Mechanix Challenge - From The Vault #1

84 years ago, @Corwinnn, @MrRansom, @AustinSmith and @Tomigon started a project called TheMechanix. Now, its secret is revealed. It is where we organize all custom keyword mechanics posted to Mechanic Encyclopedia for ALL.

Mechanix Challenge - FTV features some of the most popular mechanics we used in the past Mechanix Challenges.

We would like you to choose a custom keyword mechanic from THIS SET
and make an incredible card that uses it.

Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, usefulness and flavor.

Limit of 12 entries max per person.
Only new cards.
Deadline in 1 week : November 6
*Top 3 winners will get a super amazing -TROPHY- and added to -HALL OF FAME- !


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    Here are the Mechanics for Mechanix Challenge - From the Vault #1

    Hunt by @Tomigon
    Hunt (If this creature would deal combat damage to an opponent, you may assign that damage to a creature that player controls instead.)

    Landmorph by @DeepSky, @milanaarz's version
    Landmorph [Cost] (You may play this card face down as a land card with "{t} : Add {c} to your mana pool." Turn it face up any time for its landmorph cost.)

    Decay N by @seaspray4TF3
    Decay N (This creature enters the battlefield with N +1/+1 counters on it. Whenever this creature blocks or becomes blocked, remove a +1/+1 counter from it.)

    Painborn by @Animist
    Painborn (Each 1 life you pay while casting this spell pays for {1}. This creature enters the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter on it for each 1 life paid this way.)

    Apex by @SKiTCH
    Apex - Whenever this creature deals 3 or more damage to a player, [effect..]

    Equilibrium N by @Suicidal_Deity
    Equilibrium N - [cost] ([cost] : Exile this card with N time counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter from it. As long as there are no time counters on it, you may cast it without paying its mana cost anytime you could cast an instant.)

    Primal by @michaelmvm, @Feyamius' version.
    Primal [Cost] (You may cast this spell for its primal cost. You may only spend mana produced by basic lands to do so.)

    Crystallize by @Teacup
    (To Crystallize _____, exile _____, then return it to the battlefield under its owner's control face down as an artifact named Crystal. It has "{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Scry 1.")
    ^This is an action keyword.

    Mitotic by @Gafratt01
    Mitotic (When this creature dies, if its base toughness is 2 or greater, create two creature tokens that are copies of this creature except they have base power and toughness X/X, where X is half of this creature's base toughness, rounded down.)

    Glow by @ChargingBadger
    Glow (Whenever you cast a spell, put a glow counter on this permanent. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a glow counter from it.)

    Binary by @Beeswax
    Binary (Whenever you cast a spell, switch this permanent between on and off. It starts on.)

    Impart by @Tomigon
    Impart [Cost] (When this creature dies, you may pay its impart cost. If you do, target creature gains all activated abilities of this creature.)

  • Examples:

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    Primal by @michaelmvm, @Feyamius 's version

  • @Credius
    That's a powerful effect! Thanks for your entry!
  • @Tomigon , it's a two-part xD
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    A few hints @everyone
    I remembered how difficult it was to evaluate the card power of landmorph cards and painborn cards. I might make mistake but I'll do my best. But I prefer safe balance for those abilities rather than powerful cards:D

    And I'm not so harsh on color pie breaking in mechanix challenges actually. I remember that I surprised at white infect cards. Red scry, green investigate,, they all still feel strange to me. So in this challenge you are free to make nonred hunt cards, nonblack painborn cards, nonblue mitotic cards, etc as well.
  • Landmorph by @DeepSky, @milanaarz's version


    sidenote: please edit landmorph so that it does not show the '-' between Landmorph and [cost], neither Morph nor Megamorph mechanic uses this and thus promotes wrong format.
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    @Credius Done! Thanks! You can use "-" if [Cost] is not mana though!

    Btw, I think you don't understand how to use keyword action.. A few more examples here:
  • @Tomigon :My bad, just glanced through the mechanics, didn't expect a keyword to be in there, but at that actually fits perfectly as a regular ability...especially with cheaper creatures, might make that my version of the mechanic, lol.
  • @Credius
    It's ok! Action keyword is a tricky one. I've seen many people made mistakes when they use it.
    Your card doesn't work. I don't know when that action happens. Do you want it to be ETB? If so, "When Crystaline Guardian enters the battlefield, crystalize ____."
    Your card says Crystaline Guardian crystalizes itself. That means it loses all other types and abilities. So it's last ability never trigger.

