The Adventures of Kim Jong Un (Contest)

Not that any of the great smiths like @Faiths_Guide or @Animist will enter this contest, but today you will be making a card based on the Adventures of Kim Jong Un. This contest is dedicated to @KJMartin

For this challenge, you will have to watch this series and make cards based on it:

Rules and Regulations
1. Cards must be based on The Adventures of Kim Jong Un.
2. There will be no entry limit, but no spam entries.
3. New Cards Only!

The Challenge ends on Friday, March 25th at 2:00 AM EST. and will be judged the same day.

This is one of my 200 Card Special Contests

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  • So if someone enters he/she is not a great smith?
  • So are we doing a Holocaust contest when this is over? Maybe a Cambodian or Bosnian genocide set? How about ISIS vs. Eldrazi?

    This is in poor taste.
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