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  • Winners of the Winter, congrats!

    Forgive my grammar, but I want to know when is deadline for B-League?
  • Spring 2022 Schedules Posted


    Link to Standings & Schedule:


    Link to Standings & Schedule:


    Link to Standings & Schedule:


    Link to Standings & Schedule:

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    Sorry, I misread the rules. I thought if you were in a previous season, you would continue into the next season automatically. If not too late, I would like join in the C league again. (If too late, then put me in the late arrival league)
  • @Enscription
    Active cardsmiths remain in the active divisions. You were moved to the inactive division because your 7th most recently created card was made prior to January 1, 2022. For this season, to be moved to the late arrivals division, your 7th most recently created card needs to be made on or after April 1, 2022. You'll remain in the inactive division until then.
  • Oh wops, I really misread them. I gotta get cooking some more cards for then
  • @jpastor I get a 'schedule not published' error when I try to use the LeagueLobster links.
  • @cadstar369
    Thanks - they should all be public now!
  • Been a hot minute but I've made 7+ new cards. Would like to stay in the C league. Just posting in case I've been written off as inactive already.
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    Sounds good @Yesterday
    Thanks for catching me before the season started!

    Schedule updated:
  • Hello friends,

    I was alone, judging today during my lunch break, which lasted longer than I expected. Hope you enjoy these videos of your cardsmith league match. Sorry, I did not have enough time to do the final match between Usaername and hileandr.

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    Enchanter's Boon vs Larva of the Othergods
    I have no notes here other than the fact that I find your supposing of my inspiration for Enchanter's Boon to be amusing. I'll be frank: I hadn't been thinking about warding enchantments, as totem armor protects the enchanted permanent; I was just on a stint of making a card for each of a few of my decks. I liked enchantment Voltron, but if I want consistent totem armor I had to run Estrid as a commander. This was to use other commanders!

    Evergrown Blossoming vs Overwhelming Augery
    I certainly agree that Rayne should win on this! Perdure is a [censored] weird and complex mechanic that is too weird to be used as a full set mechanic. I thought up Perdure during June of last year and started making a cycle of sorceries utilizing it, kind of like the tempting offer cycle in commander. It's a mess but it's a mess I had fun working on! My only nitpick at Overwhelming Augery is that I think it should cost 1 more! (Also, yes. The wording of perdure was heavily based on cipher (and it did take like a week to nail down wording)).

    Arcane Infuser vs Accursed Crusade
    When on the CS Discord I was working on Arcane Infuser, I was called a mad man, that it was too complex and out of color!

    Invoke the Spark vs Sagacious Centaur
    I don't know if the results should have been different or not, but I can say that I think you misjudged both cards, though my card was misjudged much less. The thing you got wrong about my card was that it was "it could be a little more". The thing about companion is that it's inherently broken. It walks a tightrope between being too restrictive for the payoff and being too powerful for not enough restriction, and it's all too easy to fall on the latter side. Consider how Lurrus for just a single graveyard cheap cast a turn defined both standard and historic for ages. I feel you misjudged Sagacious Centaur in its color identity, both flavorfully and mechanically. Flavorfully, this card is about righting wrongs, and centaur doesn't detract; they've been GW many times before. Mechanically, this is very white, and you do seem to give the same reason as to why this should be mono-green as I argue that it should be mono-white, if not for the centaur typing. Green is all about getting as many lands, as much ramp as possible. White generally falls behind in this regard and utilizes comeback mechanics like on Land Tax, Knight of the White Orchid, and Keeper of the Accord. This card would be perfectly reasonable as mono-white, if not for the Centaur typing.

    Betrothing Loyalty vs Follow the Scent
    While I'm not complaining about the way things shook out, I would say that I feel there to have been a bit too much scrutiny on Follow the Scent. Obviously, it was very akin to the card Rabid Bite, but I feel like the points were lost for something ultimately harmless. I think that while the effect created is not the most unique, the execution for making a rapid bite that sometimes is cheaper, by dividing the cost as it was to be really creative. I'm obviously very biased towards my Valentine's Day card and the romance of Ral and Tomik, but I feel like this match should've been much more of a toss-up.
  • Thanks for showing your though process @jpasor.  I look forward to watching these matches the rest of the season.

    Congrats @hileandr, good match!  I've seen your reviews so I trust you were able to appreciate some of the subtleties and references in the cards that didn't make it onto video.
  • In C league or late arrivals, 7 most recent made April 1st and newer, so whichever the two leagues that qualifies for.
  • Edited with my thoughts on my match-up!
  • Couple Matches Added TodayAll I had time for. Might have a teammate judging the rest with me tonight, so we'll probably forego videos for the remaining matches for today. Busy day at work, or else I'd love to video the rest.

    @RudyTheDuck vs @TGBC_Corrinella

    @East2West vs @Aggroman15

  • I don't fancy my chances against Spellpiper. Better make a good card specifically for this. 
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    Silent... live... judging...?

    Live chat:
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    FYI, I seem to be getting a 404 again on the C-League specifically.
  • Today's featured match was between @The_333_ vs @zenlos_the_traveler
    These results are not final just yet, but wanted to share with you my thoughts as I judged this match!

  • thx bbz
  • Live Judging 2:00 - 2:30 PM Central Time

    @Ranshi vs @hileandr
    only on discord:
    chat on twitch:
  • Live Judging 3:45 - 4:15 PM Central Time

    @Jadefire vs @Rayne-Lord
    only on discord:
    chat on twitch:
  • @jpastor, where can we find the schedule for A league?
  • @Ranshi You nailed what I was going for with Sagacious Centaur in terms of its color identity. I can also see what you’re saying about the cost of Augury, it probably should be a 4-drop. Nicely done on your cards mate;

    One thing i will say for Follow the scent is the very slight upside of the track mechanic itself, which allows a scry. So while it is very similar to rabid bite, it has a mild upside, with a mild downside (revealing).

    @jpastor I feel you kind of skipped right over the nuances of Accursed Crusade. How it interacts with both reanimator strategies, flashback, disturb, madness as well as impulse draw/casting. The clue is in the Madness tacked on. By casting it for its madness cost, you get a 2/1 right away. Perhaps its a bit powerful, but i think that its simplicity of wording disguises that fact.

    Overall though, a very fair matchup. Congrats to the victor!
  • @jpastor I really like the video judging. I appreciate the time it took. It makes this a lot more exciting!
  • @shadow123 we’re against each other next week! Best of luck!
  • @Ranshi Haha same to you!
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