The Lord of Innistrad's Rival

Okay, so, with the recent changes in the multiverse, it appears there is a new Lord of Innistrad. Or should I say Lady of Innistrad: Olivia Voldaren.

It's pretty simple. For this contest, you have to make Olivia's new rival. Everyone knows that before, Sorin was number 1 and Olivia was number 2. So, who is number 2 now? That's for you to decide.

1. It's got to be a vampire. I understand that there are other species on innistrad, however, the top notch vampires are the most ruthless, and usually the most powerful.
2. Balanced. I don't really want to see vampires that could sweep through olivia in a single swing. Olivia is the most powerful vampire on Innistrad now, so this rival cannot just show up and destroy her easily; this one's just got to give her a little run.
3. Try to stay true to the Innistrad Red-black vampire code. Basically, no blue or green vampires, and very little white (cause Sorin was white, so it's not all that bad).

Also, I'm considering expanding this. If enough people want, I'll run two contests from this thread, one for the rival and one to make the new Olivia, but that's up to you guys.

1st: 5 favorites of your choice
2nd: 3 favorites of your choice
3rd: 2 favorites of your choice
Honorable mentions: 1 favorite of my choice

Good luck, and don't forget to have fun!!!!! Now lets see some vampire diplomacy!

End date: Undetermined


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