Most Valuable/OP Cards



  • Nice one SB!
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    I pulled Archangel Avacyn as well and sold her... along with a ton of cards. I needed a lot of singles for my new deck.
  • I've got a Liliana of the Veil, a Cascade Bluffs expedition, and a foil Monastery Mentor, as well as both an Eventide foil and expedition Twilight Mire.
  • @truth285 same thing (except for the ultra black grinder)
    If have an Ajani Goldmane and a Woodland Bellower. My little sister pulled a Sorin, Grim Nemesis (on her first booster!)
  • @FblthpTheStormCrow, I'd imagine it being Storm Crow...
  • My friend pulled a Garruk, Apex Predator.
  • Edit: New best card is lily last hope
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    • My most expensive card CURRENTLY is my Craterhoof Behemoth, mainly because I try and sell cards over $20 (Unless they are Fetchlands!)

    • My most expensive card I have ever owned was a foil Liliana of the Veil. Left it unsleeved for an hour because I thought it wasn't very good, then my friend contacted me and said his dad would like to trade his playset of any planeswalkers he had for it. I am not sad that I didn't save it to sell it for $160 or whatever the Counterflux it is listed right now. I had a blast with my 4 Ral Zareks.

    • My most OP card is my Dread Return(s) They break the game so quickly and fluently that it isn't even fun for me. Right now, they are locked up with my Mardu Reanimator deck, which is kept in the darkest corner of my closet, a rightful place it should be in.

    Guess I will throw this in right now, but the card I want the most is Snapcaster Mage. If I ever pull a Scalding Tarn or another $200+ expedition land, I will sell it for a playset of Snapcaster Mages without batting an eyelash. They are soooooo fun!

  • The most expensive cards I have are two Tamiyo, the Moon Sage($20) for my Modern Sultai Superfriends deck, and I'm working on getting some Doubling Season($40) and Birds of Paradise($10). And yes, it actually wins games.
  • @DragonFaceEater
    One of my most expensive cards is also Tamiyo, the moon sage for my general tazri ally/superfriends edh deck, and I'm also working incredibly hard to get doubling season.

    On top of that, I've got Nahiri still getting some good money and a foil Westvale Abbey and Jace, vryns prodigy if he's still worth much.

    But my superfriends deck is super fun and I love seeing people's faces when there's a board with like 5 walkers on it at any given time
  • @RohanDragoon Vryn's Prodigy is rotating out of standard so it's dropping (and will probably keep dropping)

    I have an Emrakul Aeons Torn and 3 Nahiri the Harbinger (two of which i pulled)
    I pulled a Gideon Ally of Zendikar when he was at $40(I think), but then he dropped. I pulled a foil Kruphix and traded him when he was worth over $40.

    One of my friends has pulled multiple Liliana of the Veil and traded them. He has since regretted it. Then he prereleased Kaladesh and got a promo Chandra, regular Chandra, and foil Nissa.
  • @TheClayKnight
    Some people just have all of the luck. My only real big hit for luck was a box from bfz where I pulled Ulamog, Gideon, Drana, Ob, and Noyan Dar and a whole bunch of lower mythics like dragonmaster outcast and Akoum Firebird and like prism array and akoum hellkite in foils. But other than that I get nothing
  • Well, I have Nahiri, the Harbinger, had two Jace, Vryn's Prodigy (traded them away when they were only $50-60 boo-hoo-hoo), Overgrown Tomb, 2x Temple Garden, Breeding Pool, Hallowed Fountain, Flooded Strand, the G/W and the G/R fetchlands, foil Spirbluff Canal, a grave troll, an Eternal Witness, a Liliana Vess, a Kozilek's Return, and a ton of others I can't think of right now.
  • I think my most valuable card is the first rare I ever opened: Liliana Vess (M15)
    My second pack contained: Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
  • My most expensive:

    1. Ulamog the Ceaseless Hunger
    2. Windswept Heath
    3. Garruk Apex Predator
    4. Cunning Wish
    5. Stony Silence
    6. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (2x)
    7. Erebos, God of the Dead
    8-15 Bunch of $3 rares
    11-250 Bunch of rares, mostly 50 cents to $1
  • I have a Flooded Strand expedition. I traded my Tarmagoyf to make my modern deck (Storm), and also traded my Lilliana, The Last Hope.
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