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    In another multiverse, Innistrad has succumbed to the night. Cultists and demons rule supreme, amassing legions of ghouls and spirits against each other in their petty faction wars. Werewolves have become the sullen defenders of the wilderness, ensuring that no living or dead creature emerges from the forests unscathed. Angels have become demon fodder, unwilling defenders of their infernal courts.

    Disgraced forever in the annals of history in this new Innistrad is the Geist of Heretic Traft. A daring young man while he still lived, Traft rebelled against his 'blessed' patron demon, Withengar, and slew him in single combat. Weakened by his ordeal, he was killed by Withengar's old cultists, insane with rage. And when rumors of his resurrection as a vengeful geist arose, the many cultists factions could at least agree to try and capture his soul to torment him forever. Many angels have given their lives in search of the Geist of Heretic Traft.

    Although bitter and spiteful of his killers, the Geist of Heretic Traft is milder than other black geists, being melancholy and worn down by the constant game of hide-and-seek. He bides his time running, patiently waiting to strike back against the demons and regain his status.

  • @TheFriendlyGeek how did Azusa get lost on Tarkir? In a different timeline...
  • @KrampisZman She got lost in time looking for a plane to settle on (lost but seeking) and found tarkir and then got abandoned by tarkir.
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    1st entry :)

    Well, Norin was a little UNwary once, so yeah, he died and became a zombie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I actually read a little bit of this guy's backstory, and it seems like my version is actually pretty accurate to how he eventually developed!
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  • Here's my version of Teferi, who has taken his arcane understanding of time and applied it to more... practical purposes.

    Original/New Version:
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    Adriana, Rebellious Knight is a younger, less experienced, but also far more violent and selfcentered woman, a knight in training who revels in violence, but has yet to learn about the honor and duty of a knight of the Guard.

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