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    I've begun to add Teysa into the image petting it. Thematically it should feel appropriate for something Orzhov in Ravnica Allegiance.


    Working on blocking in colors at present.
  • ...

    I meant in general... like what is the end goal of the illustration?
  • @Ranshi922
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding? The end goal of the illustration for this "Cat Beast" creature is as I just described: an Orzhov themed pet of Teysa. I plan to put them in a Cathedral like setting similar to the "Teysa Karlov" art that I'm trying to imitate the costuming from.
  • The image didn’t load.
  • The sketch looks beautiful!
  • @Temurzoa
    Thanks! It's coming along, but it sure has been difficult: I'll provide another WIP soon.
  • Lots of progress (almost only on Teysa). Next steps are her hair and the background.
    This has been super difficult, but I'm learning a lot. Need to devote more time to this app in the future.

    WIP [Update]
  • @Faiths_Guide Really dug into it. You're doing an amazing job on the piece.


    1) Instead of having to get a full detailed ultra-high resolution transition of fur, you can probably just make that transition between the dark shadow-y shape and the light shadow-y shape look furry. Here's a good example of how to cheat it to make it look like the entire leg is fur.

    2) Her contour is a bit dark. Humans have surprisingly soft features, the more cold black you add the more uncanny it looks (It's why people use bronzer instead of just a darker shade of their own skin tone) Could add a tiny bit of reddish pink to make it feel more alive. you can see on the original how the darker sections are tinted more red.

    3) I can see around the rounder shapes like the cat's upper lips you spent a lot of time getting the shading just right. It does look good, but I probably wouldn't spend too much time on it, it'll make stuff like the wing joints feel like impossible tasks once you have to get around to finishing them. Can let your gradients do most of the work.

    4) More of a continuation of 3. I can see you work in flat colors and add shading after. I'd almost suggest (on your next piece, because this is very well on its way to being done) mockup the whole thing or do most of the work with your gradients first. in a piece like this, you can see the clear distinction between areas that are dark and light. For your next piece you can try doing the the whole thing in a lightgrey/darkgrey and plan out all the shadows first. Makes your life so much easier coloring.

    5) Just a small nitpicky. thing You could probably add a tiny shadow on her shirt from the metal necklace. I see you added a dark section to the necklace, but based on the lighting it looks like it should cast just the tiniest shadow on her shirt too.

    6) More of a comment on the anatomy of it, the creatures wings seem quite small in this. Even though they are folded up they don't seem like they provide the lift to move such a creature, especially since the pose you put it in makes it feel so heavy and powerful. You can see on Wasitora, just how massive her wings are to match the body & pose.

    Hope that isn't too much :P
  • @pewnd
    Great feedback! The fur technique in (1) was what I needed to know for my art.
  • @pewnd
    That was excellent feedback (much more in depth than I anticipated). I haven't been on the website since Thursday the 22nd, but I have been working on the piece and I hit a number of the things you've mentioned already--1), 2), 5).

    The original sketch of this guy was very graphical, and I focused more on silhouette than wing anatomy at the time. I don't think I'm going to go back through and fix it, though I could make it more believable by adding wing connecting on the inside. I'll consider it.

    Your workflow tips and tricks should be very useful in future pieces, thanks so much!
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    The card hasn't been submitted yet, but I'd appreciate any feedback!
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    Bit of a shameless plug here, but, if you're among those that liked the Teysa's Pet artwork I created (and you have or can create an Artstation account) I could use extra likes on that post. I'm thinking of going "Pro" on Artstation and devoting more time to art/learning and the little publicity boost might be valuable.

    The Arstation Pro price is going to increase next month: 3 DAYS!

    Thanks for your time!
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    Magali Villeneuve swung by and liked my Instagram post of Teysa's Pet. 0_0

    She's done 108 MtG illustrations, including Teysa Karlov.
  • Thanks guys :P
  • Daaaaaaamn
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    This one from my Instagram was my take on Rudy Siswanto's #drawthisinyourstyle challenge:
    He left a like and some kind words :P It was even featured in his stories!
  • @Faiths_Guide, I got an email alerting me of that post! Didn’t realize that was yours! Congrats!
  • liked it, also awesome for you @Faiths_Guide
  • @Faiths_Guide, have you found any time to work on that Hazoret?
  • @Ranshi922
    Well, with Inktober and a bunch of other challenges, it's been rough to be able to fit anything else into my limited free time... I will try to remember to get back to that eventually.
  • Oof. Alright, I understand.
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    Some Inktober 2019 pieces:
    image image image image
    More recent Ink over on my Instagram:
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    For those of you that missed it:
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