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  • Anguish N (You may discard N cards as an additional cost to cast this spell. If you do, its costs N less to cast, and becomes anguished.)
  • i haven't made any cards with my keywords but heres my keyword ideas

    Global - if this creature is your commander, this ability (usually static or trigger) is applied to the field (regardless the position of the commander)

    Rebellious <Action> - you may do <Action> even if a spell or an ability prevented it as long as its (the spell/ability that prevents it) controlled or owned by an opponent

    RTE (Refuse to be exiled) <Card type> to <Bottom Library/graveyard/battlefield/hand> - whenever a <card type> card is exiled return it t <Bottom Library/graveyard/battlefield/hand> instead
  • Overpowering (a mechanic for sorceries and instants) You may cast something for it's overpower cost, if you do, create a copy of it, but you cannot cast spells until the end of next turn.
  • Exhume (You may cast this card from your graveyard by paying its mana cost reduced by {1} for each land you sacrifice while casting it.)
  • @jpastor should it be (You may cast this card from your graveyard by sacrificing a land for each mana in its converted mana cost.) ? 'cause if not than you can just play the card from you graveyard infinetily?
  • @The_333_ While he could word it that way, you tend not to have many lands in the graveyard unless you are self milling.
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    Here's the mechanics that I have made:

    Utilize COST - EFFECT (Pay the cost and reveal this artifact from your hand. When this ability resolves, put this artifact in your graveyard. Activate this ability only as an instant and it counts as an instant spell.)
    Employ COST - EFFECT (Pay the cost and reveal this artifact from your hand. When this ability resolves, put this artifact in your graveyard. Activate this ability only as an sorcery and it counts as an sorcery spell.)
    Tool Artifact subtype: A subtype for the artifacts with utilize and employ.

    Arise COST (Pay the cost to return this creature from your graveyard to the battlefield. If it would die, exile it instead. Activate this ability only as a creature.)

    Compleated - If life was paid to cast this spell, instead ...
    (This is for spells with Phyrexian mana. Usually a weaker effect for a spell, weaker stats for a creature, or less loyalty counters for a planeswalker. I took inspiration from the official compleated mechanic, but it is different.) 

  • Cosmic (This can only be targeted by spells or abilities on the stack.)
  • Don't ALL spells and abilities go on the stack?
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    I figured it out! The cosmic ability stops the creature from being targeted by interrupts because those don't use the stack. They use the batch, which doesn't exist anymore so they are independent from any timing rules. Not sure why this would be helpful though.
  • @SPyBondPlays by that logic it would protect against everything since there was no such thing as the stack before lol
  • hmmm i seem to have misunderstood what the stack is... i always thought the stack only exists beyond the first play/ability... like in response to something. SO.... my intention here was that this can't be targeted by a source unless the source is not the first thing in the stack.
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    Shui the Water Hole
    Check out Convene = Convoke, but for activating abilities.
  • Not sure how i feel about this new ability
    Flame Falcon
  • @jpastor ;I don't get what prefatory strike is trying to achieve. Is there supposed to be a 'prefatory blockers step' and 'prefatory damage step' (effectively a mini extra combat phase during the combat phase)? If not, then why not declare blockers for a creature with prefatory strike during the regular declare blockers step (at which point a creature with prefatory strike seems to be no different from a regular attacking creature)? Also, when does a creature with prefatory strike become an attacking creature, during the beginning phase of combat?
  • @jpastor, Shui seems really weak. I wouldn't want to pay 10 mana or tap 10 creatures just to get a 1/1 that becomes a 2/2 after combat. 
  • @cadstar369
    Yeah - you're close to the purpose of Prefatory strike.
    The strategy behind this is to force an opponent to decide if it's worth blocking attacking creature(s) with prefatory strike prior to the actual onslaught of your main attack phase.

    For example. If this dragon gives another creature you control... say a 4/4 menace creature prefatory strike, while you still have 3 other creatures that can attack... they may not wish to double block. It's a play on psychology, too, because your opponent might be sitting on an instant spell... now they may be forced to play it early before your main attack.

    Yes - you're right on, you're attacking with a prefatory strike creature before you declare attackers for your main combat phase... this pauses the step, allowing defending player to also declare blockers and play spells. It's like an additional combat phase, only worded so that it precedes your combat phase. It all happens at the start of combat, prior to declaring attackers.
  • As I am planning (after checking with Corwinnn) on making some commander themed cards based on the Ukraine war I came up with mechanics that would apply to the three planned decks.  I do know that this would make them weak to other commander decks as a result.

    Deck themes:
    Ukraine: w/u/r  defence (lots of defenders and ways to increase amount of supply counters obtained from abilities)
    Russia: u/b/r  offense (Charge features on a lot of creatures making early wins ideal.  Late game can be tough as supply counters are harder to generate in this deck)
    The world/ the internet: w/u/b/r/g (would be able to transfer supply counters they have to another player.  Also a control theme as well)

    Supply Counters - Food, Ammo and Fuel.
    Food counter - before tapping a creature to attack, pay a food counter.  If you have no food counters, you cannot tap that creature to attack.
    Ammo counter - Pay an Ammo counter to allow a creature or vehicle to deal damage.  If you have no ammo counters, that creature or vehicle deals no damage this turn.
    Fuel counter - Before tapping an artifact creature or vehicle to attack, pay a fuel counter.  If you have no fuel counters, you cannot tap that artifact creature or vehicle to attack.

