Fabled Lands Contest (Closed)

Hello, and welcome to Fabled Lands contest where each cardsmith designs up to four legendary lands with at least one unique ability to play with. I started this contest because whenever I look into my or any other cardsmith's profile, I do not find many legendary lands from them. Then I thought "what would be a better way to encourage people to create some legendary lands if not with a little contest"?

So here I am, ready to see what you are capable of doing with your imagination in my 1st contest!


Post your entries before the contest's due date, which is two weeks from this day (August 17th, 2017). The judging may take a few days.

1. You may make up to four legendary lands.
2. Cards may be edited before the due date.
3. Cards may be switched out before the due date.
4. Cards can't be made before the 3rd of August (old cards are not allowed).
5. Each card must be a Legendary Land!
6. No joke cards but humor can be involved.

1st Place
- 4 favorites of your choice or 2 favorites of your choice and a follow.
- I will create a token from you.
2nd Place
- 3 favorites of your choice or 1 favorite of your choice and a follow.
3rd Place
- 2 favorites of your choice or a follow.
- Your choice of Honorable Mention.
Honorable Mention(s)
- 1 favorite of your choice.

If you need help in posting images, check out this guide:
Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)


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