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  • And...The most important request of them all...

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    Not sure if this has been pointed out yet, but when you explore cards and select "Colorless" all Legendary and constellation frames are considered "colorless" for some reason in the search results.
  • How about colored land borders?
  • Symbols on planeswalker cards and colored land borders are definitely towards the top of my list honestly.
  • Just spitballing here but I noticed some like to spam cards with no artwork (just a blank screen of death, usually bright white).. which is totally cool on the card creation side of things.  My thought was to have an option when selecting an image to select "NO IMAGE" or "USE SITE DEFAULT" or something... and it would just default to a picture of the MTG Cardsmith logo. This would be more pleasant and serve as an advertisement of sorts... thoughts?
  • I kinda like that

  • This fool ain't got no art!

    Something like that?
  • that is actually the best idea ive seen all day. Sometimes I have good ideas for cards, but I can't find art (or are feeling to lazy at the moment) and so those good ideas just fade from my brain. But yes great idea.
  • I actually love this idea too, very solid suggestion.
  • Interesting...Of course, I'lll never use that, as I have an "Art to Use" folder, but that's a nice idea. I like it.*
  • I like the concept @Corwinnn, but I'm honestly thinking a dark background is better throughout... white is more obnoxious and is what tickled me to have this idea... White or bright colors eat my battery life on my phone + it's brighter at night and not as pleasant to look at. I love the brownish-slate with green and gold color scheme of MTGCardsmith logo...

    I pulled this image directly from the homepage.. I mean... the dark shaded area with the forest in the background is smack on... I think??? Maybe this whole picture is smack on ???

    I'm not sure. What do you think?

  • Yeah, a dark/grey background, maybe the background texture/color from the homepage?

  • There is a function that lets a premium member from in an image for a symbol set.  If the same sort of coding allowed an image drop into the mana symbol area, text of a card, and/or card frame; a LOT of variety could be added with no more work from the part of the Cardsmith side of things. 

    Instead of having to put new selections in you could let the community find and archive them like it does on the Custom Symbol Set and Symbol Set Supply house thread.

    There are already a lot of non-standard mana symbols out there, like the colorless hybrid mana form reaper king, three-color hybrid mana symbols.  New card frame art could be dropped in for things like Future Sight and most the MSE style borders. 

    In any case, it would shift some of the work to fans who are able and willing to help put things together.  It certainly seems to have worked for the custom symbols.

    Then whosoever is working on improvements could take on other projects.  Like letting cards online have a link that connects to a tweet-size text document.  This area would be a good place to put "Rulings"  and would allow people to link Keywords to reminder text rather than having them on-card.
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