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  • hey yall probably havent seen me before but heres my idea for the guy on the curse cards he is a planeswalker with no known name except the unluckiest but some call him murphy because of the murphy law anyhoo plz tell me what yall think cuz nothing …
  • @Corwinnn i really lik this card and it matches the thing perfectly its like a pit fight and abnormal endurance combined really nice and i like the flavor text yo added there 
  • @ShadowReign i like the design but why green and not blue i can't seem to find a reason why can you enlighten me about it but other then that its pretty good.
  • http://https//mtgcardsmith.com/view/adrian-toomes-the-vulture-1 this is the vulture  and i think it represnts him perfectly one he steals stuff and uses it himself hence the ablilty but we all also know he has flying ofc but why the vigilance and…
  • @Tomigon that is a nice design i like that a whole lot different then how i woudlve took it i wouldve made him a global effect like thing but i like this too it makes him harder to build around which leads to interesting decks around it i really do …
  • I forgot to put this one on it 
  • ok heres my ego card but i want yalls honest opinion if it seem fair cuz my buddies and i like to play archenemy and we like using custom arch card and i made ego just to be made for archenemy does he seem good? also here are his scheme cards cuz we…
  • @121092 yea that would be cool the only thing they have that is kinda like it is secret lair but ofc they shouldnt make them have new abilities considering the walking dead disaster thing
  •  its the one with edward norton as the hulk
  • @jpastor before i critique your cards i have a question you wacthing them in timeline order? if so make sure to watch the the incredible hulk they may not like it but its part of the mcu 
  • @Ranshi these cards are sweet or atleast im just glad someone doing this lol ,but heres my feedback on it (as a card and as the marvel aspect of it.) with the spider man card Peter, the Spiderman, you couldve also called him Human Spider lol but tha…
  • ah alr i thought i was reading it wrong
  • ok i have another question on shadrix silverquill  does his ability mean once per game or only that comabt like if i choose to make an inkling i have to choose another player to lets say draw a card lose a life but i can still pick that same one ne…
  • @Jadefire  ahhhh i see alr thx u
  • @Jadefire yes that makes sense but the card says target opponent calls it in the air but ig you mean i win it even if dont land on the one they called like in baseball coin flipping to see who goes first am i right ?
  • ok @jpastor here the cards  ok as i said would if my opponent calls tails but it lands on heads it would be in my favor but since i didnt call it would it trigger okaun ability or no because im confused on it if yall can help me ill be ever gr…
  • alright i have another question bout a card if i play aleatory with okaun eye of chaos out and my opponent says tails but it lands on heads so my okaun would get +1/+1 but since it wouldve landed for me would his double power and toughness thing tri…
  • sweet thx my cousin didnt believe me but now i can prove it 
  • hey guys i have a question does captain ripley vance count for herself like if you played her first do you only have to cast 2 other splls and shell trigger?
  • well if its ok to have legendary instant and sorceries then this will be 2 cards for me if not then itll only be one. http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/tmurz-oracle-of-bones http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/bones-of-death Tmurz is a Shaman on an unkno…
  • yea it is i mustve missed when you said deadline is the 11
  • this still open? 
  • ok for the cardsmith for you i choose Ral1000 and the card for me if i read that last part right is this http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/cloak-and-dagger-earth-616
  • alright sry if i ask alot of questions i do that a lot btw
  • @jpastor alr but do i choose the cards or do i give a cardsmith name and you choose them
  • @ShadowReign here is your song enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glEiPXAYE-U  you may also want to watch a lyric version of it because there is stops in the video for story or sum.
  • ok thx also i forgot to add this but prize 446 do you want me to tell you what cards now or after i finish my cards for this duel also you forgot to dsay anything about the duel thing i mention is there a prize like an actual duel or is it just noth…
  • ok i have a couple of questions but bare with me does the language of the song matter? also what the heck is prize 42 do like does it have any importance and in the duel with my fellow cardsmith is there a winner of the card or a prize or just nothi…
  • hey @ShadowReign im puttting marvel surprise packs on my page but i dont really know what im doing can you help me?
  • ill like my mystery box por favor unless it over or sum