• Why so many bumps
  • Not sure, but I'm thinking of what to add to this set.

    I mainly had an awesome idea for another set that I'm trying to figure out the base design for, as well as gather artwork.
  • Just made another card for the set.

  • I dunno, maybe this fits into the set?

  • I'm having a really hard time, since I primarily make cards for Commander. As well as am on a different theme lately.
  • Should we bring storm back?
  • @ThyMaster
    We already have a mostly U/R mechanic, and storm is horrendously overpowered at pretty much any rarity but common.

    And besides-
    W/G-Mostly Enchantments
    U/R-Mostly Opportunity
    We really only need a black-centered mechanic.
  • Lol, sorry. Just an idea. Delve for black?
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    Another idea. What if we had a card that would be like;
    "If you exiled a card from the top of your library this turn, put it onto the top of your library for {1}."
    (Something to synergize with Oppurtunity.)

    Would that be broken?

    Sorry in advance.

    I'd also like to say, so far this is a huge success! Nice job everyone!
  • Hmm...

    Maybe I'll make an artifact later that does that.
  • I could make it
  • @ThyMaster
    You can, if you want
  • You could use the following mechanic.

    Pacify – Whenever this creature attacks and isn’t blocked, you may remove it from combat. If you do, [Specific Effect].

    Whereas you could use the following over delve and/or dredge.

    Study (When you cast this spell, you may exile the top two cards of your library. If you do, shuffle this card into its owner's library instead of putting it into its owner's graveyard when it resolves.)
  • Well hello there
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    I don't know if this is useful to you, if you intend to make W/G is mostly enchantments. But maybe these card designs will give you something to work with.

    My take on Vryn is that if the plane has many mage rings that are in disrepair, maybe other locations are also in disrepair. So possibly, some of the inhabitants of Vyrn are aiming to repair these things.


  • I'm pretty sure that we are going to make W/G enchantment-focused.

    But I did notice that someone made a legendary on the Vryn account.
  • @Undella2 Was I not supposed to do that?
  • That land is really weird and needs a bit of re-balancing, regardless if it's being used or not.
  • @ThyMaster
    I never said you couldn't make one, it being your set and all, but it is kind of surprising...

    (Though I am going to make a rare U/R opportunity legend, so I guess we'll have two rare legends in blue or part blue)
  • @Undella2 Sorry, I'll delete it.
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  • If you need a interesting card, you could consider the following.

  • @modnation675
    It's a tribal non-creature, so it probably won't be in the set.
    And also, it would be nice for other people to design cards on the actual account. I've literally made more than half of the cards on the account by myself. (Not counting cards made by other accounts, of course)
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    Fine, I'll think of some ideas. I'm not sure how many people are in this group though. Do we have at least 5 active users. (Just on the forums in general!)

    If not, this will be difficult. That and I like making sets implement old mechanics to provide more options. As well as nod to old cards.
  • imageimage

    Black Centric Mechanic

    Incursion - Whenever this creature deals damage to a player, that player puts an amount of cards from the top of their library into their graveyard equal to the damage dealt.
  • @modnation675
    I'm not saying that you have to make all the cards.
    Also, I know that at least 5 people can get on the account. I don't know if they are all constantly active, though.
    The set has a mechanic called opportunity, in which it involves exiling the user's library.
    Incursion just kinda kills opportunity decks, so no incursion.
    Though, if you want to join the set, just message me or ThyMaster.
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