Help me build a Faerie Planeswalker Vote on what color combinations you think are the best. Trying to avoid the obviousness of Dimir for the character I am going for. But don't know what to do.


  • What type of fae lore inspires you? Faeries come in a lot of flavors.
  • @Quryix, Faeries are generally U, B, or UB, but if you want to avoid that, I would go with mono blue or UW if you're adamant on it being multicolored.
    @pstmdrn gave you good advice. You should think about what kind of faerie you want it to be. The most common Faerie lore is that they're mischievous and whimsical, but with a touch of evil, and definitely very inhuman. One interesting description I've read of is the the Fae are the offspring of angels and demons, thus mixing light with darkness. They are often portrayed as capricious and with veiled emotions.
  • Many faeries are nature oriented as well. They represent at much earlier time when reality was not as rigid as it is now. Things could easily become one thing or another. Magic is natural to them. They use magic for mundane things without thinking about it. They often have a very rigid society, but with rules that make no sense to us.
  • What about a card like this?

    Brenda, who has Glittery Wings (or whatever name you would like)
    Planeswalker - Brenda

    +1: Tap or untap target permanent. Permanents tapped this way do not untap during their controller's next untap step.

    -X: Tap or untap up to X target permanents. Permanents tapped this way do not untap during their controller's next untap step.

    -6: Exile all permanents target player controls. Return them to the battlefield under its owner's control tapped at the beginning of your next turn.

    3 Loyalty

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    Possibly try making it G/U, B/R, or W/B.
  • A minor change is that "do not" becomes "don't".
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    For Esper:
    {w}{u}{b} - Loyalty 3

    Any opponent may discard a card. If no opponent does, you may draw a card.

    Target permanent's controller sacrifices it unless its controller pays {x}, where X is that permanent's converted mana cost.

    Choose a card type. Exile all cards of the chosen type.
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