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I just flagged 22 cards. 22. And there are probably more cards coming to flag. Why? Because I found a user who has done nothing what so ever except clone and post real MTG cards. I'd rather not mention their username, but if staff asks, I probably could. Copied cards include: Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, Snapcaster Mage, Keranos, God of Storms, and Cyclonic Rift. Yes, the art is the same, and the text is exactly the same too except for a single card where the card does the same but the wording is in broken English and not all effects of the card were actually on there. (And no, if you're going to ask, they didn't only clone blue cards.)


  • Maybe it's Maro in disguise! Hmm... Maybe Maro does know us, but won't take us down!
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    Why would Maro even want us down? We're basically a free, noncopyright source to steal ideas from.

    I'm just going with the joke, here.
  • There is no rule against remaking real cards. It sounds like they may be using the site for organization or something, since it is generally easier to use, you know, actual card pictures as proxies...
  • Some folks can't afford the real cards, and so they have groups who allow proxies. I know that some people make alternate art cards to use on untap.in, and we've even had someone remake the alpha cards with new art. I've also used functional reprints to fill out a set that needed a card that already existed, so it's not uncommon. As long as they're not using it to try and sell to make money, it's generally not a huge issue.
    I am very impressed with your concern though. That's always nice to see... also, stop flagging my cards.
  • It's a lot easier and faster to use proxy generator websites. I use them to test for tournaments - you can put the number you want, the exact name and that's how many appear. A lot of wasted effort to make proxies through here - this is great if you want a certain picture instead of the "real" picture but not great for a simple "copy" of a card.
  • @Biblio3 Yeah, I just use Deckstats for all my proxying and deck design needs.
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