The demon growls proudly. “Well, let me show you just how strong us demons can get…”

    He goes to suckerpunch you, but with remarkable speed, you intercept the punch, and you feel a knuckle pop in his hand. You return the punch, and find your strength remarkable, breaking the demon’s teeth. But you can’t get carried away this time… you have to go, so you give a good few strikes into his knee until he’s sufficiently slowed, then board the ship to head off. To hell with properly raising the anchor; there’s no time, so you cut it loose and bring it on board, the embers growing around you and dancing across the air.

    As you head out, the sky above seems to be growing fiery. The fire is slowly concentrating on a point in the clouds about the port, and once you’re about half a mile away, a circle of flame erupts above it. Suddenly, the entire world seems to shake as a gargantuan beam of fire a quarter mile wide blasts into the port, evaporating the water around it, scorching trees, and blackening the land.

    “HOT DAMN!” Levin yells out.
    “That… was close…” Arlin responds, shocked.
    “Your… might is… most remarkable, Lord Vryx,” Arbor commends, bowing before you. “We’re more than glad you’re on our side…”

    [To be continued…]
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    @KorandAngels The group is a bit iffy, but they aren’t going to argue. If it gets the job done quick, then they can return to base quicker.

    The setup for this operation is quite simple. Getting the bombs and disguises prepared are easy peasy, and planting the bombs is a simple process. Now it’s just a matter of getting out.

    It’s late at night. While the sun no longer shines on Stitia, proper day gone, dusk is still the darkest time of night. Under the cover of darkness, the ships depart, and it's time to do your part…

    Create three cards, choosing from three of the five potential setback challenges listed below. The target for the operation is 25 points total, and you’ll lose a crew member for every incomplete point under target you are (one for a score of 24.5 or 24, two for 23.5 or 23, and so on). If you score under 20 total, you will suffer a catastrophic setback, the effects of which will be determined at random.

    Another note: You will be penalized if any number of these cards are mechanically similar.
    • One of the bombs has a defective fuse. Create a card depicting an explosive to replace the lost one, with a mana value of three or less.
    • The captain of your ship is burning the midnight oil rather than sleeping. Create a card to deal with a 2/2 black Pirate creature token with menace (i.e. destroying, dealing lethal damage, tapping down, etc.)
    • A group on one of the ships got caught. Create a card that can save an attacking 2/2 vanilla red creature from two blocking 3/3 vanilla black creatures.
    • A fight breaks out on board your ship. Create a card that can deal with at least 3 1/1 vanilla black creatures without affecting your own.
    • There’s interference in your escape. Create a unique card that contains the text “can’t be blocked this turn” somewhere in its rules text “i.e.: Target creature can’t be blocked this turn.”
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    Problem 1:

    Aerus is practically an explosive in himself.
    Next 2 cards coming tomorrow.
  • @B21 @Bowler218 (Read the last post I pinged you in if you haven’t already)

    With your escape made, it’s time to finally head to the mission area. On the way, Nohel telepathically pings you.

    “Vryx! Arlin! Levin! Are you alive? I saw the blast that happened... “
    “We’re fine!” Levin responds. “Wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for Vryx here though.”
    “Yeah,” Arlin adds, and you confirm you’re okay.
    “Thank goodness,” Nohel sighs, relieved. “Mission status?”
    “About a mile away from Slavport, babe,” Levin informs him. “We were captured, but we got away.”
    “Underhanded as always, that tricky archdemon. Not much should have happened with the lich… if anything he should be more active than usual, and therefore more vulnerable. Godspeed, ladies and gentlemen. I will see you when you return.”

    With the intel, you head towards Mirdar in search of the lich. Death and decay overpower everything in the air, corpses a common sight even on the streets of the towns and villages. Towns are ghost towns, and everyone that’s alive has a story to tell of the evils that have transpired, either misdeeds they have witnessed or orchestrated themselves. However, there isn’t time to deal with every evil person around here; you have an undead lord to deal with, and there’s no telling how much he’s accomplished since your holdup at Slavport.

