25+ cards, with art, render, from the custom set "Adast" (Name is WIP) - Come and check it out :)!

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Hey! Thank for you for showing an interest in the custom set - Currently it is being developed by me, @Cryptonight, @Linjam, @Touchstone, @Lujikul @Cyborgskeleton and @StrongBelieves. More collaborators are STILL welcome. Playtesting is due in about a week.

I want to show off some mechanics first, then, at the bottom I will provide a link to the entire album :)!

First off, we have the spellshapers:
Now this is a pre-existing WotC mechanic, but we're tuning it a bit and giving it a spin in form of...
image the "WhenScry" cycle (which, by the way, has nothing to do with scrying, just a codename!).
"Spellshaping" has now become a form of an "action" - Despite the fact that it, like Landfall, is an ability word and thus has no actual rules implications, we have decided that "it is so", simply because it was the way it made most sense :3!

We're making a charm cycle, one for each house! Currently only one of the Houses are named, thus the card names are placeholders, for now:
This is the green charm - The charms are unique since you can pick two modes. Do you know how hard it is to find 5 depictions of a "charm" or a "pendant" by the SAME artist? And we have two cycle of them, another one in rare :x!
You can find the rest in the link below!

Say hello to the Qi!
The Qi are the "magicless" inhabitants of the plane. Which is to say, they're not actually without mana, as mana flows through all living beings, they just don't actively wield it... So, they are like most other people on other planes. But when you're a "normal" person on a Plane full of Mages, you tend be considered less "normal" and more of an "oddity". The Qi are integral to our story, which you can read up on a bit, here: Google doc! - We update this from time to time

The block has a heavy multicolored theme, and we even encourage playing 5-colored if possible (though that is a bit hard to do in draft!), so we're making a cycle of mana rocks that grant five colors, here's a preview of the white one:

So far, we're making only commons, as we work towards being able to do all-commons playtesting soon.

Here is a link to all the completed work (Or almost completed) - Only the cards rendered by me, though - here: http://imgur.com/a/WFFD7


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