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  • Awesome, thanks!
  • Gotta say, @theirintheattic I love that customize keyword, may I use it?
  • Been a while since I made some cards themed after members of the community. Anyways, thanks to these three for being in our league! Rock on!
  • @RudyTheDuck of course! Thank you so much!
  • @jpastor I'm using a different account for a while called Ashdust_II. I've only made one card on it though, so one I've made about 6 can you transition to this one? Sorry for the trouble.
  • @jpastor Dude that is an awesome card, thank you so much!
  • @Tonysparks I shot Corwinnn a message.
  • Decided to keep this set going with some more tributary cards to some of you devoted Cardsmith Leaguers.

    Thank you for your support and participation. Rock on!
  • Sorry everyone. Work has me working 12+ hours a day
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    > Thank you for your support and participation. Rock on!

    I am honoured, and a little confused. But mostly honoured.
  • Week 7 Highlights

  • Oof, I got sweeped this week.
  • @jpastor Will there be videos for this week's results?
  • Week 8 Highlight Video

  • Holy moly number 1 highlight again! I'm honored!
  • Again? Ah crap lol
  • As always, the commentary makes this challenge for me @jpastor. Take it easy champ.
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    Week 9 Standings - 1 week left before playoffs.


    As of right now, 6 will make playoffs via the following format.

    Week 11 
    Game 1 - 4 vs 5
    Game 2 -  3 vs 6
    Game 3 - 1 vs Winner Game 1
    Game 4 - 2 vs Winner Game 2

    Week 12
    Game 5 - Championship
    Game 6 - Third Place
    Game 7 - Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2
  • B-League Standings

    Week 9 - 1 week left before playoffs

    As of right now, 11 will make playoffs in the following format.

    Week 11
    1. #8 vs #9
    2. #7 vs #10
    3. #6 vs #11
    4. #4 vs #5
    5. #1 vs Winner Game 1
    6. #2 vs Winner Game 2
    7. #3 vs Winner Game 3
    Week 12
    1. Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 4
    2. Winner Game 6 vs Winner Game 7
    3. Championship
    4. Third Place Game
    5. Loser 8/9 vs Loser 7/10
    6. Loser 6/11 vs Loser 4/5
    7. Winner Game 12 vs Winner Game 13
  • C-League

    Week 9 Standings - 1 week left before playoffs

    As of right now, 9 of the 10 cardsmiths will make playoffs with the following schedule format:

    Week 11
    1. #8 vs #9
    2. #1 vs Winner Game 1
    3. #4 vs #5
    4. #2 vs #7
    5. #3 vs #6
    Week 12
    1. Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3
    2. Winner Game 4 vs Winner Game 5
    3. Championship (Winner Game 6 vs Winner Game 7)
    4. Third Place (Loser Game 6 vs Loser Game 7)
    5. Consolation HRL vs HRL (from Week 11)
    6. Consolation LRL vs LRL (from Week 11)

  • D-League

    Week 9 Standings - 1 week left before playoffs.

    As of right now, 2 of the 6 cardsmiths will make the playoffs with the following schedule format.

    Week 11: Championship (Cardsmith A vs Cardsmith B)
  • Summer 2022 Season is July - September


    Any of you active cardsmiths interested in joining one of our 5 potential divisions?

    • Division A (The Most Experienced Cardsmiths.)
    • Division B (Almost there. Not quite cream of the crop. Exploring your potential.)
    • Division C (Perfect for those who are decent enough, but still like messing around with ideas.)
    • Division D (Progressing Cardsmiths. On your way up, but still relatively inexperienced and just doing this and that for fun!)
    • Division E (Not sure what you're doing yet. Sometimes you make something that looks like a magic card, but mostly you're here to have fun with some images and concepts and publish some self-fulfilling creations.)
    To join, say "IN," and announce your preferred division (or leave it up to me if you are unsure!) This is low maintenance and runs in the background. To summarize everything on the first page in the main description:

    All we do for the Cardsmith League is take your 7 most recently created cards, no matter when they were created or what you created them for, and put them in a match, 1-vs-1, against someone else's 7 most recently created cards. We do this weekly. Whether or not you're making cards every week or not is up to you, and you don't make cards for this. We'll just take a peek at your collection once per week smile
  • @jpastor All previous participants are automatically included in the next season, correct?
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    @jpastor IN! sign me up for D division! Or maybe C? I’m unsure.
  • @EisenKreutzer
    No problem. I've added you to the Late Arrivals division and scheduled you against two potential C-Leaguers to see how you stack up.

    You'll have about 4 weeks of matches in this division, starting Sunday!

    Track your progress here:
  • Seems like it could be great fun!

    Thanks for the invitation! @jpastor

    I'd be interested to participate. So: IN! I think I'll join Division C. :)
  • Okay @Shelko
    I've got you down!
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