    Charge: Mechanic that would combine Haste and "This creature attacks each turn if able." into one and would appear on Russian troop/soldier cards.
  • My mechanics for End of Eleria, my upcoming set.
    Stabilize- [Cost] (whenever this card would cause you to choose an option or target at random, you pay [cost] and instead choose those targets or options.)
    Loyal- if you control a planeswalker [effect]
    Rebuild- if you don't control [permanent type], [effect]. The effect usually involves making permanents of that type easier to cast.
  • @zenlos_the_traveler I've always liked the idea of mechanics that interact with planeswalkers.  In a set I might revise and change in the future, I had planned for a mechanic called Worship which could prevent damage to a creature or planeswalker when a creature with the ability was tapped.
  • For my Zelthorn set:
    Cure (Whenever this creature attacks, remove a
    virus counter from target creature.)
    Herbalism {2}{t} (Remove a virus counter from a creature you control. Put a +1/+1 counter onto that creature.)

    The two curing related mechanics.  Cure requires an aggressive approach (used by the black and white faction) to actually work.  Herbalism doesn't require the attacking, but to offset tapping one of your creatures the cured creature is buffed (used by white/green faction) and is meant to showcase a side effect of the plant based medicines used by the faction.

    Virulent (Whenever this creature deals damage to
    another creature, put a virus counter if it doesn't have
    one. That creature becomes Virulent) -> 
    Virulent (Whenever this creature deals damage to
    another creature, put a virus counter if it doesn't have
    one or if that creature does not have Virulent. That creature becomes Virulent)

    This is the main mechanic for spreading Virus counters and is the first "infectious" mechanic as it spreads to other creatures making a single outbreak quickly reach many more creatures.  I included a revised version as it will prevent creatures with Virulent from being infected themselves and won't cause the set's Sheoldred from getting even stronger.

    Study(When this creature is tapped, put a record spell
    from outside the game into your hand) 

    This is one of the mechanics for the two blue/red factions (I wanted each color to have two factions associated with them, but with W/B/G already having the three primary factions within their colors without any color bleed I made two, different factions for blue/red).  I might change it due to the aggressive nature and it should be more defensive feeling as the faction that uses the mechanic doesn't do combat.  Record spells are like lesson spells but only come from blue/red cards, but can be cards of any color and are located within the token section for card sorting.

    {mana cost}{t}: Spellbend: Target a spell you control
    that is on the stack.  Apply specificed effect.

    This mechanic is for the second blue/red faction and might require some work and changing.  It is meant to show how the Mage Knights strengthen spells to have greater effects, but the working may need some work.
  • @FireOfGolden says to me...

    "I am trying to make a rule for forgot creature, which on end of player's turn, if that player has at least a forgot creature, he or she must put a -1/-1 on all forgot creatures he or she control unless he or she discarded a or more cards within same turn.

    Do I have to use key word instead of this way?"

    First, we need to establish Forgotten on permanents...

    So for this, I'd use a keyword like this:

    Forgotten <i>(At the beginning of your end step, if this creature didn't become tapped this turn, it becomes forgotten.)
    Second, we need something to happen (good or bad) as long as the permanent is forgotten. In the example below, I put a good effect and a bad effect onto one card.

    In your question you'd like to create a separate card (right?) that does something with forgotten creatures? When that is the case, the effect should not be a keyword, but a freeform ability.

    In this example, Forgettable is not referenced on the card itself, but affects forgotten cards.

    Hope this helps.

  • @jpastor This card is perfect card what I want it to be. 
  • @FireOfGolden  I've had @hileandr wonder why I included Rage (and will probably happen again with Honkai) as a supertype and its so I can have effects target them and to avoid confusion about what is affected verses not by things.
  • @cadstar369
    Do Supertypes require parenthesis for recurring effects?
  • I am just trying to save some words to make room for another ability and text flavot. I aim all forgot creatures have that downside even if they are common.
  • @FireOfGolden
    I believe it is in parenthesis... because... that's reminder text.

    For example.. a forest swamp land produces {G} or {B} right.... so I mean... we don't need to know that, but if it's on the card, it is in parenthesis.

    This way, you don't need to put it on every card.
  • (Changing Forgot to Forgotten for grammatical clarity)
    @jpastor out of the five existing supertypes (Basic, Legendary, Ongoing, Snow, and World), three of them have passive rules baked into them, and two are just indicators. Since none of them represent a recurring effect, I’m inclined to agree with you in that you can get away with not including the reminder text for the Forgotten supertype, so long as there’s at least one such card that includes the reminder text for the supertype. 

    Now, as for what that reminder text is, I need to ask for clarification @FireOfGolden. The current reminder text for cards such as Jekmo’s Minions above would mean that, at the beginning of your end step, if you didn’t discard a card this turn, each Forgotten creature would get a -1/-1 counter placed on it for each Forgotten creature you control, likely instantly wiping your board if you have more than two of them. If instead you intend for Forgotten creatures to each receive a single -1/-1 counter, then the reminder text should be as follows: (At the beginning of your end step, if you didn’t discard a card this turn, put a -1/-1 counter on this creature.) Then each Forgotten creature will affect only itself upon triggering, instead of affecting every other Forgotten creature you control as well.

    On a separate note, both of @jpastor’s ideas above work for the Forgotten supertype, since we have both cards that make permanents legendary/snow and cards that interact in various ways with said legendary/snow permanents.
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