    After a day, you manage to pinpoint his lair; a cove in the northeast of Mirdar. Entering is easy enough, and you find that this is an abandoned gemstone deposit. The roof is lined with stalactites of magical bloodstone, and there’s only one way down. With moral relatively high from your victory over Ku’cho, you descend into the deep dark caves, a chill rushing over all of you. You’re suddenly forced into your werebeast form as you go further down, and are unable to transform back while inside the cave system.

    The first level is quite a strange sight. No one is mining, yet the cave system is flooded with people, equipment, minecarts, and rails.. Undead are the main occupants, and they attack on sight… not to much effect though. You’re untired by your confrontation with Ku’cho, even with the sheer power you manifested against him, and the group goes through the zombies and skeletons like a hot knife through butter. As you arrive at the tunnel to the second floor, however, you hear a voice boom in your head.


    “Ah, a poem,” Levin mocks. “How beautiful…”

    Will you heed this warning or continue?
  • ~ Fateful Meeting

    Finally, Timothy's scheme had been revealed. Timothy and an assistant of his admitted to framing Verth in an effort to neutralize them. However…

    The great, powerful, barren form of the werehyena, the lord of werebeasts, stood high above Verth in stature, dwarfing the hunter and clouding him with fear… for the first time.

    "Now that you're finally willing to help me in fighting the real threat," Timothy began, "I'm sure I can render some-"
    "Oh, what the hell..."

    Running out from the woods on all fours is the sleek form of a black panther, the size of a human and humanoid, with sharp, pointy ears. Timothy scoffs.

    "If you don't mind, we're negotiating. I can tend to you a-"
    "After you kill him?" That voice. A young half elf in his late teens… Taylor...
    "What makes you think you have the right to butt i-"
    "What makes you think you have the right to track my friend down and do everything in your power to make his life miserable?"
    "I really don't like your attitude..."
    "I really don't like you period... you could never hope to do good without some inherently selfish motivation. Sure, you'll kill this demon, but for what reason?"
    "You might hate me, but at the end of the day, people like me make the world go 'round."
    "Go 'round you."
    "Could you please shut up and let us finish?"

    Taylor doesn't respond. However, there's severe tension between the two. Both are staring each other down intensely, pacing around each other as though prepared for combat. 

    "Don't test me. Lay one finger on me and I'll end your miserable little life. Scram. Now."
    "...I'm staying. I don't trust you."
    "Fine. Whatever. This has nothing to do with you, so I don't see why you need to bother."
    "Think of me as your personal polygraph."
    "Haven't heard that word in over a thousand years... so you think I'm lying, hmm? Well, I can assure you I'm not. I fully accept Verth's proposition. Obviously, some permanent damage has already been done to his reputation, but I'll make sure his charges are dropped and he's acquitted. That's it. No hostilities necessary."
    "So... you're... telling the truth..."
    "See? Wasting your time. Now stop being a pain in my rump if you don't have anything to give me."

    Taylor growls, then backs off. Timothy with come over to Verth, his footsteps crunching grass. His very essence is somehow simultaneously welcoming and dreadful. Verth tries to pull away, but Timothy sets a massive hand on his shoulder and looks him directly into the eyes. Verth, the brave, valiant wereraven, was suddenly paralyzed with fear… he didn't know what to do.

    "Now, with a handshake, this deal will be sealed. To repeat, in exchange for your counteroffer, we will establish an anti-aggression pact that will last until the prophecy has been erased. If either side intentionally performs any activity that results in the direct harm of the other, the pact is default, the default being the infringing party's soul being forfeited to the other. Are we good? Need time to think? Need me to grab you a drink or something?"

    After a moment, Verth squirms loose, and his discomfort is acknowledged by both Timothy and Taylor. Timothy backs off, laughing hysterically, while Taylor growls at him.

    "Oh, you should see the look on your face right now!" Timothy yells out, cackling.
    "I think he has reason to believe you were trying something," Taylor mutters. "I can tell you have no sense of decency, but at least give him some room."
    "It was a joke! Are you really that humorless?"
    "I have no sense of humor for anyone who would dare even discomfort my allies. Now, you can make this deal, or you can not, but do it without touching him again or I'll slice your arm off."
    "Back off, little kitty. You sure have the spirit, but you don't have the fight to back it up…"

    The cat bares fangs, but Verth finally speaks through his terror… he feels like the smallest thing alive as he looks up at the werebeast, and is shaking in fear as he answers.

