Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa! (Cowboys and Horses)

So, I was thinking, in I commented about me being a cowboy and my ugly dragon/pretty horse being my horse. And I thought: "I like ponies." and "I like McCree " So I thought, "I'ma make a contest with ponies and cowboys!"

So, In this challenge, you must make a Cowboy and his horse, which have great synergy or a combo when you have both on the field or something.

I don't really do bonus points, but if you make the cowboy McCree or a ponie a My Little Pony, you will get a single bonus point if you and someone else are tied.

Only one duo, and you must post both parts of it at the same time. You can edit after submission, but after I stop submissions, no edits.

I will determine prizes based on submissions and quality of the winners card. And I will give a follow to the winner, or double the prize if I've already followed.

Now, I'ma mosey on down to the store to buy a brand-new pack of that "Eternal Masters" set.


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