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  • LoL - As soon as I read it, the whole scene just flashed before me, and I thought... that seems accurate.
  • @TemurGideon has humor just like @Lastjustice hes the king of bad puns around here.
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    ( @Corwinnn has spies everywhere...the trees have squirrel eyes!!!)
  • Lol @TemurGideon is asleep already i think otherwise hed say something funny here back to ya @Lastjustice.
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    @TemurGideon calm ya self, and the numbered variant will allow more freedom to the ability. It is an amazing ability, wouldn't you want it to be better?
  • No. I want it to be a gamble, a risk. That's why it says UP TO.
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    I don’t have a card for this mechanic, but I thought it’d be a cool one:
    Sluggish (during combat, your opponent assigns blockers to this creature last.)
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    I have two new mechanics I needed to add to the Mechanics Encyclopedia.



    This ability has a lot of possibilities to it. It can be payed either while the card is in your hand, on the battlefield (as long as it's under your control) or while it's in your graveyard.)



    Halted I've had to redo the idea a couple of times. Then it hit me: Why not make it so you can have this creature block while it is tapped? The catch is, there has to be at least two or more creatures attacking you. I think this ability could be pretty useful to players as well.
  • Just an update since I can't go so far back and delete the older entries to the encyclopedia here, Devastate, Soul Drain, and Panicked(originally called Scared) are NO MORE. I didn't like where they was going, and didn't seem to work as well on the cards in my opinion.

    Additionally, I have updated all my abilities in the last few days or so. Here is an updated list of my "mechanics"

    Restore N (When this ____ enters the battlefield, you may shuffle up to N cards from your graveyard into your library.)

    Restore is my oldest existing ability I created, and it has been used mostly on green, blue, and white spells. A lot of cardsmiths that have used or expressed interest in this ability say that it feels very green to them over all the colors in the game. Since there are colorless ways to get cards from your graveyard back into your library, when I first made the ability I had all the colors in mind for Restore to be used with, but it has since then made more appearances on green then any other color.

    Spy (cost) (You may pay an additional (cost) as you play this spell. If you do, this creature enters the battlefield under target opponents control. It can't attack it's owner.)

    Spy is tricky. It was never meant to be a 1v1 ability, it was meant for multiplayer formats such as commander. It CAN be used in 1v1, and I am working on making cards for this idea in the future that will allow it to do that. It's colors have been primarily blue and black, and slightly red, but it is strongest in blue because of the nature of the ability and what it does.

    Navigate (cost) ( (cost), Exile this card: Reveal the top card of your library until you reveal a land card. Put that card onto the battlefield and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.)

    This is still freshly new and needs to be explored more. So far it feels like its bant, or blue white and green, I feel like it would be stronger in green, but it can be used in all 5 colors, much like cycling is found in all 5 colors. Cycling slightly influenced this ability, but of course it's not the same.

    Halted (If this creature is tapped, this creature may block as though it were untapped as long as two or more creatures are attacking you.)

    My most recent ability. I had some trouble with the concept going into this thing. I wanted a defensive ability, and I thought of an opposite of exalted at first, which turned out to be horribly op I never made any cards with it like that concept thankfully. However, it did get changed a few times even after that, and the final iteration of it sits before you as I type this. I feel that it will be best used in white more so than any other color.

    If I have any more mechanics/ abilities to add to the encyclopedia in the future, I will do so. But please go ahead and feel free to use any of the abilities to your hearts content. It would be cool to see where you guys go with them! (I loved the Restore and Spy cards you guys came up with btw, totally cool! Also @saveria201's use of Navigate was clever, and I believe she was the 1st cardsmith to use the ability other than myself. Nice work, thanks for liking it and using it @saveria201! :)
  • I had to make a mechanic to make Slivers a little more balanced in one of my sets, introducing

    Splintered Hivemind - This creature doesn't receive boosts to power and toughness from other sliver creatures
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    *no i am not going to say that... fine... ya... ok...*
    My "amazing" brother has come up with "the best" keyword effect, which we are calling "Evergreen" because of the evergreen keywords. Basically each color has a main effect i.e. red - first strike, green - trample, blue - flying, white - vigilance, black - lifelink (we understand that some people think of haste and deathtouch for red and black respectively, but thats not the direction we wanted to go.)

