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  • Can we get proper multicolored Planeswalker frames?
  • Can we get mana symbols in pw abilities?
  • @corwinnn can we get aftermath and split cards?
  • @Corwinnn, aftermath, split, proper god, old card, modern, proper planeswalker, and proper token frames (the planeswalker and token frames are outdated). Also, when will you fix the popular search bug?
  • Major Improvements are on the way @joemamajoe. I don't have an exact time frame, but progress is being made!
  • @Corwinnn, OK. Good, good.
  • I know you can download other members cards if you spot one you like, but is there a way to do so with an entire set? I've seen a few I liked as a whole, but it'd take me days to click, download, goto set, click, download 100+ cards lol
  • @JMGreer41 - Not at this time, but I'm glad you like my cards that much... what's that? Oh... not my cards... well, this is awkward...
  • lol...I've still browsing about, tbh. I do like Skrypt though, i remember that'n. 
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    How does one change font size and color with the new system?
    Edit: Would you look at that, the 100th comment.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002

    it's still the same

    <font size=7> The words you want to change font size on</font size>

    But you need to do it in html mode (top right of your comment box) by pressing </> in order to use html

    Just like this!
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     Thank you!
  • Can we get some of the newer mtg set symbols? Like double masters? Or maybe Zendikar Rising? Or just one of the newer ones?
  • Very simple request here: I have a card that I'm looking to make that thematically should have the Purple rarity, as it is of a character that is much further into the future than the "source material" has progressed, and thus would be considered TimeShifted, will Purple be implemented at any point?
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    Or the purple mana.
    And can we please get Tarkir watermarks? Heralding Dromoka is harder if I don't have her watermarks. For instance, this card needs the Dromoka watermark, or at least the Abzan watermark if adding 20 new ones is too hard.

  • Can we at least get the card frames for dual-sided cards? That would be very nice.
  • So, I get that you would probably lose money off of this, since less people would be buying premium, but can we be allowed to change the oracle text of our cards? That way we can put the reminder text of our mechanics in the oracle text, while still maintaining the card’s aesthetics. Or we can modify the oracle text of older cards so they fit with modern wording. Or keyword things that weren’t previously keyworded.
  • Again, P u r p l e .
  • I have an idea for a colonisers season 8 thing, but it needs to have purple to really work.
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    Day 2 in a row for asking for purple. It wouldn't have to be complicated, just the monocolour frame and mana symbol. We would use generic gold for multicolour, and not use hybrid mana, ect
    (I think purple is on mtg.design, but I don't have it.)
  • Day 3 of asking for purple.
  • Actually you were 22 minutes late, so you have to start over again... Day 1 of asking for purple...

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    I noticed that when making a set, the set details seem to not correctly count how many cards of each color there are, but it does count the rarity just fine. I think that this problem occurs with the legendary borders (The legendary vehicle borders specifically may be fine, but I have only used them once), and I think normal split gold-bordered cards aren't counted either (Though I don't know if that was intentional). I hope this isn't a big ask, but if possible could the set details be fixed to correctly display how many cards of each color are in the set? Especially for someone who makes a lot of commanders and puts them all in a set, it feels weird when it says that there are like 60 rares, but then says that the only cards in the set are two gold cards (From times I forgot to add the legendary border).
  • That's a good one @feralitator!

    Also, I'm gonna suggest Purple Mana
  • Can we have an option to ignore accounts (like follow but in reverse?) i don't want to outright block someone (except for spam accounts) but i also don't care to see some other people's creations (no offense intended, i just don't need to see 30 some odd tokens on the feed from the same guy)
  • @KorandAngels Mtg.Design is a website... you can’t “have it.” And they don’t have purple as far as I know. I think you’re thinking of Magic Set Editor.
  • Still Please add purple. MSE is too hard.
  • I mean, I can probably make it work with blue instead, but I hate blue and it would damage my morals, and Dromoka might fire me.
  • I guess we'll get all these updates Corwinnn's been talking about since june when Silksong comes out
  • :::crossing fingers:::
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