• Yeah, I 'd prefer if I can upload cards as I make them on our account though. Otherwise, I'll have to take additional time to decide what cards I can post here.

    As for the cardsmith situation, it seems we'll be fine then. I was just making sure that we'd have more posts here about card ideas than typing the word "bump".
  • Three possible legendaries that could be put into the set.

  • @modnation675
    I just like to keep it higher on the recent discussions page so new people can join in easier.
    Also, I guess you could put in cards from your account, I would prefer cards that don't have too many custom mechanics on them, but don't let that stop you. You were the one that essentially put enchantments in G/W, after all...
    And, just to clarify, are multiple people running your account? You just say "we" and "our" a lot when talking about your cards.
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    Two people do, but we generally design stuff in consensus. (Modnation675 and Mercyque)

    If you're concerned about custom mechanics, Sirou still fits into the set.
  • I guess we could add Sirou
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    It's your choice, I'd prefer you and Thymaster make most of those decisions. We've been designing a lot of mechanics since we're working on a portfolio for use in another set we're starting this year.

    But I'll try hard to see what cards I can design that don't use new mechanics. We'll also gather a list of ones so far, that you might want.
  • @ThyMaster?
    Should we add Sirou?
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    @Undella2 & @Thymaster
    Also, will this be a normal 1v1 set or a 3+ player set?

    If it's 3+ players, you could make something along the lines of the following in a color.

  • @Undella2 @Modnation675 Im fine with Sirou.
    Also, Ill have lots of time over the weekend to make cards, so is it okay if I make a bunch of commons?
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    Commons are fine.

    By the way, what happened to Garruk?

    Probably 1v1.
  • @Undella2 I did it without even asking you guys and I wasn't really proud of it. If you want I can make another one, and I'll try and make it better
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    No problem, you have to be confident in your cards. Otherwise, you need to revise them so that you're satisfied.

    It's up to you if you want to do another planeswalker card at the moment. With the outdated editor it's quite a hassle.
  • Let's do planeswalker cards last, so they can interact with some of the cards in the set.
  • Sorry that I haven't been active lately. I've had a lot of family get togethers. :)

    I'll be looking for artwork that would suit the plane.
  • Made two more opportunity cards.
  • also, bump
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    Sorry for not posting lately. I've grasped the notion that some of the mechanics in this set feel unbalanced personally. So I'd rather watch as your set develops since I'm focused on developing new mechanics to be put in sets for at least the time being.

    As such, I think I'm going to drop off of development for the meantime. But will still suggest things occasionally as I do for most challenges. Mainly since I want to see this set succeed but personally am not skilled enough around detailing the vagueness of the Plane from WotC.
  • @modnation675
    That's fine. Thanks for adding a bit to the set.
  • bumpbump
  • @ThyMaster
    Do you know of any cards we can put in?
  • @Undella2 What do you mean?
  • @ThyMaster
    Cards that other people made.
  • @Undella2 None that I know of
  • bump
    (people need to make cards soon, or else all we will do is bump)
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