Set Symbol Releases

Today we've released the following set symbols:

- Hour of Devastation
- Eclipse (for an upcoming contest - details coming soon!)

They are available now - enjoy!


  • Cool, thank you!
  • Sweet, Eclipse looks awesome. I can't wait to see what the Eclipse symbol is gonna be revolved around contest-wise.
  • Love them both!
  • i like the eclipse symbol, would love to see symbols based around angels, demons, cats, dragons and other creature types. Just want to give some suggestions to get some ideas flowing.
  • The Eclypse symbol bothers me a little. The colors for rare seem off, more orangey-yellow than gold. And both rare and mythic rare look very flat, they lack the color depth and metallic look of symbols like Cardsmith, Amonkhet, or Squirreltopia. The Gear symbol has the same issues too.
  • @TheGamingBolasChannel I was making a Blorg Set Symbol

    @TheClayKnight I don't like the Eclypse symbol either, but mostly just because I dislike the symbol itself. Doof'd* for life!

    *I like Mirage and Cardsmith as well!
  • @KrampisZman
    We just find the eclipse symbol to cluttered making it harder to see with different rarity effects.
  • @modnation675 I agree with that sentiment.
  • @modnation675 Eclipse doesn't seem more cluttered than Kaladesh or Aether Revolt, but both of those have the right colors and visible metallic effects. And the color/effect for Eclipse is fine in uncommon.

    @KrampisZman I'd actually really like Eclipse if it had the right colors/effects. But as is, it's in the same boat as Gear for me (not going to get used much)

    *I think Cardsmith is one of the best symbols overall
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    Kaladesh uses a heart like symbol and therefore is easily distinguishable.
    2) Aether revolt looks like a vase and therefore is similar to Kaladesh, but a separate example.
    3) The symbols intentionally express free flowing shapes within a container. This shows ambiguity and expresses the creative nature of the sets' plane.
    3) Most symbols are fine at common or uncommon. It's not very difficult to do.

    I use the gear for unfinished cards to show the card status. Here's our list of symbol meanings for example.

    [Set Symbols]
    Multi-format: Cardsmith, Commander: Eclipse, Standard: Shield and Axes, Special: MTG Promo, Unfinished: Gear, Abandoned: Pagoda, Nonlegal: Depository.
  • @modnation675 I'm not sure how your reasoning is relevant. My point was that Eclipse and gear don't have the right color/texture for rare and mythic, while more complex symbols do. Using the right colors and a simple gradient doesn't seem difficult to me.

    I wasn't aware those symbols had official meanings, interesting.
  • Sorry, I must've misread your comment. But yeah, I saw an amusing video on flags. It may give you a chuckle!

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    [See prior comment!]
  • @TheClayKnight, might I add the Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx symbols?
  • @Gelectrode add them in what way?
  • Ixalan set symbol released.
  • Rivals of Ixalan set symbol released (almost on time!)
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  • @mtgcardsmith Maybe we should make a Wholesome Porgnography set symbol... ;)
  • @KrampisZman - Oh the humanity!
  • !ytinamuh eht hO - namZsipmarK@
  • What about the Time Spiral and/or Future Sight and/or Planar Chaos set symbol(s)? They cover a wide range of possible designs as a card referencing anything lore-wise set on Dominaria would be able to use them (E.g. Custom Urzas, Thallids, most elf cards, Taysirs, ect) Future Sight would be a good way for users to mark specuatory card designs, and Planar Chaos would be a fantastic excuse to bend the color pie a bit. All together, I think that the symbols would be very inspiring to users, as the symbols are very evocative of mechanics and themes that have much design space still open.
  • Dominaria added!
  • SWEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT!
  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
  • Any input/critique on my custom symbol greatly appreciated:
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    i looks phalic in multiple ways XD but maybe its just me.
    I like the general looks of it but im usure if your going for a wand looking thing or sword thing. i think the best looking set symbol are those with clear negative space for the rarity color to be easily recognized. set symbol like dominaria gives for very ugly looking common rarity symbol. great job none the less. (i have some symbol of my own on MSE but never bothered posting them here)
  • @faiths_guide I think it’s too fancy. It would not reproduce well at small sizes, like as the card symbol. You are on the right track but it must be simpler IMO
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