Reactivation Challenge #32 -"BOOM!" [Results]

Hello all!

Time for the next reactivation challenge! We're going back to last August for this one by @SuneEnough

The challenge is to make an instant or sorcery that affects all creatures in play. The original judge was looking for cards with an explosion-like theme but I'll open it up a bit - you can submit any instant or sorcery that affects all creatures on the battlefield in any way (but probably bonus points for explosions - depends what the entries look like).

As an example, this is the card that I submitted last time.


- max 3 entries
- new cards only (however, cards that were submitted to the original contest qualify automatically and will be judged)

- how good it is

- Friday 10th March (two weeks from now)

- 1st place, 5 faves
- 2nd place, 3 faves
- 3rd place, 1 fave

Okay...... GO!


*Reactivation Disclaimer:

1 ) An inactive challenge is chosen to be reactivated, it gets posted for new submissions with a new deadline.

2 ) The new judge cannot choose his or her own submissions as the winner.

3 ) After the winners are declared, the judge selects one participant as the next host (must be an active member).

4 ) The chosen participant chooses the next challenge that has been inactive for over 2 months. He or she hosts it as the reactivation judge.

5) The reactivation judge starts this process all over from step 1.

*Second Disclaimer:
- New discussion is opened for each reactivated challenge. A link to the original challenge is put there.
- The alternate judge must type original judge's name after "@" to notice that his or her challenge is reactivated by the alternate judge.
- The original judge has a right to take over their original challenge or to ask for it to remain open and unresolved at any time prior to a winner being declared and posted.

Good luck, all!


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