    We are working on formatting for a card. It will likely be poo and I am open to suggestions for formatting.
  • So here is an example of the effect. I need help formatting how it would be worded in different scenarios, because I like it and would enjoy using a more polished version in future cards.
  • Maybe like the land walk abilities you could separate the bulk land ability @Ranshi922. Example= bulk up plains (as long as an opponent has a plains this creature has vigilance.) Or if not separated then just Bulk Up and do the 'same is true text ruling for each of the 5 basic lands. I this k Bulk Up works better than Bulk Land because your literally 'bulking up your creature, plus it sounds cooler.
  • Fair point, @sorinjace, but how exactly would we phrase it for the case of this?
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    Hrrmm... Idk. This is why @Tomigon would be good to get in on this project you and your brother have. It's a neat concept, and I know you don't want certain 'individuals' making you feel less about you and your brother's idea, so maybe he can help advance it further than I can for you. I'm looking at this and thinking the idea is cool, but maybe the wording or the phrase is off. I know I suggested Bulk, but maybe I was wrong in that suggestion...

    Landwake - This creature has vigilance if an opponent controls a Plains. The same is true for...

    Maybe this is what needs to happen? Plus, since it is worded on the card this way, you can change it up for other creatures. It don't mean it has to be the same ability for each time Landwake is on a card. Its another one of those Keywords that isn't an ability but it states what happens when the ability takes effect in the game to the creature.

    (ex. ferocious is in effect when you have a creature with power 4 or greater, then the ability goes off depending on that card itself.)

    @Ranshi922 does this make any sense or am I wording this wrong again...? lol

    **also, I suggested Landwake because, well, you named your Sliver Landwake Sliver, and you introduced it on Landwake Sliver, it makes sense, I think.
  • Does anyone know if a mechanic has been made called “mount”, and if so what does it do?
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    @sorinjace, I like the idea that it would be like ferocious in that the trigger would be the same, but the effect would depend on the card itself.

    I am going to have several versions of this.

    Bulk will be when it is based on creatures in play

    @Tomigon's suggestion of calling it Adaptability is what I will use for lands because its environment is influencing

    & for any other circumstances, I will see. But I love that this came together so nicely!
  • Adaptability (As long as a plains is on the battlefield, this creature has {white ability}. The same is true for island and {blue ability}, swamp and {black ability}, mountain and {red ability}, and forest and {green ability}.)

    Example: Landwake Sliver
  • Thanks, @sorinjace! I updated it again so that it gives others that
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    I saw 2 or 3 mechanics named "mount"(or "saddle up") posted here. They are trying to attach creature to another creature. But we thought they have issues in flavor (no one would want to mount on Ursapine, and no one would want to be mounted by Emrakul. And riders aren't counted as attacking/blocking creatures in combat), so we haven't used them in Mechanix Challenges yet. We tried to fix the mechanic, but it became more complex than banding. But I'm still searching the way to make it possible. The mechanic similar to crew might have potential.
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    You might mount Ursapine with a cleverly contrived head/neck saddle. Humanoids are nothing if not problem-solvers.

    My version of "mount" didn't involve an ability:

    I created the phrase "..must attack or block together."

    This means that if you wish to attack a player or planeswalker, it must be legal for both and must be declared simultaneously. If you wish to block a creature, it must be legal for both and declared simultaneously.
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    Yeah, we actually thought about paring idea too. And I wanted to add "block and are blocked as a group".
  • @Tomigon
    My point is that they wouldn't need to be paired, and they wouldn't need to be grouped, they'd merely need to be "treated" as a single creature when declaring attacks or blocks.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Ok. My point is I think they should be treated as a single creature. how do a horse and a human riding on that horse blocks two creatures at the same time? How can a man with no parachute riding on a griffin survive when that griffin is killed by Lightning Bolt?
  • What if he has a magical parachute and if he becomes dismounted he does not untap as normal during it's controllers next untap step.... oh yeah... I remember why it started getting wordy now...
  • @Tomigon
    To the first, they can’t block two creatures, they must block and attack together.

    To the second, I have no idea!
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