Origins - Create a prelude legendary creature

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I thought it might be fun to have a contest that follows the same idea of the Origins set. But instead of backstories to planeswalkers I am interested in Legendary creatures. Choose your favorite Legendary creatures from any MTG set and create a prelude version. It can be younger, before a traumatic event, or whatever. I'll also give each entry a like for participating in my first contest.

Only two entries per Cardsmith.
Must reference a real MTG legendary creature. Link to the Gatherer page for the original(s) please.
Open until the 10th of March. Judging on the 12th.

-Color, ability, and flavor matching to the original. It doesn't have to be just a watered down version, but your logic should be obvious.
-Overall style and balance.
-Proper MTG wording and grammer. Any edits done before the contest close do not count against you so ask for help if you need it.
-Bonus points for a cool backstory, completely arbitrary on my part.

First - 5 likes and a follow. (2 more if I'm already following.)
Second - 3 likes.
Third - 2 likes.
Two Honorable mentions - each 1 like.

Referencing Jareth, Leonine Titan.

Have fun!


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