    Yeah, you can make your version of crystalize. You can submit it too.

    @everyone I think we can submit landmorph cards to current Animist's challenge.
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    Equilibrium N by @Suicidal_Deity

    Landmorph by @DeepSky, @milanaarz's version
  • @Tomigon, it would've worked perfectly: text of the "action keyword" does not say crystalize when it enters the battlefield, it currently looks more like a reverse morph. It's not you, it's the person who wrote it that's to blame for the confusion xD
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    Then you can blame me xD
    Actually I helped @Teacup making that mechanic. Original version was much more simple. If I remember it correctly, it was "To crystalize ___, put it onto the battlefield face down as a 0/1 creature under its owner's control."
    Then I thought "why crystal is a creature? It should be an artifact. Also if it exiles first, it can crystalize permanents too." So I suggest those ideas. She liked them, and added scry ability on crystal.

    Once you get it, it's very easy. Do you know Detain? Manifest?
    "Detain target creature."
    "Manifest the top card of your library."
    You can use crystalize just like that.
    "Crystalize target creature."
    "Crystalize the top card of your library."

    Very nice! You wrote abilities in the correct order! (I think)
  • @Tomigon

    Yes, but as it stands now, if you for instance like I did fill in the blanks with the card's own name it basically becomes a reverse morph/manifest of sorts and basically becomes a legitimate ability rather than a keyword :P

    Maybe yo can just add it to the mechanics encyclopedia as an alternate version of the mechanic, since it would still work perfectly.
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    Sorry. I only add legitimate mechanics to encyclopedia. And yours is not legitimate. Because I can never understand when that action happens. "Destroy", "shuffle", "cast",,, are also action keywords. Action keyword is usually a verb. So it must be used in a sentence. If you can understand this, I think you would understand why there are blanks, and would want to fill them with something other than the card's own name.

    That card got two favorites, but once again, that card doesn't work. I don't even know how it can be infinite. If you want to change the mechanic, you can do something like these-

    Crystallize [Cost] ([Cost]: Turn this card face down as an artifact named Crystal. It has "{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Scry 1.") - Activated ability keyword.

    Crystallize [Cost] (Turn this card face down any time for its crystalize cost as an artifact named Crystal. It has "{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Scry 1.") - Static ability keyword.

    Crystallize (When this creature dies, return it to the battlefield face down as an artifact named Crystal. It has "{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Scry 1.") - Triggered ability keyword.

    [Cost]: Crystallize Crystaline Guardian. (Exile it, then return it to the battlefield under its owner's control face down as an artifact named Crystal. It has "{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Scry 1.") - Action keyword, this challenge's version.

    When Crystaline Guardian dies, crystallize it. (Exile it, then return it to the battlefield under its owner's control face down as an artifact named Crystal. It has "{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Scry 1.") - Action keyword, this challenge's version.

  • @Tomigon and @everyone - Yes, landmorph cards would qualify for the reactivation challenge!
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    @Tomigon , better?

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  • What’s the ruling on crystallize and death triggers, just so I know for my entry?
  • @Credius
    Yes! Thanks for updating that card!

    If you crystallize something, it becomes only an artifact with sac ability, and loses all other types and abilities. There's no synergy with death trigger.
  • I hope noone minds me changing the wording to Painborn a bit. Still works the same way, but now it fits in the text box without having a jarring gap between the words 'the' and 'battlefield' while used in small text.
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    Sure it's ok.
    That gap happens a lot. lol. You can say "comes into play" instead of "enters the battlefield" like old cards.
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    image image
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    Heres my card, hope its not too op lol i figured it looks balanced. :)
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    Thanks for your entries everyone!
    Nice work, but a bit too op^^; Especially the death trigger.
    Also a few wording tips;
    *You don't need "-" after "Decay 8".
    *The card looks prettier if the reminder text is italicized.
    *You can use the word "create" in the last ability. The text becomes much shorter.
    *The top letter of the creature type should be capitalized. So the last ability is
    "When Undead Hydra dies, create three 0/0 black Serpent creature tokens with decay 4."

    Thanks for your entry! I saw some of your cards, then I realized you don't use colon in activated abilities. Some cards become very confusing without colon. For example, Rummaging Goblin has colon after "Discard a card". That means we can't use it if we can't discard. Because it's part of the cost. But without colon, we don't know if discarding is a cost or effect.
    You don't need to fix your entry only for that. Just an information for your future creation:)
    Rummaging Goblin:
  • @Tomigon Oh damn, thanks dude
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