Team Deathmatch

Welcome to another contest that serves as an introduction to a new Mystery Box Mode.

This mode, called Team Deathmatch, is already on the Mystery Box Prize list, and will one day be activated within the discussion. 
Call of Duty meats MTGCardsmith
For now, I'm going to run a mock contest that will allow everyone to try it out and enjoy this new mode.

In team deathmatch, players will be divided into two random teams. When the match starts, everyone will secretly receive a Battle Suit in private message. This battle suit acts like a class of character (as if you were RPG). A few examples of Battle Suits you may receive, not to name them all, would be Sniper, Demolition, Medic. These are all randomly assigned. Your battle suit comes equipped with special instructions on how to use... it will be quite simple as each battle suit only has 1 or 2 perks.

In addition to the battle suits, everyone will receive their first challenge in private message. These challenges are different for everyone and once you receive your challenge, you can work on and post your entry in the discussion. Once you post your entry, it has officially entered the battlefield and will fight entries on the other team, 1-vs-1 style. Basically, I'll judge head-to-head and the better card kills the opposing card. Your battle suit may help your chances of defeating opponents' cards. Entries that are victorious stay in the fight and remain on the battlefield, taking on the next entries that join the fight. Each kill you get earns your team +100. Stringing together multiple kills in a row without dying earns you killstreak rewards. When your card dies, or loses in battle, you'll receive a new challenge and can submit a new card when you're ready, thus respawning you into the fight. When the deathmatch ends, the team with the most kills wins!

This sounds like a lot, but honestly it will be as laid out for you and explanatory as possible to keep it simple, easy, and fun. 

Here's how you'll participate.

  1. First, join the fight by saying you're IN!
  2. When the match starts, you'll receive your battle suit, which you'll keep for the duration of the deathmatch... and you'll get your first challenge to create a card.
  3. Submit your card when you're ready and it will enter the fight.
  4. Head-to-head (or 1-vs-1 style) your entry card will be judged vs a card on the opposing team. The better card will win the fight unless someone uses their battle suit to sway the outcome.
  5. Cards that win earn a kill and remain on the battlefield.
  6. If you're card dies, you'll receive a new challenge and can re-submit a new entry, thus respawning you into the fight.


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