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  • @Faiths_Guide : It reminds me a lot about the baby-stealing fairies legends, on the same note :D
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    OK ! I'm going to assume nobody lives on a small island in the Pacific Sea, so we're officially on Sunday :


    Thanks to everyone who entered ! =D
    I'll try to judge as quickly as possible, if I cannot decide today it may take a few more days as I can be quite busy at work recently, but don't worry I won't make this last more than a week, worst-case scenario :)
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    Alright, I think I've settled on my favourites :D
    I hope you find some of my choices interesting, I tried to explain why I found those 10 cards especially good below each of them.

    Here is my Top 10:

    #10 : Scion of the Malefic by @Arceus8523 : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/scion-of-the-malefic?list=user
    It’s a very simple card, but it is very elegant in its proposition. It embraces the rogue nature of fairies in certain tales where they’re often depicted as thieves, and I found this card to be a very clever way to transpose that in Magic terms. So, Top 10 for elegance and clean design !

    #9 : Golden Tear by @saveria201 : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/golden-tear?list=user
    A very original fairy tale trope to be exploited. I like the focus on the number 1 (one tear, one creature, one mana) which gives an incredible feeling of innocence and fragility to this card :D

    #8 : Batrachian Elusion by @Beeswax : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/batrachian-elusion?list=user
    I’m really fond of the versatility of this card. Transforming your ennemies into frogs by targeting them with spells is very clever by itself. But letting the possibility of protecting your own creatures by transforming them into hexproof frogs is really really cool design (even if it’s probably way too cheap ;D)

    #7 : Sunlit Forest // Moonlit Predator by @starwars05 : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/sunlit-forest?list=user // http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/moonlit-predator?list=user
    I love how good this card is at giving you the sensation you are actually alone in a dangerous wood! I think there is potential in this card to be even more awesome, as the wolf on the back seemed a little underwhelming for such a great concept!

    #6 : Faetouched Dragon by @Connor2001 : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/faetouched-dragon
    The idea of a Fairy Dragon was very refreshing, and I laughed hysterically at the flavour text for several minutes x) The concept is really cool, the effect is just a little complicated with the time counters thing ^^

    #5 : Dreamdust Sprinkler by @Tomigon : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/dreamdust-sprinkler-1
    Another faerie card that doesn’t look like much at first, but every detail is just perfectly in flavour: it comes when everybody is sleeping and make some flyiers :) I’m just not a strong fan of unlimited effects.

    #4 : Fiery Godmother by @Beeswax : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/fiery-godmother-1
    Bestow was an excellent hit to depict the work of the fairy godmothers! And the effect is also pretty intense. But let’s be honest, what makes this card absolutely awesome is how fun its flavour is, from the name to the flavour text xD

    #3 : Scarlett Traveler by @worldslayer15 : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/scarlett-traveler-3
    This card is so beautiful. Happily Ever After is a flavour homerun. And the contrast between the whole card that is red as blood even in its name and this little 1/1 human child that’s ready to die just gives me chills everytime I look at it :) Powerwise, I think the Beast restriction, while very flavourful, wants to make this uncommon though ^^

    #2 : Ambitious Advisor by @Lujikul : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/ambitious-advisor
    It’s not as splashy as many other entries, that’s because Ambitous Advisors like to work in the shadow ;) I’m still getting the spotlights on this one, because of how every detail of the card was so carefully thought through: this card depicts treason, secret, conspiracy,… The more you look at it, the more you realize how sinister it actually is! Great flavour that hides in plain sight behind well-know effects like hexproof, it’s incredibly clever =D

    #1 : Dwarfish Cottage by @Faiths_Guide : http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/dwarfish-cottage
    A very intricate design that is just so elegant on so many levels. It pushes you to build with darwes creatures, the seven dwarves reference is very subtle, it makes an incredible Black Lotus machine while still being somehow balanced and letting the opponent interact easily with it ^^ It’s really great design both flavourfulwise and mechanicwise :D

    Congratulations to the winners (but also to the others of course, as we saw a lot of good idea from everyone) =)

    Each card of the top 10 will get a favourite. In addition, the three winners will get favourites on any cards of their choice:
    - @worldslayer15 : what 1 card do you want me to favourite in your gallery?
    - @Lujikul : what 3 cards do you want me to favourite in your gallery?
    - @Faiths_Guide : what 5 cards do you want me to favourite in your gallery?
    You three may answer directly below in the comments, or by private message ^^

    Again, thanks to everyone, that was an awesome first contest for me!
  • Congrats to ALL the winners and the rest of the Top Ten! Thanks to @ningyounk for hosting a fun challenge and for supplying great feedback!!
  • Ooooo, @Beeswax made top 10 twice! Nice.

    Congrats @Everyone! Thanks a million @ningyounk for the awesome contest!

    Asterion, Maze Vanquisher
    Dair, Averynn's Progeny
    Enlightened Swordsmith

    Thanks so much!
  • Thanks ningyounk! Nice contest concept :D
    I enjoyed it a lot!
  • So much love <3
    I'll contact @worldslayer15 directly by private message, so I can close the conversation (if I manage to find where one can do that) xD

    Thanks again everyone! :)
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