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I like the idea of this Imprison mechanic I made, but it is too wordy. Can I get some advice on how to minimize the explanation without detracting from the idea?


  • I think you're really just trying to do too many things at once with the mechanic.

    As long as this is creatures only:
    (To Imprison a creature, turn it face down as a 0/1 colorless Prisoner creature with defender, then gain control of it. Whenever a source controlled by the owner of an imprisoned creature you control deals combat damage to you, that player gains control of it and turns it face up.)

    Don't think you should keep this bit as it's already really wordy [If they would be sacrificed for a spell or ability you control, copy that spell or ability].
  • I agree and appreciate the advice, but don't want to give up on the sacrificing bit yet.
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