Do not enter if you don't like rolling dice.

There have been many dice rolling challenges here on the forums, but they have all concerned CREATURES.

For this one, your card may not be a creature, and it may not be a tribal card. This is going to be about OTHER TYPES.

Step 1: Roll a 6-sided die
1. Instant
2. Sorcery
3. Equipment
4. Aura Curse
5. Land
6. Planeswalker

If you rolled a 1 or 2, roll a die on this table. The card must have the following:
1. Epic (For the rest of the game, you can't cast spells. At the beginning of each of your upkeeps, copy this spell except for its epic ability. You may choose new targets for the copy) (Yes, this is a real ability.)
2. Rebound
3. Splice onto Arcane
4. Overload
5. A text-changing effect
6. If you rolled a sorcery, and ability that can give it flash. If you rolled an instant, ITS A TRAP!

If you rolled a 3 or 4, they correspond to the following table. As always, roll a die.
1. An alternate cost.
2. Phyrexian mana.
3. {Mana Cost} Attach {Card name} to another target.
4. Make it so overcomplicated I can't see straight.
5. A custom THIRD subtype.
6. If you rolled an Equipment, it's a fortification with fortify. If you rolled an Aura Curse, it has positive effects to the player it's attached to.

If you rolled a 5, do the thing, except each of these will be the land's subtype, and it MUST have synergy with other lands of that subtype.
1. Lair
2. Locus
3. Urza's
4. Gate
5. No subtype, but a weird synergy.
6. The land's text must contain "Flip a Coin"

If you rolled a 6, it must be a custom planeswalker character.
It must have only 2 loyalty abilities and have a third "ability" in the first slot.
This ability may not be {Card Name} can be your commander.

No limit on entries.
The contest ends never. I just wanted a noncreature dice-rolling challenge out there.
Have fun!


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