I like to ride my biCYCLE!

With the (sort of) recent release of the amonkhet block, cycling saw a huge comeback. Of course it came nowhere near pro tours, but it was still really cool to play with and introduced a fun way to play standard.

I suppose there can't be too much beating around the bush, make a cycling card!

The card should be standard/casual playable, but if you want it could be modern/eternal quality. I'd really prefer a balanced card, written correctly, that would make the game more fun to play.

Cardsmiths may only submit 3 cards, and judging will commence around the 1st of April.

1st, 5 favourites of your choice, a follow, and your choice of 2 honorable mentions
2nd, 3 favourites of your choice, and your choice of 1 honorable mention
3rd, 3 favourites of your choice

Honorable mentions, the honorable mentioned card gets favourited.

So pick up your hammers and temper your cheap cardboardy platic, its time to cardsmith!!


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