Looking for a team to make a custom set

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Hey guys

As per the title, I'm just seeing if there's any interest from members of the community for a custom set project.

Looking for people who have the time and the interest in designing and developing a "big set" (as opposed to a small set, think Ixalan, big set, versus Rivals of Ixalan, small set) of about 260~ nonland cards that is draft-friendly. Using the combined power of Magic Set Editor, http://www.planesculptors.net/ and Cockatrice, we'll be able to fully play the set. I'll be in charge of administrative concerns and making the tech we need for playtesting work, but other than that it would be a partnership with equal weight. Magic Set Editor is not mandatory at all, we will use Cardsmith as our main crafting tool, and I'll be remaking the cards in MSE for the sake of drafting and playing with the cards. If any of you know TumbledMTG, this project has a similar goal, setting and ambition.

Looking for 2, maybe 3 people. Our main form of communication will be a discord server where I would also keep links to relevant information and such - This makes a headset and talking mandatory .)
The project is expected to run for months, so be in it for the long haul!

I prefer people in european timezones, as I am Danish, but I'm also willing to get up early (or stay up late!) to accommodate people around the world.

No particular age limit but I urge you to understand that it is a serious project, even if the product is meant to be fun and casual :)

It's all from scratch. The only things I've done is gathered a trove of artwork over the years and I have built a set-skeleton.

So, yea, let me know, preferably in a private message, if this piques your interest, and we can talk further.


  • Reserved, just in case
  • I will help
  • I can will join, but I have school so it is slightly me challenging to have timeto makecards
  • I would if headset and talking weren't mandatory
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    I can, due to an increase in availability nowadays. However, being in MST, I’m quite far from European time.
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    sorry, but that rule isn't changing. It's my third collab custom set, and of the couple of things I have learned, headset+mic stands out as the strongest option for productivity and making sure you're on the same page with things :)


    I already have another person interested whom is also in the MST timezone, and it is something that we can totally work with if I just know your available hours. Stop by my discord and we can figure something out :) https://discord.gg/U7c6qjS
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