    " I even have a choice?" Verth grunts out. "I've seen what you've done… since you've grown more powerful. I thought you were going to kill me… no… worse…"
    "You've only seen a glimpse of my power, but even that much is clearly beyond you… you wouldn't want that power used against you, would you?… shake my hand..."
    Taylor cries out. "No! Don't! You have no idea-"

    It's too late… a small set of talons meets a hand four times its size, and they shake. Timothy pulls Verth back in and cackles, tapping his foot on the ground.

    "Come here, Verth… I've been waiting for this chance forever! To improve upon perfection! To empower the second greatest werebeast hunter in the land!"
    "Wait! Get off! What are you-"
    "Non-agression, little guy! I'm trying to help you out… if you fight me, your contract is forfeit!"

    At this point, Taylor snaps, charging in. "YOU WRETCH! I KNEW YOU'D-"

    Taylor is blasted back by a protective field. Verth tries to yank loose, but he can't as he's hoisted and carried away.

    "I have plans for you, Verth… I'll make you into the second greatest killing machine Stitia has ever seen… together, we'll fell the gods, save Stitia, and bring forth a new tomorrow…"

    Verth is trying to break loose, but just one hand of the mighty hyena is enough to keep him restrained.

    "I'm helping you… isn't this what you wanted?"

    Taylor tries again and again to free him, but his physical attacks just scrape at Timothy's skin harmlessly, attempts to pull Verth free no more effective than trying to pull the moon from the sky… Taylor tries magic, but it's laughed off.

    Timothy is surrounded by a golden glow as he begins to disappear. Taylor shouts profanities as he tries to conjure his most powerful magic, growing into a twenty foot tall bear and attempting to maw him. It's at this point that Timothy is done with him, setting Verth somewhere safe. Teeth clamp into Timothy, but they're shattered with a single, glorious punch, Taylor's jaw shattered into pieces as he falls to the ground.

    "Damn you!" Verth cries out.
    "Don't sign the contract if you can't read the fine print, Oddball! Now let's get back to Stitia!"

    As the two disappear, something grabs them, wrapping itself around them. As they enter the Blind Eternities, Taylor is sucked in with him and immediately faces the vicious winds. Any mere mortal would die upon touching them, scattered apart and spaghettified. However, Taylor held fast, growling and biting with now repaired teeth and a fixed jaw.

    "So damn adamant!" Timothy growls. "Do I have to kill you?!"
    "Try!" Taylor screams out. "Stronger or not, you'll fall someday, and when that time comes, I'll be there to watch."

    Timothy grabs Taylor's skull, and with a sickening pop… he… disappears? Taylor, damaged but alive, grabs Timothy, and with a battle cry, pulls Verth loose.

    "You fool!" The werehyena retorts. "What do you hope to achieve?!"
    Taylor grows yet again, now towering over Timothy as he glows with flickering green, white, and blue energy. "I'LL… KILL YOOOU!"

    With a mighty blow, Timothy is… actually harmed. A gaping gash bleeds in his shoulder as Taylor strikes repeatedly.

    "Good… let your anger out… you know you want to…"

    Verth flees, making his way back to Stitia, and after a minute of blocking attacks, Timothy still stands. Seeing the moment of weakness, Timothy strikes, but suddenly realizes that Taylor has disappeared, a faint orb of white energy dissipating from where he stood…

    "...that slippery son of a…"
  • ~ The Crimson Moon Descends

    The next elimination challenge is coming soon. Be prepared...
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    Sorry for the delay on my prompt response.

    After some quick deliberation... Alfred decided against breaking down the door, as it was sure to attract attention, and not the good kind, and without being adept in disenchanting, his only hope was to root through his stuff and start cracking away at the lock with some trusty lockpicks, hoping to delicately pick open the lock, or in a last ditch effort, by brute forcing it with the picks, which will ultimately break them.
    Infiltrators Lockpicks

