Official Contest: Tribal Trouble

Hello Cardsmiths! We've recently added Tribal supertypes to custom card creation and we thought we would celebrate with a contest. Choose your tribe from the list below and create a card for it. It can be a creature or a Tribal card with one of the subtypes from our list of nominated tribes.

Post the card url and the tribe you have chosen in this thread to enter the contest. One submission per user, so make it count! Entries must be received by the end of April 24th, 2016.


  • White - Birds
    Bird people, your standard flappy birds and all other kinds of avian spells. If it has a beak it probably counts. Many of them fly, some of them swim. Birds can be soldiers, beasts and everything in between.
  • Blue - Humans
    Blue humans? Sure, there are plenty of blue human cards out there, but why humans for blue? The answer is simple, pirates! Also privateers, mercenaries, navies and good old-fashion plunderers. Let's see some blue humans.
  • Black - Horrors
    This one is pretty straight forward. Scary things. Creepy, spooky, terrifying things that may drive you mad just by looking at them.
  • Red - Minotaurs
    Cow people that can range from calm and intelligent philosophers to brutal, massive berserkers. Minotaurs are one of the most diverse red tribes, fitting pretty much every option red has to offer.
  • Green - Centaurs
    Horse people. Or horse plus people. Centaurs are an option that allows for a lot of green's beatdown synergy and utility. The buff, they ramp, they trample and more.
  • Colorless - Gargoyles
    Living statues made to ward off whatever might disagree with their creator or owner. Gargoyles are usually defined by their clever interactions with other cards on the battlefield and unique abilities but now as a tribe they have a chance to thrive.


One entry per person and no re-entries, so make all corrections before entering the card! (Note: Using multiple accounts to have multiple entries will result in disqualification.)
You card must either be a tribal supertype card or a creature card of one the types listed above. To explain, you can make any kind of bird you want with any additional subtypes, but it must contain the subtype Bird.
Your card must be realistic, in that it can be played in a game of MTG.

Example Entry:

Tribe: Human


This contest will be judged by three community members: @Corwinnn, @strongbelieves, and @Faiths_Guide. Our judges will be deciding the top 3 cards for prizes based on the criteria of cleverness, balance, fun, flavor and how well it would work with the tribe. One tribe will also be selected as an overall winner based on the quality of all of the cards entered for it combined. Judging will take from 3 to 7 days depending on the number of entries.

Contest Prizes:

This is what everyone came to see, right? Well, I'm happy to announce we have one heck of a prize pool lined up for this contest thanks to our Patreon supporters.

Grand Prize: 9 packs, 3 months of full premium MTGCS membership
Second Place: 6 packs, 2 months of full premium MTGCS membership
Third Place: 3 packs, 1 month of full premium MTGCS membership
(International Prize Option: A digital copy of Magic 2014 or Magic 2015 for PC)

Reward booster packs will be a mix of Oath of the Gatewatch and Shadows Over Innistrad.

All participants will also unlock a unique Runestone avatar for their MTGCS account!

Please only post contest submissions below.

This contest brought to you by our patron supporters over on who made it happen. Thank you patrons!


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