6th mana color

if there was a 6th mana color in magic the gathering. what would it be? this is a contest to see who can make the best name, color, and symbol. the one I think is coolest will win


  • Plaid would just be a bunch of shirt and sweater equipment cards. That no one would want to equip, ha ha.
  • I was gonna go with Paisley, but I figured Prince would be the Planeswalker. At least with Plaid we could get Chris Cornell
  • The mana symbol would be Cobain... pre-shotgun obviously
  • When I saw this my mind immediately went to work. I thought maybe gray, but couldn't come up with a flavor. Then I thought of purple, and thought maybe that would be a natural type of mana found in a time rift like the ones in Time Spiral block, and maybe it would have a flavor of mystery and the unknown, or erratic or chaotic patterns or fluctuations in time, or of spells in general, the idea behind spells being that they are formed out of some quantum material. There would still be a sort of order, reflecting white a bit, and an intelligence behind it all, reflecting blue themes. It could be called Mystery and have a spiral as a symbol. Another way of using purple could have nothing to do with time at all. Instead, having it as a theme for the Eldrazi, because they were just powerful forces of nature or something like that before they were turned into creatures. Eliminating the time aspect, the quantum spell material idea still could work. The eldrazi still have some sort of order and mystery. Of course, if it was indigo, which is darker, it would have a darker malevolence and trickery and manipulative aspect similar to black in both cases, time and eldrazi. By that same token, a maroonish color, which is closer to red, would reflect more chaotic and vicious themes. I'll wrap up, because you are probably getting sick of reading this. My other idea was a dark green, sort of like a fusion between green and black, for the phyrexians on Mirrodin, or the theme of the plane before the Phyrexians came, as it was a metallic world with natural and artificial life intertwined, but I would not have a name or symbol for this.
  • They were calling for Purple to be the 6th color even back when I started playing Magic (1994). Wizards has always maintained there would never be a new color, and that being solely based on the card back. It is the one thing that must remain constant.

    With that being said, purple is probably the most popular 6th color idea (Plaid not even coming close!)
  • When designing some of my first Magic cards (not on this website), I created gray and brown. Gray was about change and 'going with the flow' and was epitomized in the element of air. Brown focused on stability and a mix of values between red and green, and showed itself through earth.
  • Gray would be confused with colorless, so I dont think it would be a great choice
  • On the color wheel the opposite of blue is yellow so we should have yellow be anti-blue to stop the blue meta.
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    blue is pretty strong
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    I know this isn't a new color, but I made a new type of mana a while ago
  • @Adornap, cool. Intriguing.
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