    But of course there has to be a plan for if he gets the door open, so he does some quick thinking while eyeing the lock. He decides to take a stealthy, non-lethal approach, until he can rally up some support from the other prisoners, of course. He will do some quick chatter with the prisoners to see if they know where what he is looking for is, but if they don't know he will more likely just try to exit the prison and escape via boats, or a similar method, perhaps recruiting a prisoner or two for the new order, as to not make the trip a complete failure.
  • @IzItTru "Cthylla." The stone-skinned girl remains relatively quiet.
  • @FourEyesIsAFish Warren moves to leave, “Sorry again, teleporting is weird. If you are infested in fighting the Six maybe we could team up tomorrow?”
  • @IzItTru She nods. "Always could use an ally"
  • Life has been a pain in my tookis lately. Lots of stress from family and life changes, plus my birthday is today, but I'm finally getting to this. My goal is to actually get all the prompts done today.
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    @Abu_Jafar As you approach the lock and inspect it, you find that it’s quite similar to other magical locks you’ve seen in your heists. Yes, it’s very much magical, but the fatal flaw is that the lock still has a traditional lock and key mechanism, and therefore, can still be picked. You set to work, setting each of the dozens of pins inside the lock. A rake attack doesn’t work, but a skilled, silent picking does… the pins come back down, but with enough work and enough tools from the pick set, you can open the lock. The shackle drops, and you just barely catch it in time as the door pops open. You peek outside, and the coast seems clear enough to slip out…

    Your next task is to find keys. The rest of the locks wouldn’t be difficult, but it’d be easier to just find the warden’s key and unlock them properly. Being able to deal with the last succubus, you find that, as long as you approach them individually, you can take care of them. Soon enough, you’ll be able to find an opening where the keys are available; shift chance. You can use a magic hand or trinket to snatch the keys while they’re on the hook, and you can start rounding up some prisoners.

    Once you’ve freed about six people, you hear footsteps behind you. You turn, and see two individuals rounding the corner, a succubus and an incubus… and they look like serious trouble.

    “Dear… I think you’re in the wrong place.”

    The succubus whips at you at the same time she rapidly draws and fires her pistol. You’re just able to dodge, but the gunshot knicks your ear as the whip leaves a bad cut on your upper right foot. The incubus tosses two daggers, and both scrape the sides of your neck. It’s not even over in that second; the incubus’s tail curls up and lashes out at you, cutting your inner thigh and causing smoky black blood to flow from the wound, but your allies jump in to help you, giving you time to start rounding up more prisoners…

    You have a very limited time frame to release these prisoners in. Create a card that, in flavor, does something to help you quickly release the prisoners. This can be done in one of many methods, such as a speed boost, shattering the cells, or perhaps something else? Either way, the target for a success without detriment is 9 points, and the minimum target is 7 points.

    Card score 9/10 (Successful nondestructive breach)

    -1: Mildly underpowered (Ref: Prowler’s Helm. Wall destruction ability seems properly costed, however.)
  • Vin spends this week in search of inspiration for his next project, as is often the reason for his travels. He often finds the best ideas in the more whimsical, magical parts of nature, so I feel like he would end up in Faeshire. I would say that he would try to find an area filled with natural beauty and strange magical occurrences.
  • @FourEyesIsAFish @IzItTru As the two of you converse, Clarise watches on before finally responding.

    "Well. It seems you two might make interesting partners," the researcher speaks out. She's begun fiddling with her hair. "Maybe you could be his guardian angel, dear Cthylla."

    "Anyways, to fill you in, young man, we were about to perform a rescue operation tomorrow. I was going to go with her, but with you here, I think you two can handle it. Essentially, he's pinned down in Aedan Al. I urge you not to get authorities or the Blood Moon Guard involved, and you two will need to arrange a mode of transportation for him back here. You should be home free once you get back to Nasita, but expect hell on the way out of town; you'll likely end up with the whole church trying to bash your skulls in. Would you be willing to do that? I don't have the best payment arrangements available; moreso, the payment here is ensuring one of our greatest hopes against the Six remains intact. I can, however, provide at least a little compensation in advance. He can work out the rest."
  • Warren thought for a moment, “I think I can do that.”
  • Cthylla also nods and says "...we need to rest. Have to be our best selves tomorrow."
  • @Aggroman15 You don't have too much money on you due to your sudden excursion, but you have plenty enough to board a ferry to get there. The trip is very uneventful, until you’re travelling by boat…

    On the third day, you board the aforementioned ferry, the Dream Catcher. This boat has three decks, plus a fourth just for the helm and the captain’s quarters, and seems a bit high class for the mere 5 Silver you paid. Unlike most ships you’ve seen since this whole war started, this ship is undamaged and in pristine condition. Your cabin is spacious enough for tinkering, the crew is cheerful and whimsical, and every little thing seems like a performance. The elven chefs seem to juggle food and utensils, the leonin barkeep twirls bottles and pours with her tail, the cleaners dance through rooms and across the deck with their mops, and everything seems good and golly. This is the happiest you’ve seen anyone on Stitia! Why didn’t you come here sooner?

