How do I know if an artwork is appropriate?

I know some things are obvious, but what specifically defines the line to not cross?


  • My advice is that if the artwork makes you question whether or not it's appropriate, it's probably not a good idea to use it.
  • It all depends on the line you're up on, but we're about being a family friendly atmosphere, so sexual acts, nudity, foul language (it shows up in art a lot) are some of the big no no's. 

  • Drinking games are also a no-no
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    I see. I would also like to know why certain cards get instantly removed without explanation. How do I contest or contact someone about that? I tried to remake it to make sure, and someone instantly deleted it again, which seems a bit crazy because it wasn't something bad. No explanation, nothing.
  • The explanation is on this card.
    I can't leave an explanation on the card that is removed, as the comment is removed as well

  • Not sure if I used messages properly, so I'll post it here too:

    "How can I word it so it doesn't count as a drinking game? I thought I was good about making sure it didn't say anything about [adult beverages] and was strictly about a cup with holes not being able to hold drinks."
  • Drinking Game cards can be made but not published. While your card did not specify Alcohol, it still uses terminology that drinking games use. Since we have a very young user group, typically starting around grade 7, the site itself is maintained as a safe place for these children to come to.

    We're not adverse to these cards, which is why you can make ANY card you want and download it to your device. From there you can print and use them with your friends, we just ask that you don't publish them.
  • It's still a "Drinking Game" if "drinks" are involved. I would suggest downloading the cards (not publishing them) and printing them out to use with your friends.
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