What if...? (Time Spiral 2 Contest (kinda) )

In MTG, there are a lot of different events taking place throughout the Multiverse. In Time Spiral we saw alternate time versions of characters and their events. I've been thinking about more concepts for cards that fit with this theme of "What if...?". So here's the rules:

In this contest you choose a story moment that changed a character or place, then create cards themed around said change and (if you could) provide a small part of the regular story so I can compare the changes. (Or a link to the original story.)

Small (/main rules) notes:
1: Limit of three cards. (Any number up to three.)
2: No silver-boarded cards.
3: Each submitted card will receive a favorite.
edited in 4: END DATE IS JULY 1ST

Prize is: Five favorites on cards of your choice.

I hope you enjoy!


  • Very fun! I've always gotten a kick out of alternate versions of the story. I'll be sure to work on entries for this.
  • @SpellPiper2213 Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  • Anafenza Enduring Paragon

    In the current version of the Tarkir timeline, Anafenza was killed and turned into a spirit. However, in another timeline, she became a paragon of Dromoka's ideals and one of her chief enforcers.

    (Original current-timeline story here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/magic-story/guardian-2015-04-02)
  • @SpellPiper2213 Neat! Like that change.
  • I forgot to mention...

  • @samconsumespie Interesting change! Love it!
  • UB Hanna I suppose. (her original, the Ship's Navigator is UW).

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  • @TerryTags Cool change!
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    Avacyn Dark Sister

    In the present timeline, Avacyn killed Liesa, the white/black angel leader of one of the Innistradi flights. In this timeline, however, she is the white/black angel, taking a little after her pseudo-father, Sorin Markov.

  • A little obvious but in this timeline Hazoret was not the god that survived, and was instead eternalized like her siblings.

  • @SpellPiper2213 Ooh, I like this change!

    @OhWyrm I like this design!
  • I saw this art years ago and knew the concept in what it did. You can thank this contest for spurring me to work out how. In one alternate Serra's realm was triumphant over the invading Phyrexians.

    All know how Radiant saved her of the realm. When the Phyrexians invaded she immediately saw no sword or violent magic could possibly contain death and corruption. That the cure to the on coming death was more, purer life. So she willed the conception of such within her. With her first cries, Luster's very presence turned the power of the heart of Phyrexian power against itself. The very oil all their works depended upon becoming purely her servant and as inimical as milk and honey.


    Acctually I have a whole set of What If alternate universe cards - Divergences: https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/mmm3creator2/sets/41621

    The zombie planeswalkers were interesting - SDCC gave us the art but never the cards to match,. They come from a universe where the Gatewatch was successful on Zendikar but at the price of their lives. Lilliana did that thing she does after the battle and they became her cohort.
  • @mmm3creator Wow, that's a cool change! I had no idea about you're set, that's very cool!
  • 10 more days until the contest is over!
  • Chandra of the Gearhulks

    Instead of the Consulate hunting the Nalaars, what if they took them in? Gave them good positions, allowed them to raise their daughter in peace? What if Chandra worked for the Consulate?
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    WHAT IF...

    ...we actually got a card for Dack Fayden in War of the Spark?

    Okay, I'll go think of some more serious entries, I just wanted to get this out here.
  • Okay, here's a real what if. It's a pretty easy one, but whatever. Here's an alternate reality where Bolas completed the Elder Spell and ascended to godhood. Gideon just fell a few meters to the right and din't get to Liliana in time, so the demonic contract stopped her and the Eternals never even touched Bolas. Tadaaa


    I still have to evaluate and judge each card, so please have patience. Thank you for entering the contest, I hope you had fun!

  • Um, so...

    I would first like to apologize for my inactivity on both MTGCardsmith and this contest. It was not responsible to leave the contest without any word, even with my constant work in the summer. Again, I'm sorry.

    Second, the winner is everyone. I can't just declare a winner after over a month of inactivity and no word. Everyone, just send me a direct message or just comment here about what 5 cards you'd like favorite of your choice.

    I'll be more active on MTGCardsmith for a while, and I probably won't be doing more contests for a long time, I don't want another situation like this.

    Thank you for your time.
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