    The ride seems rather slow at first. After one day, you’re quite happy here, and your cares have probably melted away without finding a single sour sport on board. On the second, you’ve taken in all the splendor this ship has to offer, and you were even given a chance to tour the ship and see its inner workings. On the third, however, you realize something… is wrong. You should have made it to Faeshire by now. When you awaken, the entire ship is covered by pink mist, and you can’t see out for more than thirty feet. Before you can do anything, however, you feel your mind being dominated as you suddenly turn and head back to sleep. And when you awaken…

    Oh, egads! You’re going to be late for the ship! You rise out of your bed for the prior night, slip into your clothes, and head out with your things for your ferry, The Dream Catcher. You have no memory of that trip, whether it was real or just a dream. Things play out, however, as they did before, and you wake up once again. At this point, you’re getting deja vu, but don’t realize this process is repeating itself until two weeks into this venture, where a young elf male near the dock confronts you. He seems like a stoic sort, 6’ 4”, dressed in cold weather clothes to fight the descending cold, and rather urgent in his request.

    “Look… we need to talk. Something isn’t right with this ferry. I don’t know what, but I don’t like it. I think I remember boarding it a couple times already, and every time, I end up back in town. And I remember seeing you on board every time, doing the same things.”

    When he mentions that, you manage to recall things for the most part after some time. Both of you eventually come to the determination that events are, in fact, repeating themselves. What could be the meaning of this? The amount of money you have doesn't reflect these repeat trips, and the date is the same as it has been.

    “Whatever it is, I want to put a stop to it. Want to team up on this? Surely we can’t be the only two affected by this phenomenon, and whatever the reason behind it, it can’t be good."
  • Vin looked the man over, and thought about his request. He didn't seem particularly untrustworthy, and Vin didn't see any reason not to take all the help he could get. There was a reason that he never attempted to mess with time in his devices, that being that time was a finnicky thing, and very difficult to control. To put multiple people in a loop like this would take tremendous arcane power.

    "Alright, working together sounds like a good plan. Two heads are better than one when trying to figure something like this out. By the way, I'm Vin. Pleasure to meet you." Vin sticks his hand out for a handshake.
  • @FourEyesIsAFish @IzItTru Clarise smiles, and nods.

    “Of course. We were about to rest for the evening. If you’re hungry, I don’t have much, but we have some provisions here. Just don’t touch anything that you aren’t sure is food, just for your safety.”

    After you two get acquainted a bit, Warren will be led to a bed of his own, and the three of you will rest for the evening…

    As the two of you wake up, you’re given time to plan things out, as well as a rough description of your target. A gruff looking… mercenary? Okay, this was supposed to be a top scientist, yet he can also be described as a mercenary. Interesting… either way, he’s apparently 7’ 4”, incredibly stocky, and normally wears wolf pelt. On his back is a silver greataxe he named Fin, as some sort of writing joke. He says he’s currently underground in an abandoned werewolf den on the outskirts of Aedan Al. It shouldn’t be that hard to find him, but the problem is, you can’t get out of Aedan Al without cutting into a civilian area due to a border wall.

    You have three options of escape; you can either try to disguise and/or obscure yourselves in a wagon out, find a way over the border wall, or smash through the wall. The wall has about two guards for every 500 feet, and the wall itself is about 10 feet thick and made of stone bricks. There will also be the complication of avoiding detection through the towns on the way back to Nasita, as you won’t exactly be home free just by leaving Aedan Al. Teleportation or aerial transportation could potentially solve both problems, but it’s extremely hard to come by, and aerial transportation is quite suspicious.
  • @Tommia, is it possible for Warren to phase Cthylla and himself into the ghost form?
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