We had quite a battle in our Return of the Circuit Challenge!

There were 36 Cardsmiths who garnered points! What a great turn out! Thanks to everyone who entered in the Circuit Challenges!

We had 10 different Challenges with 10 different Judges! We did this to make sure the winners weren't being picked by just one person, and this helped not only in the variety of challenges, but the number of Cardsmiths who gained points in those challenges!

And now, without further ado, even though it's no surprise, we would like to announce the WINNER of the Return of the Circuit Challenge


It was a hard fought battle for First Place and Third Place!

Animist and@ Faiths_Guide battled hard, and Animist was able to edge out the 2016 Winner by a whole point!
In the battle for third place, @Gelectrode made a strong push at the end to pull into a tie with @saveria201

Here is the Final point tally for the top four!
Animist - 5 & 1/2 Points
Faiths_Guide - 4 & 1/2 Points
saveria201 - 2 & 1/4 Points
Gelectrode - 2 & 1/4 Points

Keep on the look out for the new season of The Circuit Challenge starting SOON!!

Also keep your eyes peeled for the card that Animist picked to be FEATURED!


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